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(edit) @11112   11 years bobkare Fix the automatic stopping of BatikAgent? which called …
(edit) @11110   11 years matthiasj move all *.pm files into lib and add lib to the library search paths
(edit) @11109   11 years matthiasj clean-up
(edit) @11108   11 years matthiasj add option -p (--palette) to write a palette file for the specified layer
(edit) @11096   11 years petschge Fix double declaration of $res caused by my recent patch.
(edit) @11095   11 years petschge Introduce more stringent checks to make sure that the stripe we just …
(edit) @11094   11 years petschge Try to autotune the maxcomplexity setting to render on tile per 15 …
(edit) @11093   11 years petschge introduce stochastic upload descision if the server load is below 500 …
(edit) @11055   11 years bobkare Merging rasterizer_branch
(edit) @11041   11 years matthiasj add tools/colormap/
(edit) @10981   11 years matthiasj re-implement striped rendering
(edit) @10914   11 years jttt Do not convert png to 8-bit palette. It's a job for pngnq
(edit) @10906   11 years matthiasj temporarily turn off locales when writing out floats
(edit) @10901   11 years matthiasj tell server MaxTilesetComplexity? when requesting a new job
(edit) @10895   11 years matthiasj small fix to calm down noisy SplitTiles?, thanks to Andreas Mueller
(edit) @10888   11 years spaetz switch _unstable over to the new server
(edit) @10882   11 years matthiasj major re-write of the rendering methods. No more recursive rendering, …
(edit) @10830   11 years deelkar Make client aware of serverside queue throttling
(edit) @10822   11 years deelkar whitespace fix and make sure the full png is the right height
(edit) @10821   11 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @10820   11 years deelkar fix more intentionally broken indentation
(edit) @10819   11 years deelkar fix intentionally broken indentation
(edit) @10818   11 years deelkar cut tiles from projected SVG in one go, instead of stripes, configurable
(edit) @10813   11 years jttt Do not create bezier curvers for one segment lines. Workarounds #615
(edit) @10793   11 years jttt Fix bug - incorrect arguments order for RenderTile?
(edit) @10780   11 years matthiasj bug fix for last commit
(edit) @10778   11 years matthiasj removed debugging print statement
(edit) @10777   11 years matthiasj some code clean up
(edit) @10772   11 years jttt Use AreaCenter? preprocessor for orp as well
(edit) @10761   11 years matthiasj added comment
(edit) @10760   11 years matthiasj ... then, the other cases are not else cases for unrenderable neither.
(edit) @10756   11 years deelkar unrenderable is not an else case to "too complex"
(edit) @10733   11 years matthiasj put requests back to server if we can not render the requested layers …
(edit) @10729   11 years matthiasj return request back to server that don't specify layers to render
(edit) @10728   11 years matthiasj fix to avoid dying of the client if tile too complex
(edit) @10712   11 years matthiasj the client can now create tileset files when using "" …
(edit) @10696   11 years jttt Do not fail if area-center preprocessor runs into invalid data (mainly …
(edit) @10658   11 years matthiasj removed lowzoom from layers.conf
(edit) @10655   11 years matthiasj don't suggest to set UseHostnameInZipname? as this isn't used anymore
(edit) @10630   11 years jttt Add osmosis licence and other files
(edit) @10629   11 years jttt Add TestJava?.class, cosmetic java fixes
(edit) @10628   11 years matthiasj removed unused config settings
(edit) @10627   11 years matthiasj - add Server->downloadFile() - use Server->downloadFile() in …
(edit) @10622   11 years jttt Add area-center preprocessor. Used only by XSLT
(edit) @10617   11 years spaetz adapt URLS as per flohoff's suggestion
(edit) @10580   11 years deelkar move statusMessage into loop
(edit) @10554   11 years jttt Make startBatik OS independent
(edit) @10542   11 years matthiasj simplify Tileset->downloadData(); no need anymore to change code to …
(edit) @10505   11 years matthiasj removed debug print statement
(edit) @10504   11 years matthiasj removed hard coded reference to the caption layer
(edit) @10496   11 years matthiasj - add new config parameter to layers.conf "LowzoomLayers?" to avoid …
(edit) @10487   11 years deelkar only try to zip if there is something there to zip
(edit) @10474   11 years jttt Do not copy rules file to working directory
(edit) @10473   11 years deelkar make upload to directory queue length user configurable. The 150 open …
(edit) @10472   11 years jttt Set bbox using command line arguments intead of modyfing rules files
(edit) @10470   11 years jttt Render all tileset, not just one strip
(edit) @10467   11 years matthiasj Request->putBackToServer() is now Server->putRequestBack()
(edit) @10462   11 years matthiasj fix bug in xy mode
(edit) @10460   11 years matthiasj bug fix - missing braces
(edit) @10458   11 years matthiasj starting to move all server sommunication into the Server class. …
(edit) @10457   11 years jttt Set dataFile as xslt/orp parameter, instead of modifying rules file
(edit) @10452   11 years matthiasj forgot to remove one instance of compressAndUpload()
(edit) @10449   11 years deelkar fix "Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at …
(edit) @10444   11 years spaetz don't make 'You have more than (\d+) active requests' a FATAL error
(edit) @10443   11 years deelkar No Request String from server should not at all be fatal
(edit) @10438   11 years matthiasj now Upload methods throwing UploadError? on failure
(edit) @10437   11 years matthiasj Compress methods now throwing CompressError? when something goes wrong.
(edit) @10436   11 years deelkar i18n should be obsolete by latest LANG/LC fix
(edit) @10435   11 years deelkar use new error handling on unstable
(edit) @10434   11 years deelkar add server response actions
(edit) @10426   11 years matthiasj updated comments
(edit) @10424   11 years matthiasj changed Tileset methods to throw a TilesetError? instead of returning …
(edit) @10423   11 years matthiasj switch exception handling from eval/die to Attention: added …
(edit) @10421   11 years spaetz merge fix from stable
(edit) @10418   11 years deelkar sync stable and unstable once more
(edit) @10417   11 years bobkare Applied locale patch from Alfons Andorfer, as well as remove all …
(edit) @10414   11 years deelkar wait before sliced retry
(edit) @10407   11 years deelkar remove obsolete config parameter
(edit) @10405   11 years deelkar set original API URL
(edit) @10404   11 years deelkar delete obsolete version of png2tileinfo
(edit) @10403   11 years deelkar replicate changes from stable version
(copy) @10398   11 years spaetz recreate _unstable
copied from applications/rendering/tilesAtHome:
(copy) @10397   11 years spaetz _unstable is the new stable (again)
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