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(edit) @21947   10 years deelkar radical code cleanup
(edit) @15101   11 years deelkar add more info to avoid stale client being run
(edit) @14690   11 years deelkar remove hopefully unnecessary commented-out line
(edit) @14689   11 years deelkar check for local modifications *before* update
(edit) @14484   11 years deelkar assume client outdated always, since current clients are now tags of …
(edit) @13755   11 years deelkar don't render 0-complexity tiles if running a "weak" client
(edit) @13020   11 years matthiasj Merge -dev r12273
(edit) @12272   11 years deelkar move usage of "Encode" to the correct scope
(edit) @12271   11 years deelkar move fileUTF8ErrCheck to tahlib, and enforce possibly stricter check
(edit) @12114   11 years deelkar merge upload_loop bugfix by medi to stable
(edit) @11950   11 years matthiasj merge r11949 from _unstable
(edit) @11799   11 years Dirk Stoecker some finishing for lowzoom integration
(edit) @11733   11 years matthiasj merge -c11732 from _unstable (use throw to re_throw errors)
(edit) @11701   11 years petschge small bugfix from blarson
(edit) @11553   11 years deelkar merge auto-update changes from unstable
(edit) @11550   11 years deelkar refine client updates so that it will not try to update on xy mode …
(edit) @11528   11 years deelkar print inkscape config warning
(edit) @11523   11 years deelkar don't die if there is a server error on upload
(edit) @11432   11 years deelkar remove hotfix
(edit) @11430   11 years matthiasj return number of uploaded files from upload() to enable wait in …
(edit) @11424   11 years deelkar prevent upload_loop freewheeling
(edit) @11416   11 years deelkar return has changed for upload
(edit) @11297   11 years bobkare Merge r11266 (locale) from unstable
(edit) @11289   11 years deelkar merge some of the autoComplexity stuff from unstable
(edit) @11286   11 years deelkar re-enable svn check
(edit) @11283   11 years deelkar make autotuneComplexity use statusMessage for output.
(edit) @11282   11 years deelkar don't update MaxTilesetComplexity? when initially set to 0, partly …
(edit) @11132   11 years Dirk Stoecker fix problem caused by changed semantics of Niceness argument
(copy) @11123   11 years bobkare Big reorganization of osmarender-related stuff plus new version of …
copied from applications/rendering/tilesAtHome_unstable/
(edit) @11110   11 years matthiasj move all *.pm files into lib and add lib to the library search paths
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