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(edit) @9946   12 years spaetz rework UploadOkOrNot? to not store a 5 digit number as temporary file …
(edit) @9945   12 years spaetz move away from port 81 for uploading, we can afford some additional …
(edit) @9942   12 years Dirk Stoecker second try of inkscape fixes
(edit) @9938   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: more Red Sea
(edit) @9934   12 years spaetz no need for an extra 'fault' category unrenderable, just wait 20 …
(edit) @9930   12 years spaetz remove last traces of MultipleClient? setting which is superceded by …
(edit) @9929   12 years spaetz use new ->is_unrenderable(1) method in
(edit) @9928   12 years spaetz fix more minor typos and comments. no code changes.
(edit) @9927   12 years spaetz uncomment LWP::UserAgent?, which was still commented out.
(edit) @9926   12 years spaetz major refactoring. make GetRequestFromServer? a method of the 'Request' …
(edit) @9911   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: Red Sea
(edit) @9908   12 years spaetz deleted unneeded helper func 'killafile'. Just unlink does the same, …
(edit) @9907   12 years spaetz revert commit 9893 by stoecker, see …
(edit) @9905   12 years andrew Slight speedup in png2tileinfo: check for tile types in order of frequency.
(edit) @9904   12 years andrew Oceantiles fix for 1967,1293, area of sea just west of Limavady, …
(edit) @9903   12 years andrew Oceantiles fix for 1936,1318, area of sea west of Castlebar, Ireland.
(edit) @9893   12 years Dirk Stoecker make corrupt inkscape detection usable
(edit) @9873   12 years spaetz remove the unneeded 'don't run this parallel to another' …
(edit) @9861   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: Egypt, Gulf of Aqaba, Dead Sea
(edit) @9855   12 years deelkar add a linefeed so the message is not overwritten by the last line of #s
(edit) @9850   12 years spaetz move status msg 'done' one loop out, so we don't say that for all dirs …
(edit) @9849   12 years spaetz remove the MultipleClients? option which was already deprecated and …
(edit) @9847   12 years spaetz 1)remove 'gather-single-tiles-from-split-tilesets' (there are none) …
(edit) @9844   12 years spaetz also implement locking for the compress process
(edit) @9843   12 years spaetz implement locking mechanism for uploading. Uploader skips now files …
(edit) @9833   12 years spaetz no need to keep upload_result a global variable. It's always used locally.
(edit) @9832   12 years spaetz just modifying comments and minor formatting.
(edit) @9818   12 years spaetz Do away with the whole, do we need to create a blank tile here …
(edit) @9812   12 years matthiasj fixed another bug of mine in
(edit) @9810   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: Fiji
(edit) @9789   12 years matthiasj well, fix bug in last commit
(edit) @9788   12 years matthiasj reduce duplication of code in Request->XYZ()
(edit) @9787   12 years spaetz increase scope of , making it available from
(edit) @9786   12 years matthiasj fix bug, values of 0 are valid tile coordinates and zoom levels, don't …
(edit) @9777   12 years deelkar don't negate Verbose setting
(edit) @9772   12 years deelkar one more for layers.conf
(edit) @9771   12 years spaetz rename layer 'default' in layer 'tile' as is used everywhere now.
(edit) @9770   12 years spaetz tweak z6 caption layer styles.adapt OSMXAPI predicates.
(edit) @9764   12 years spaetz revert wrongly selected layers in layers.conf
(edit) @9763   12 years spaetz allow compressing of all layers in LayersCapability?, not only those …
(edit) @9761   12 years spaetz remove last trace of mercator preprocessor which was never used.
(edit) @9752   12 years deelkar allow noop preprocessor
(edit) @9751   12 years deelkar die if minzoom is larger than maxzoom
(edit) @9750   12 years deelkar check minzoom is less or equal maxzoom
(edit) @9749   12 years deelkar introduce minzoom config option
(edit) @9742   12 years spaetz this variable is unused in this function other than deleting …
(edit) @9741   12 years spaetz purge uneeded RequestMethod? setting
(edit) @9740   12 years deelkar include noop preprocessor
(edit) @9739   12 years spaetz need at least 1 value here
(edit) @9738   12 years spaetz don't need close-areas preprocessor for lowzoom captions
(edit) @9737   12 years deelkar output warning if Z < 12
(edit) @9736   12 years deelkar use "caption" for actual lowzoom caption layer
(edit) @9735   12 years deelkar more helpful messages if something is wrong with layers config
(edit) @9733   12 years spaetz cosmetics from Rodolphe Quiedeville
(edit) @9731   12 years deelkar remove completely superfluous ampersand
(edit) @9730   12 years deelkar don't redirect to /dev/null on Win32
(edit) @9725   12 years deelkar change print statements to statusMessage
(edit) @9721   12 years deelkar only talkInSleep when verbosity>=3
(edit) @9720   12 years deelkar several minor changes
(edit) @9716   12 years deelkar revise Verbosity levels and reduce statusMessage parameter count
(edit) @9712   12 years deelkar make the client use the queue better
(edit) @9711   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: coastline fixes, various locations
(edit) @9708   12 years spaetz make 'putBackToServer' a method of the request object. TODO: abort if …
(edit) @9706   12 years spaetz convert PutRequestBackToServer?() to take a request object. This was …
(edit) @9705   12 years spaetz convert main function GenerateTileset?() to take an request Object
(edit) @9702   12 years spaetz 1)accidently commented out Update check. 2) convert splitImageX to …
(edit) @9701   12 years spaetz convert svg2png() to take a Request object and reorder call parameters …
(edit) @9700   12 years spaetz better desription of UTF-8 issues in authentication.conf.example. …
(edit) @9699   12 years spaetz convert RenderTile?() to use a object rather than variables.
(edit) @9697   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: NZ coastline
(edit) @9696   12 years deelkar make sure all needed variables are initialised before re-exec. fixes #1100
(edit) @9695   12 years matthiasj when running in upload_loop mode extract client ID from zip filename …
(edit) @9685   12 years matthiasj changed to include client ID in zip file name
(edit) @9679   12 years spaetz ->ZXY getter/setter method for requests
(edit) @9676   12 years deelkar actually perform a check
(edit) @9675   12 years spaetz Encapsulate a Request in an object-oriented, err, object. Not used …
(edit) @9673   12 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @9672   12 years deelkar make function to UTF8-Check a file
(edit) @9671   12 years deelkar use different for different OSs
(edit) @9650   12 years spaetz rename client_id to client_uuid also for putting requests back to …
(edit) @9647   12 years spaetz state clearly that we need the OSM e-mail address as username here. …
(edit) @9638   12 years spaetz rename client_id to client_uuid, I am using the former already on the …
(edit) @9637   12 years spaetz make the client ID only use 2 bytes. it only distinguishes clients …
(edit) @9635   12 years matthiasj fix bug, dying after reExec directly after program start because of …
(edit) @9634   12 years deelkar do string concat more cleanly
(edit) @9633   12 years deelkar fix typo and be a bit more verbose when dieing on unconditional reexec
(edit) @9631   12 years deelkar be a bit more verbose when dieing on reexec
(edit) @9630   12 years deelkar make UpdateClient? return something useful, and some minor style fixes
(edit) @9629   12 years deelkar put version info into client directory instead of working directory
(edit) @9628   12 years deelkar svn:ignore any *.txt files
(edit) @9621   12 years deelkar put default path for pngnq for windows, not needed in linux
(edit) @9604   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: NZ coastline
(edit) @9601   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: NZ coastline
(edit) @9591   12 years jttt Fix BatikClasspath? separator
(edit) @9586   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: NZ coastline
(edit) @9583   12 years rcr sea tiles NZ coastline
(edit) @9582   12 years matthiasj - moved error checking in loop modes into sub routines - don't check …
(edit) @9581   12 years matthiasj carry status information over re-exec in upload_loop mode
(edit) @9573   12 years spaetz prepare request protocol version that delivers the tile complexity and …
(edit) @9571   12 years matthiasj - only check empty tile files when in a render mode - use …
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