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(edit) @7392   12 years deelkar remove quiet option from optipng because it keeps quiet even in error …
(edit) @7375   12 years deelkar make mergeOsmFiles work with XAPI files
(edit) @7329   12 years deelkar Config{Verbose} is actually known and thus doesn't need to be passed
(edit) @7258   12 years deelkar tell the user which optimizer is going to be used it both are …
(edit) @7257   12 years deelkar generalising output message
(edit) @7256   12 years deelkar fix optipng version check
(edit) @7255   12 years deelkar make them actually work
(edit) @7254   12 years deelkar refine config checks
(edit) @7253   12 years deelkar minor bugfix
(edit) @7252   12 years deelkar more verbose error
(edit) @7251   12 years deelkar check optipng path for existence
(edit) @7250   12 years deelkar add optipng support (configurable)
(edit) @7179   12 years deelkar don't set osmarender in user config
(edit) @7178   12 years deelkar default osmarender setting in sample configs
(edit) @7162   12 years frederik support for or/p rendering in tiles@home, use config option …
(edit) @7136   12 years frederik added external "orp" link to t@h
(edit) @7078   12 years deelkar reduce max upload delay for local directory uploads
(edit) @7042   12 years deelkar Adding config option to auto-clear stopfile.txt on program start and …
(edit) @7040   12 years hakan Lowzoom needs close-areas as well
(edit) @6995   12 years hakan Fixed RenderFullSet? settings for default and lowzoom
(edit) @6994   12 years hakan lowzoom layer as described by 80n on 23.2.2008
(edit) @6981   12 years deelkar clarify
(edit) @6980   12 years deelkar add config option to config templates
(edit) @6979   12 years deelkar add newline
(edit) @6978   12 years deelkar upload all zips unless configured to only upload zips from layers …
(edit) @6973   12 years deelkar simplify equation
(edit) @6952   12 years rcr Oceantiles changes for Vietnam
(edit) @6938   12 years bobkare Set version to Poynton to force client updates
(edit) @6936   12 years bobkare Change the pattern matching in lines2curves to match all the …
(edit) @6934   12 years deelkar print the command when debug is ON
(edit) @6933   12 years deelkar add more debug infor
(edit) @6927   12 years spaetz check in patch forwarded by OJW on the mailinglist on 4 Feb. Original …
(edit) @6730   12 years deelkar Add the capability to auto-kill the inkscape preferences file …
(edit) @6720   12 years etienne Composite version of that can stitch and merge tiles. For …
(edit) @6705   12 years etienne Added captionless layer to the configuration file. The t@h client …
(edit) @6530   12 years rcr Oceantiles changes for Belize coastline
(edit) @6460   12 years bobkare Changed like Xaa asked me to on IRC
(edit) @6432   12 years deelkar try and clarify a bit
(edit) @6415   12 years deelkar add more comments
(edit) @6414   12 years deelkar update README
(edit) @6413   12 years tomhughes Suppress bogus t@h copyright notices for my name.
(edit) @6298   12 years deelkar be a bit more verbose about error handling by default
(edit) @6279   12 years brent Z10 and Z12 contains rules for Tertiary roads, but they are not …
(edit) @6212   12 years martinvoosterhout Add missing dollar sign
(edit) @6211   12 years martinvoosterhout More binmode fixes for windows.
(edit) @6209   12 years martinvoosterhout Apply fix to process-change for windows suggested by Rob Reid on the …
(edit) @6201   12 years deelkar prevent linefeed in hostname
(edit) @6155   12 years martinvoosterhout The blanktile elimination shouldn't apply to the LocalSlippyMap? option.
(edit) @6152   12 years martinvoosterhout Make it so the client detects when a blank tile is implied by it's …
(edit) @6106   12 years frederik added zero-attribution for user Socks by email request
(edit) @6041   12 years deelkar add defaults for svn update. Needs some peer review before DDoSing the …
(edit) @6040   12 years deelkar fix case of config parameter
(edit) @6022   12 years deelkar add timeouts for API outages
(edit) @6014   12 years deelkar comments
(edit) @6008   12 years deelkar bugfix
(edit) @6007   12 years deelkar move load parameter about
(edit) @6006   12 years deelkar minor tweaks
(edit) @6005   12 years deelkar improve checks
(edit) @6004   12 years deelkar config templates
(edit) @6003   12 years deelkar whitespacing
(edit) @6002   12 years deelkar enable uploading to one central upload directory
(edit) @5999   12 years hakan fix generator name in mergeOsmFiles... I am overly correct sometimes ;-)
(edit) @5997   12 years hakan add xmlns:osmxapi in mergeOsmFiles to silence lowzoom generation
(edit) @5992   12 years bobkare Costline fixes in northern Norway and north-western Russia. Done by …
(edit) @5991   12 years bobkare A script to diff two versions of oceantiles_12.png and …
(edit) @5990   12 years hakan Flag to keep the data file
(edit) @5909   12 years brent Oceantiles - Western Australia
(edit) @5906   13 years deelkar print out warning if zoom parameter omitted in xy mode
(edit) @5899   13 years deelkar prevent zombies by waiting for upload child processes. Patch by Jocelyn
(edit) @5879   13 years deelkar apply patch from Rob Reid to avoid unnecessary upload calls
(edit) @5838   13 years brent Oceantiles - Northern Territory
(edit) @5833   13 years deelkar quote paths to binaries
(edit) @5828   13 years deelkar provide better output in debug mode
(edit) @5825   13 years brent Oceantiles - Western Australia
(edit) @5822   13 years deelkar only zip png files
(edit) @5820   13 years hakan Added missing argument to GenerateSVG call
(edit) @5813   13 years deelkar quote strings in tahconfig for windows paths with spaces
(edit) @5805   13 years deelkar add patch by Jocelyn Jaubert for forking xml2svg
(edit) @5794   13 years deelkar increase default maxdepth for xmlstarlet, make configurable
(edit) @5780   13 years deelkar Oslo version to force update
(edit) @5779   13 years deelkar force undefine so windows clients may delete tempfile
(edit) @5778   13 years deelkar fix freewheeling bug
(edit) @5777   13 years deelkar debug info
(edit) @5776   13 years deelkar minor changes/debug info
(edit) @5775   13 years deelkar reuse tempdir
(edit) @5769   13 years brent Oceantiles - Gulf of Carpentaria
(edit) @5766   13 years deelkar implement 7zip windows support
(edit) @5758   13 years deelkar fork upload only in loop mode
(edit) @5757   13 years deelkar move tempfiles to WorkingDirectory?
(edit) @5720   13 years brent Oceantiles - Gulf of Carpentaria
(edit) @5714   13 years deelkar typo
(edit) @5713   13 years deelkar fix regression introduced by batik support
(edit) @5712   13 years deelkar fix layer autoswitching bug in xy mode
(edit) @5707   13 years brent Oceantiles - Gulf of Carpentaria
(edit) @5702   13 years deelkar code beautification
(edit) @5700   13 years deelkar seconds not tens of seconds
(edit) @5697   13 years deelkar make the process % correct on upload
(edit) @5688   13 years deelkar the changes in rev 5682 to 5684 are adapted from code from Jocelyn …
(edit) @5687   13 years deelkar fork upload only if explicitly configured
(edit) @5686   13 years deelkar fork upload even when not rendering on multiple cores
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