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(edit) @10444   12 years spaetz don't make 'You have more than (\d+) active requests' a FATAL error
(edit) @10443   12 years deelkar No Request String from server should not at all be fatal
(edit) @10438   12 years matthiasj now Upload methods throwing UploadError? on failure
(edit) @10437   12 years matthiasj Compress methods now throwing CompressError? when something goes wrong.
(edit) @10436   12 years deelkar i18n should be obsolete by latest LANG/LC fix
(edit) @10435   12 years deelkar use new error handling on unstable
(edit) @10434   12 years deelkar add server response actions
(edit) @10432   12 years jonb Sync osm templates with osm.xml @ r10429
(edit) @10430   12 years jonb update template with current rules for converting the stock osm.xml to …
(edit) @10428   12 years bobkare Merged to branch
(edit) @10427   12 years bobkare Misc fixes, including using CoordinateBox? in
(edit) @10426   12 years matthiasj updated comments
(edit) @10425   12 years bobkare Fix niceness in compress
(edit) @10424   12 years matthiasj changed Tileset methods to throw a TilesetError? instead of returning …
(edit) @10423   12 years matthiasj switch exception handling from eval/die to Attention: added …
(edit) @10421   12 years spaetz merge fix from stable
(edit) @10420   12 years spaetz fix off by one error that led to infinite slice downloading
(edit) @10418   12 years deelkar sync stable and unstable once more
(edit) @10417   12 years bobkare Applied locale patch from Alfons Andorfer, as well as remove all …
(edit) @10416   12 years deelkar add darwin to known OSs
(edit) @10415   12 years bobkare Merged from stable
(edit) @10414   12 years deelkar wait before sliced retry
(edit) @10413   12 years bobkare Set niceness globally instead of on every process we start, catch the …
(edit) @10412   12 years bobkare Added SVG::Rasterize::Engine::check_output that throws NoOutput? if the …
(edit) @10407   12 years deelkar remove obsolete config parameter
(edit) @10405   12 years deelkar set original API URL
(edit) @10404   12 years deelkar delete obsolete version of png2tileinfo
(edit) @10403   12 years deelkar replicate changes from stable version
(edit) @10402   12 years deelkar use external oceantiles.dat now
(edit) @10401   12 years deelkar Make OSM API the default again
(edit) @10400   12 years deelkar add png2tileinfo as external
(edit) @10399   12 years deelkar copy oceantiles stuff into separate directory
(edit) @10398   12 years spaetz recreate _unstable
(edit) @10397   12 years spaetz _unstable is the new stable (again)
(edit) @10396   12 years spaetz delete stable tilesAtHome
(edit) @10395   12 years spaetz use stable's oceantiles .dat we'll just copy over this branch to stable
(edit) @10394   12 years spaetz remove debug timeing output for rendering. use debug output for …
(edit) @10393   12 years deelkar adjusted verbosity levels and linefeeds. 6 is the level where you get …
(edit) @10392   12 years deelkar fix scope of variables
(edit) @10391   12 years deelkar try all configured retry options to get map data
(edit) @10390   12 years deelkar refer to correct URL Setting
(edit) @10389   12 years deelkar rename OSMTAPI to ROMA and add missing URL
(edit) @10388   12 years deelkar add fallback to "OSMTAPI" (temporary name for the API by flohoff)
(edit) @10386   12 years deelkar try all slices 3 times
(edit) @10385   12 years deelkar newline after warning
(edit) @10384   12 years deelkar announce retry
(edit) @10381   12 years deelkar each slice gets tried 3 times, but the first one.
(edit) @10377   12 years mackerski Grammar fix.
(edit) @10372   12 years deelkar create ZIP in WorkingDirectory?
(edit) @10367   12 years spaetz only move .dir out of the tmpdir if we actually upload, not in case we …
(edit) @10359   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: Australia, NT coastline
(edit) @10354   12 years spaetz also podify some
(edit) @10353   12 years spaetz further doc tweaks and move main part to the end of the file for …
(edit) @10352   12 years spaetz perlpod documentation
(edit) @10351   12 years stevechilton Add derelict_canal, basin, power=generator + power_source=wind. Move …
(edit) @10350   12 years bobkare Replace a bunch of references to inkscape with rasterizer
(edit) @10348   12 years bobkare Testing found a couple of bugs in CoordinateBox?, unit testing <3. Also …
(edit) @10346   12 years spaetz various close -> closedir changes. Some might be mine fault, many are not.
(edit) @10345   12 years spaetz various close -> closedir changes. Some might be mine fault, many are not.
(edit) @10344   12 years spaetz setlocale was reported to not help on German windows, but no locale …
(edit) @10343   12 years bobkare Merged from stable at r10341
(edit) @10342   12 years bobkare Did a sync with stable from a few days ago (r10308), and also looked …
(edit) @10341   12 years spaetz from _unstable r10340 --> set locale to 'C'. This prevents us from …
(edit) @10340   12 years spaetz set locale to 'C'. This prevents us from writing the boundary coords …
(edit) @10330   12 years spaetz merged from unstable c10329 properly close the directory opened with …
(edit) @10329   12 years spaetz properly close the directory opened with readdir. credits go to …
(edit) @10325   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: Australia, north QLD
(edit) @10324   12 years matthiasj the rest of the Request methods now die instead of returning error values.
(edit) @10318   12 years nic Fix seg fault during rebuild. Fix 'O' menu under GTK. Improve Pango layout.
(edit) @10312   12 years matthiasj beginnings of better exception handling to avoid needing errors to …
(edit) @10309   12 years daviddean Added validation mode that highlights unnamed roads. Further …
(edit) @10308   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: Australia north east coast
(edit) @10307   12 years jttt Make including external symbols and styles work even when files …
(edit) @10306   12 years spaetz rebased new _unstable from stable branch at r10305
(edit) @10305   12 years spaetz deleting _unstable branch will be created afresh from the new stable
(edit) @10304   12 years jttt New instruction - include. Includes contents of referenced svg file …
(edit) @10303   12 years spaetz merge the _unstable branch as of r10296 into stable. Kept …
(edit) @10302   12 years jttt New instruction - include. Includes contents of referenced svg file …
(edit) @10301   12 years spaetz Use batik-jar from _unstable
(edit) @10300   12 years spaetz tryin to merge stuff over. del batik-agent.jar to make merging work. sigh
(edit) @10299   12 years spaetz use oceantiles.dat from stable branch
(edit) @10298   12 years spaetz new client version Saurimo. minor logging wording
(edit) @10296   12 years spaetz cache layer transparency once. Initialize 'PngQuantizer? to if it's …
(edit) @10295   12 years spaetz adapt Upload file parsing to new zip file name. use full client_uuid
(edit) @10294   12 years jttt Reduce number of colors in symbols. From 24 to 8
(edit) @10293   12 years spaetz use zip file name store in .part file first …
(edit) @10292   12 years daviddean WinCE: Improved handling of resuming gosmore instance (hide wince …
(edit) @10291   12 years daviddean Moved Pango stuff into the non-WinCE area to fix cegcc compiling
(edit) @10290   12 years daviddean Added only-one-instance and non-fullscreen option to WinCE
(edit) @10288   12 years nic GTK: Switch form cairo to pango in order to support Right-To-Left text.
(edit) @10287   12 years jttt Batik agent - when stop request is received, first replay then quit
(edit) @10286   12 years nic Fix trunk and trunk_link. Not oneways.
(edit) @10285   12 years jttt Return batik agent error in response, make writing to log optional
(edit) @10284   12 years jttt Improve maplint speed by processing only elements with error. Repeated …
(edit) @10283   12 years matthiasj added timestamp back into zip filename to avoid overwriting files from …
(edit) @10282   12 years matthiasj added timestamp back into zip filename to avoid overwriting files from …
(edit) @10281   12 years spaetz attempt to fix up render progress percentage when forked. minor …
(edit) @10280   12 years spaetz only check pngcrush and optipng if we are actually going to use them.
(edit) @10279   12 years spaetz shorter status message
(edit) @10269   12 years spaetz don't optimize empty land/sea tiles, we need their file sizes at 67 and 69
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