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(edit) @6730   12 years deelkar Add the capability to auto-kill the inkscape preferences file …
(edit) @6041   12 years deelkar add defaults for svn update. Needs some peer review before DDoSing the …
(edit) @6005   12 years deelkar improve checks
(edit) @6002   12 years deelkar enable uploading to one central upload directory
(edit) @5813   12 years deelkar quote strings in tahconfig for windows paths with spaces
(edit) @5794   12 years deelkar increase default maxdepth for xmlstarlet, make configurable
(edit) @5776   12 years deelkar minor changes/debug info
(edit) @5766   12 years deelkar implement 7zip windows support
(edit) @5653   12 years brent Make Download timeout configurable
(edit) @5588   12 years deelkar enhance Batik support, add rudimentary support for svn auto-update
(edit) @5526   12 years deelkar coding style2
(edit) @5525   12 years deelkar coding style
(edit) @5480   12 years brent Oceantiles Fix - South Australia round Coorong Minor format fixes
(edit) @5468   12 years deelkar fix regression
(edit) @5465   12 years deelkar improve path handling on windows
(edit) @5463   12 years deelkar stray ;
(edit) @5462   12 years deelkar don't output inkscape version if batik is to be used
(edit) @5412   12 years brent Batik Support
(edit) @5369   12 years deelkar use only one upload URL
(edit) @5041   12 years deelkar strip unnecessary slashes
(edit) @4940   12 years deelkar implement failure counter and better fatal error handling for loop mode
(edit) @4806   12 years deelkar prepare for OSM 0.5
(edit) @4799   12 years deelkar enhance debug mode support
(edit) @4645   12 years frederik added attribution to list of valid preprocessors
(edit) @4557   12 years deelkar old bug hunting, part II
(edit) @4555   12 years deelkar fix a months-old dormant bug
(edit) @4298   12 years frederik fixed error message when inkscape is too old
(edit) @4251   13 years spaetz Implement a mercator projection preprocessor for t@h. …
(edit) @4178   13 years spaetz make the overlapping area not absolute, but a percentage of the …
(edit) @3805   13 years deelkar fix typo 1204>1024
(edit) @3804   13 years deelkar adapt config checks to current server situation
(edit) @3364   13 years deelkar Add check for obsolete login information to
(edit) @3185   13 years frederik moved the RenderFullTileset? option into layers.conf, now layer-specific
(edit) @3016   13 years frederik make transparency configurable
(edit) @2743   13 years deelkar comment out reference to obsolete config option MaxZoom? (now moved to …
(edit) @2610   13 years frederik Added a new configuration option called LocalSlippymap?. If set to 1, …
(edit) @2609   13 years frederik Added support for multiple preprocessors run one after the other. This …
(edit) @2583   13 years deelkar Fix indentation / modify debug output.
(edit) @2578   13 years deelkar Do some additional checks (i.e. for pngcrush) and feedback to …
(copy) @2510   13 years deelkar cp tilesgen to new place
copied from utils/tilesAtHome/
(edit) @2388   13 years frederik Multi-layer support. Layers controlled by layers.conf (currently …
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