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(edit) @5702   12 years deelkar code beautification
(edit) @5653   12 years brent Make Download timeout configurable
(edit) @5527   12 years deelkar don't check every possibility if one matches
(edit) @5491   12 years martinvoosterhout Move madeDir declaration to the right file
(edit) @5487   12 years martinvoosterhout Whoops, stupid typo in test.
(edit) @5484   12 years deelkar moved MagicMkdir? to tahlib
(edit) @5426   12 years martinvoosterhout Fixed the handling of return codes from sub-processes. Previous coding …
(edit) @5007   12 years deelkar be slightly more verbose about fatal errors
(edit) @4940   12 years deelkar implement failure counter and better fatal error handling for loop mode
(edit) @4926   12 years deelkar move mergeOsmFiles to
(edit) @4814   12 years deelkar tabs to spaces
(edit) @4812   12 years deelkar add one more possible error cause
(edit) @4787   12 years deelkar clarify message
(edit) @4786   12 years deelkar clarify comment
(edit) @4785   12 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @4784   12 years deelkar don't try to render if xml2svg fails
(edit) @4710   12 years deelkar apply cleanup to (almost) every exit point
(edit) @4708   12 years deelkar minor fixup
(edit) @4707   12 years deelkar add info for inkscape preferences.xml specific bug
(edit) @4706   12 years deelkar add info for verbose mode
(edit) @4699   12 years deelkar actually do some cleanup
(edit) @4698   12 years deelkar add simple check for SVG validity, stub function to clean up before …
(edit) @4109   12 years spaetz Set the download timeout from 2->30 minutes. Talking to TomH this …
(edit) @4100   12 years spaetz enable the use of a different data url for low zoom. Enable the use of …
(edit) @3387   13 years deelkar move sub DownloadFile? to
(edit) @2828   13 years enxrah Fix inheritence of idleFor and idleSeconds with
(edit) @2634   13 years deelkar move sub killafile to
(edit) @2633   13 years deelkar - move runCommand to - run zip from with …
(edit) @2588   13 years deelkar make setIdle more like getIdle
(edit) @2581   13 years deelkar put messages back to, like planned on friday.
(copy) @2510   13 years deelkar cp tilesgen to new place
copied from utils/tilesAtHome/
(edit) @2488   13 years deelkar fixed typo in
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