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(edit) @9582   8 years matthiasj - moved error checking in loop modes into sub routines - don't check for …
(edit) @9581   8 years matthiasj carry status information over re-exec in upload_loop mode
(edit) @9573   8 years spaetz prepare request protocol version that delivers the tile complexity and the …
(edit) @9571   8 years matthiasj - only check empty tile files when in a render mode - use UpdateClient?() …
(edit) @9556   8 years matthiasj put request back to server when orp or xslt fail and die when there are …
(edit) @9555   8 years spaetz add more comments. Do away with the conditional counting whether there's …
(edit) @9550   8 years spaetz 1) delete unused variable lastmsglen 2)add comments on what the functions …
(edit) @9549   8 years spaetz delete commented out GD dithering lines
(edit) @9548   8 years spaetz remove my old mercatorize preprocessor which was never used by anything.
(edit) @9546   8 years spaetz remove upload_conditional and make it an alias for upload
(edit) @9543   8 years spaetz Do away with those double compress and upload runs. Once is sufficient.
(edit) @9529   8 years deelkar minor cosmetic changes
(edit) @9528   8 years deelkar tell server we think we cannot render this tileset
(edit) @9526   8 years deelkar fix intentionally broken indentation
(edit) @9525   8 years deelkar add hash for unrenderable tiles, original patch by blarson, adapted for …
(edit) @9523   8 years spaetz remove 'SingleTileset?' in, the server always only takes one …
(edit) @9519   8 years spaetz 1)do away with ModuleName?, we weren't sending any. 2)Do away with protocol …
(edit) @9513   8 years deelkar don't fall into update-loop when update fails
(edit) @9510   8 years matthiasj make client send a client ID when requesting a job, putting it back or …
(edit) @9504   8 years deelkar make this a fatal error as auto-updating will not work reliably
(edit) @9503   8 years deelkar make update check svn status and only then update local version
(edit) @9493   8 years hakan Auto-update the client even when in pure upload mode
(edit) @9484   8 years spaetz make HTTP POST work for real
(edit) @9480   8 years frederik nicer error message when no parameters given with xy
(edit) @9431   8 years deelkar previous commit was a patch from juebuchner, not my own work, this one is …
(edit) @9430   8 years deelkar add inkscape locale fix for windows, may be useful for linux, too?
(edit) @9429   8 years matthiasj correct error message when server is not responding at version check
(edit) @9422   8 years stoecker only test version, when actually read from server
(edit) @9413   8 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @9412   8 years deelkar use POST for client talkback
(edit) @9411   8 years deelkar make the client put abort info in appropriate fields
(edit) @9398   8 years frederik - removed username rendering on Osmarender z17, removed all attribution …
(edit) @9284   8 years matthiasj don't try to use a pngnq version below 0.5 since 0.4 doesn't know about …
(edit) @9275   8 years deelkar Change from 64 to 256 color palette
(edit) @9258   8 years deelkar only claim to ColorQuantize? when we actually do
(edit) @9257   8 years deelkar don'T color-reduce transparent tiles
(edit) @9243   8 years deelkar be more verbose
(edit) @9241   8 years deelkar add statusmessage
(edit) @9237   8 years deelkar add pngnq support and fix error message when server doesn't respond to …
(edit) @9232   8 years deelkar keeplog patch by Matthias Julius, modified
(edit) @9151   8 years deelkar add upload-loop mode, patch by Matthias Julius
(edit) @9094   8 years deelkar more verbose error message on failed authentication
(edit) @9090   8 years spaetz don't append stuff at the Request URL that we don't make use of.
(edit) @9025   8 years spaetz Switch to new t@hngo server NOW.
(edit) @9017   8 years deelkar add batik-agent support, patch by Jiri Klement
(edit) @8262   8 years deelkar apply log patch by Rodolphe Quiédeville
(edit) @8260   8 years deelkar minor cosmetic update
(edit) @8255   8 years deelkar allow XAPI more leeway
(edit) @8199   8 years deelkar quote executable paths
(edit) @8198   8 years deelkar Improve on logging, patch from Rodolphe Quiedeville
(edit) @8194   8 years deelkar add progress logging, heavily modified patch, originally by Rodolphe …
(edit) @8070   8 years deelkar reset no data counter on success
(edit) @8054   8 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @8051   8 years deelkar add debug info
(edit) @8050   8 years deelkar retain new version string
(edit) @8049   8 years deelkar enable serverside-controlled auto-update of client in normal, xy and loop …
(edit) @8037   8 years deelkar be more verbose and handle XAPI errors better
(edit) @8001   8 years deelkar return no error when there was nothing to upload to start with
(edit) @7993   8 years deelkar be a bit more verbose about why the server refused to send work
(edit) @7991   8 years deelkar wait for upload child processes before reexec
(edit) @7990   8 years deelkar forgot to do the actual fetching
(edit) @7989   8 years deelkar hardcode predicate
(edit) @7988   8 years deelkar fall back to OSMXAPI on "no data here" errors, configurable
(edit) @7986   8 years deelkar add debug info for slice download
(edit) @7982   8 years amillar Remove spaces from predicates to avoid parsing problem
(edit) @7978   8 years deelkar use full request URL in config, instead of building it in the client
(edit) @7957   8 years deelkar add dummy required file
(edit) @7956   8 years deelkar fix typo (missing #)
(edit) @7955   8 years deelkar first cut at AppConfig?
(edit) @7799   8 years mackerski Fixed spelling error.
(edit) @7772   8 years deelkar check for error situation instead of assuming 0-byte reply from server
(edit) @7716   8 years deelkar add patch from Henry for stopfile creation by t@h command line
(edit) @7691   8 years deelkar make batik=2 work correctly, patch by Henry Loenwind
(edit) @7617   8 years deelkar wait for a couple of seconds after returning failed tile job to server
(edit) @7485   8 years deelkar add comment and some debug output
(edit) @7480   8 years deelkar patch from Andrew McCarthy? with one minor modification
(edit) @7414   8 years deelkar accept some responsibility :)
(edit) @7392   8 years deelkar remove quiet option from optipng because it keeps quiet even in error …
(edit) @7329   8 years deelkar Config{Verbose} is actually known and thus doesn't need to be passed
(edit) @7257   8 years deelkar generalising output message
(edit) @7253   8 years deelkar minor bugfix
(edit) @7252   8 years deelkar more verbose error
(edit) @7250   8 years deelkar add optipng support (configurable)
(edit) @7162   8 years frederik support for or/p rendering in tiles@home, use config option …
(edit) @7078   8 years deelkar reduce max upload delay for local directory uploads
(edit) @7042   8 years deelkar Adding config option to auto-clear stopfile.txt on program start and did …
(edit) @6973   8 years deelkar simplify equation
(edit) @6934   8 years deelkar print the command when debug is ON
(edit) @6933   8 years deelkar add more debug infor
(edit) @6927   8 years spaetz check in patch forwarded by OJW on the mailinglist on 4 Feb. Original …
(edit) @6415   8 years deelkar add more comments
(edit) @6298   8 years deelkar be a bit more verbose about error handling by default
(edit) @6279   8 years brent Z10 and Z12 contains rules for Tertiary roads, but they are not downloaded …
(edit) @6155   8 years martinvoosterhout The blanktile elimination shouldn't apply to the LocalSlippyMap? option.
(edit) @6152   8 years martinvoosterhout Make it so the client detects when a blank tile is implied by it's parent …
(edit) @6041   8 years deelkar add defaults for svn update. Needs some peer review before DDoSing the svn …
(edit) @6022   8 years deelkar add timeouts for API outages
(edit) @6014   8 years deelkar comments
(edit) @5990   8 years hakan Flag to keep the data file
(edit) @5906   8 years deelkar print out warning if zoom parameter omitted in xy mode
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