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(edit) @5501   13 years deelkar reflect changes in the "usage" text
(edit) @5500   13 years deelkar lowzoom now uses, no longer used for z8-11
(edit) @3978   13 years deelkar destroy the ImageMagick? object after save to conserve memory
(edit) @3677   13 years hakan Have svn ignore user-specific config files
(edit) @3635   13 years deelkar make client tell server when it aborts processing a tileset, and why. …
(edit) @3564   13 years deelkar point to the correct error tile
(edit) @3557   13 years deelkar point to the error tile
(edit) @3556   13 years deelkar indentation and check for UseOceantilesDat? config option
(edit) @3555   13 years deelkar move cursor before printing, not after, so errormessages don't …
(edit) @3480   13 years tomhughes Make lowzoom ignore black tiles - patch from PerroVerd?.
(edit) @3370   13 years damians updated oceantiles
(edit) @3292   13 years damians added some testing, and using of oceantiles-z12.dat
(edit) @3193   13 years martinvoosterhout Add support for deleting tiles from the server. When lowzoom notices …
(edit) @3161   13 years martinvoosterhout - Assign timestamp to all tiles to indicate when they are valid for - …
(edit) @3152   13 years martinvoosterhout Remove the use of prototypes for the functions. Apart from being used …
(edit) @3151   13 years martinvoosterhout Always delete the file first. The use of hardlinks means that if you …
(edit) @3149   13 years martinvoosterhout If rename fails, try "mv". This fixes the case where the target is on …
(edit) @3050   13 years damians lowzoom uses now sizes of 404 tiles without text on it
(edit) @3022   13 years deelkar fix typos and uncomment check
(edit) @3021   13 years deelkar remove old, unmaintained versions, add config support, add …
(edit) @3011   13 years damians removed my upload dir from
(edit) @3010   13 years damians lowzom now uploads real 69/67 byte pngs for sea/land, 404`s on higher …
(edit) @2899   13 years frederik oceantiles mechanism not needed any more, server returns blue tiles
(edit) @2679   13 years jeroen Only delete tiles if they are smaller than 500 bytes instead of 1000.
(edit) @2658   13 years frederik need these as well for blue lowzoom tiles. oceantiles_12.dat should be …
(edit) @2657   13 years frederik New version of will use the tile index file provided with …
(copy) @2510   13 years deelkar cp tilesgen to new place
copied from utils/tilesAtHome/tools/lowzoom:
(edit) @2466   13 years jdschmidt sxpert update of adding layers support part deux
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