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(edit) @21949   10 years deelkar orp not needed
(edit) @21948   10 years deelkar layers.conf not needed
(edit) @21947   10 years deelkar radical code cleanup
(edit) @21946   10 years deelkar old code cleanup
(edit) @16001   11 years apmon [tilesAtHome] Coppy over TRAPI commit (r15997) to stable
(edit) @15101   11 years deelkar add more info to avoid stale client being run
(edit) @14988   11 years frederik fix id/uid ambiguity in close-areas node parsing regex
(edit) @14690   11 years deelkar remove hopefully unnecessary commented-out line
(edit) @14689   11 years deelkar check for local modifications *before* update
(edit) @14653   11 years bobkare Merge r14650 (0.6) from unstable, this time to the correct directory.
(edit) @14652   11 years bobkare Merge r14650 (0.6) from unstable
(edit) @14484   11 years deelkar assume client outdated always, since current clients are now tags of …
(edit) @13897   11 years deelkar change svn update cmd so it switches to Ulm
(edit) @13851   11 years frederik fix tilesAtHome point-in-polygon check, patch by Alfons
(edit) @13755   11 years deelkar don't render 0-complexity tiles if running a "weak" client
(edit) @13644   11 years deelkar add whitespace for job dir string
(edit) @13020   11 years matthiasj Merge -dev r12273
(edit) @12272   11 years deelkar move usage of "Encode" to the correct scope
(edit) @12271   11 years deelkar move fileUTF8ErrCheck to tahlib, and enforce possibly stricter check
(edit) @12222   11 years Dirk Stoecker some more lowzoom fixes
(edit) @12207   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo in lowzoom
(edit) @12128   11 years bobkare Merge r12126 and r12127 from unstable
(edit) @12114   11 years deelkar merge upload_loop bugfix by medi to stable
(edit) @12113   11 years deelkar merge several changes from unstable and stable versions
(edit) @12109   11 years deelkar cosmetics change
(edit) @12105   11 years deelkar add a little debug-helper to quickly get bbox and center coordinates …
(edit) @12066   11 years Dirk Stoecker make client a bit more informative about what it does. Updated lowzoom …
(edit) @11998   11 years bobkare Add lib subdirectories to previous commit
(edit) @11996   11 years bobkare Add xerces and xerces-2 subdirs to paths to be searched for jars
(edit) @11950   11 years matthiasj merge r11949 from _unstable
(edit) @11799   11 years Dirk Stoecker some finishing for lowzoom integration
(edit) @11779   11 years Dirk Stoecker fix use of uninitialized value
(edit) @11773   11 years deelkar re-enable XAPI
(edit) @11733   11 years matthiasj merge -c11732 from _unstable (use throw to re_throw errors)
(edit) @11723   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed some issues with lowzoom rendering
(edit) @11701   11 years petschge small bugfix from blarson
(edit) @11636   11 years deelkar change logic for mixed tiles to lean towards sea with islands (very …
(edit) @11619   11 years Dirk Stoecker cleanup old options
(edit) @11571   11 years deelkar disable usage of XAPI in default config
(edit) @11559   11 years deelkar minor changes, newline on error-exit
(edit) @11553   11 years deelkar merge auto-update changes from unstable
(edit) @11550   11 years deelkar refine client updates so that it will not try to update on xy mode …
(edit) @11528   11 years deelkar print inkscape config warning
(edit) @11527   11 years deelkar don't throw error when inskcape prefs were deleted
(edit) @11526   11 years deelkar re-instate old workaround of deleting preferences until backup …
(edit) @11525   11 years deelkar add FIXME for inkscape preference check
(edit) @11523   11 years deelkar don't die if there is a server error on upload
(edit) @11506   11 years deelkar an old zip is not an error
(edit) @11493   11 years bobkare Merge r11337 (AutoResetInkscapePrefs?). Fixes #1284
(edit) @11467   11 years deelkar merge changes to inkscape check in stable and unstable
(edit) @11432   11 years deelkar remove hotfix
(edit) @11430   11 years matthiasj return number of uploaded files from upload() to enable wait in …
(edit) @11428   11 years avar Sometimes the inkscape variable isn't set in the config, try `inkscape …
(edit) @11424   11 years deelkar prevent upload_loop freewheeling
(edit) @11423   11 years deelkar make check more robust, and comment a bit more
(edit) @11422   11 years deelkar handle if we can't get inkscape version
(edit) @11416   11 years deelkar return has changed for upload
(edit) @11415   11 years deelkar refine inkscape version regex
(edit) @11413   11 years deelkar merge Inkscape version check from unstable
(edit) @11405   11 years bobkare Merging r11309 (Windows classpath and "start" for batik/batikAgent)
(edit) @11365   11 years deelkar tell the source server
(edit) @11356   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed sliced downloading problem
(edit) @11332   11 years deelkar use --export-area for inkscape
(edit) @11328   11 years deelkar merge minor changes from stable to unstable, and merge added exception …
(edit) @11308   11 years bobkare Merging r11307 (java searchpath)
(edit) @11305   11 years bobkare Merging r11304 (batik.jar vs batik-all.jar)
(edit) @11298   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed output problem
(edit) @11297   11 years bobkare Merge r11266 (locale) from unstable
(edit) @11289   11 years deelkar merge some of the autoComplexity stuff from unstable
(edit) @11286   11 years deelkar re-enable svn check
(edit) @11283   11 years deelkar make autotuneComplexity use statusMessage for output.
(edit) @11282   11 years deelkar don't update MaxTilesetComplexity? when initially set to 0, partly …
(edit) @11220   11 years Dirk Stoecker removed lowzoom to reduce confusion, when there are still problems, …
(edit) @11217   11 years Dirk Stoecker fix bug with self generated empty captions in lowzoom
(edit) @11213   11 years Dirk Stoecker added lowzoom directly into client, currently not yet default
(edit) @11208   11 years Dirk Stoecker allow configurable client id, but don't expose this option too much
(edit) @11204   11 years matthiasj uncomment lines in keepLog() and turn logging off if not wanted by user
(edit) @11199   11 years bobkare Changing client version to Trondheim
(edit) @11187   11 years matthiasj merge -c11186 from _unstable (striped render bug)
(edit) @11182   11 years bobkare Merge r11181 (SVG::Rasterize error handling)
(edit) @11165   11 years matthiasj merge -c11164 from _unstable (add back FallBackToSlices?)
(edit) @11149   11 years bobkare Merge r11148 (osx inkscape path)
(edit) @11144   11 years bobkare Merged 11143 (inkscape searchpath)
(edit) @11139   11 years bobkare merging r11137 (jarpaths) from unstable
(edit) @11132   11 years Dirk Stoecker fix problem caused by changed semantics of Niceness argument
(edit) @11131   11 years Dirk Stoecker readded message to fix unfinished line ending
(copy) @11123   11 years bobkare Big reorganization of osmarender-related stuff plus new version of …
copied from applications/rendering/tilesAtHome_unstable:
(edit) @11112   11 years bobkare Fix the automatic stopping of BatikAgent? which called …
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