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(edit) @5589   13 years deelkar work toward more serverside control over client layers
(edit) @5287   13 years hakan Moved lowzoom styles to osmarender, too
(edit) @5145   13 years deelkar remove most 0.4 compatibility stuff
(edit) @4639   13 years frederik new attribution postprocessor replaces content of "user" attributes by …
(edit) @4623   13 years deelkar another minor fixup
(edit) @4622   13 years spaetz minor fixup
(edit) @4620   13 years spaetz add new POI layer to t@h clients
(edit) @4562   13 years spaetz turn off frollo for low-zoom tiles. 80n says it's not needed.
(edit) @4536   13 years spaetz restore original layers.conf
(edit) @4532   13 years deelkar new interrim layers.conf until maplint is sorted.
(edit) @4513   13 years spaetz 1) render state borders at z8. 2) Upload lowzoom rendering into the …
(edit) @4403   13 years spaetz disable mercator projecion preprocessor. It's not used anyway
(edit) @4394   13 years spaetz Use the external osmarender5 svn itself, rather than a duplicate copy of it
(edit) @4271   13 years spaetz add comment about mercator reprojection
(edit) @4261   13 years spaetz I think this fixes mercator projection for t@h lowzoom.
(edit) @4106   13 years spaetz add first cut of low zoom stylesheets. Modify to be able to render …
(edit) @3185   13 years frederik moved the RenderFullTileset? option into layers.conf, now layer-specific
(edit) @3016   13 years frederik make transparency configurable
(edit) @2742   13 years deelkar disable maplint zoom 17 to save space until a new disk is installed on dev
(edit) @2667   13 years frederik modified to be able to parse frollo output, and to be …
(edit) @2646   13 years frederik changed to run the new preprocessor; bumped …
(edit) @2609   13 years frederik Added support for multiple preprocessors run one after the other. This …
(copy) @2510   13 years deelkar cp tilesgen to new place
copied from utils/tilesAtHome/layers.conf:
(edit) @2461   13 years frederik maplint tiles now also generated for layer 17 (before only up to 16)
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