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(edit) @20127   10 years deelkar make upload wait on full queue, reducing upload errors
(edit) @20126   10 years deelkar make localFile preserve input file instead of consuming it
(edit) @20125   10 years nic Render names of non-convex areas inside the area.
(edit) @20124   10 years deelkar make localFile rendering use correct path
(edit) @20123   10 years nic Rebuild: Suppress qroti tags Render more way names, esp. during highzoom.
(edit) @20120   10 years nic Routing: Reenable 4x crossing penalty. Add penalty to sharp U-turns.
(edit) @20119   10 years daviddean Commented out road-crossing penalty code for the moment to fix #2738
(edit) @20118   10 years daviddean renamed rhdBbox to lhdBbox and fixed rhd logic
(edit) @20117   10 years daviddean Fixed bug in loading maxspeeds in an attempt to fix #2738. Not quite …
(edit) @20115   10 years nic Add lowzoom national boundaries for default.pak
(edit) @20110   10 years ldp Reinstating rendering of railway=siding/spur/yard at z13. Fixes #2733.
(edit) @20104   10 years stevechilton adding lock_gate and lock names for standard 2-gate +lock=yes instance
(edit) @20101   10 years stevechilton icon for lock_gate
(edit) @20099   10 years deelkar fix one small bug (wrong fault referenced) and add localFile to help output
(edit) @20088   10 years nic Move 3D camera a bit back. Windows: Add ViewInOSM, EditInPotlatch? etc …
(edit) @20082   10 years nic Update translations and make space for future options
(edit) @20055   10 years deelkar Server messages marked as such
(edit) @20054   10 years deelkar Server messages marked as such
(edit) @20048   10 years nic WinCE: Add input method (Keyboard). bboxSplit: More robust Rebuild: …
(edit) @20026   10 years deelkar remove unused file
(edit) @20025   10 years deelkar merge from tags/Ulm
(edit) @20024   10 years deelkar merge from trunk
(edit) @20021   10 years deelkar fix extraneous missing inkscapepath error message
(edit) @20020   10 years deelkar merge features from trunk rev #14202
(edit) @20019   10 years deelkar revert double patch
(edit) @20018   10 years deelkar merge features from trunk rev #17868
(edit) @20017   10 years deelkar merge features from trunk rev #14058
(edit) @20016   10 years deelkar merge features from trunk rev #13955
(edit) @20015   10 years deelkar enable rendering from local files (untested)
(edit) @20014   10 years deelkar enable rendering from local files (untested)
(edit) @19942   10 years nic Rebuild: Clean up code that handle turn_restrictions Rebuild: Filter …
(edit) @19932   10 years daviddean Fixed buffer overflow problem causing crash on WinMob? startup
(edit) @19931   10 years daviddean Change isDrag logic in Click to be based on pixels moved rather than …
(edit) @19926   10 years stephankn rewrite of windows installation script to replace abandoned installer …
(edit) @19925   10 years stevechilton Add tertiary_link rendering across board - used in USA
(edit) @19924   10 years stevechilton Correct/add waterway=drain and =ditch
(edit) @19893   10 years nic Rebuild: Filter out more bulk imports Density / bboxes: Smaller boxes, …
(edit) @19882   10 years nic Windows: Add Nullsoft Installer script Windows: Add map update …
(edit) @19871   10 years ldp Hopefully fixed it right this time.
(edit) @19869   10 years ldp Fix last commit. Mapnik trunk is currently 800.
(edit) @19853   10 years ldp Make scripts work with current mapnik trunk too.
(edit) @19832   10 years ldp Followup to r19410 and really change shop=diy to shop=doityourself …
(edit) @19709   10 years ldp Fix previous commit
(edit) @19708   10 years ldp Apply patch from Dane Springmeyer
(edit) @19703   10 years daviddean Added files to svn:ignore
(edit) @19686   10 years nic WinCE: Add logging messages, improve WM6 compatibility. Rebuild: Fix …
(edit) @19674   10 years andre68 Fixed lakes in Turkey
(edit) @19660   10 years nic Rebuild: New, untested cyclenet code WinCE: Do more logging
(edit) @19657   10 years andre68 Fixed a bunch of tiles as suggested by Wolfgang Zenker
(edit) @19628   10 years nic After searching and selecting a PoI, the zoom level will be more …
(edit) @19615   10 years nic WinCE: Enable areas rendering. Close #2655 Rebuild: Filter out a lot …
(edit) @19609   10 years nic Rebuild: Fix bug WinCE: Reinstate HideZoomButtons?
(edit) @19606   10 years nic Rebuild: Fix low zoom bug
(edit) @19605   10 years nic Add multipolygon and border support Fix a few warnings and bugs
(edit) @19591   10 years nic Headless: Fix SEGV Add files and subrules needed for 'make install'
(edit) @19590   10 years nic Fix lowres version of areas Improve highway=turning_circle
(edit) @19584   10 years jochen Add check for trailing / in tile dir and add if missing
(edit) @19581   10 years nic WinCE: Fix AddWayOrNode?. Fix compiling errors. Improve distiction …
(edit) @19566   10 years nic GTK: Add 'Map Update' function. Add and gmaps weblinking. …
(edit) @19559   10 years nic New low-zoom code that looks for large objects and simplifies them …
(edit) @19558   10 years nic Rebuild: Fix bad bug WinCE: Fix bug that used up GDI resources and …
(edit) @19548   10 years nic Routing : Replace swapping code with code that will always try to fill …
(edit) @19541   10 years hardaker merge in extra data into the temp files
(edit) @19540   10 years hardaker allow merging of extra data files
(edit) @19539   10 years hardaker support for extra rule insertions
(edit) @19538   10 years hardaker crop and clip pages and symlink final maps to better names
(edit) @19536   10 years petschge Remove center icon for leisure=dog_park.
(edit) @19535   10 years petschge Add a pattern for the areas with leisure=dog_park. Patch by Fabri.
(edit) @19527   10 years petschge Make refugee camps render at z16-z14 too.
(edit) @19525   10 years petschge Make earthquake:damage=spontaneous_camp and tourism=camp_site + …
(edit) @19506   10 years ldp Add minimum_version to <Map>. Recent mapnik builds will throw an error …
(edit) @19410   10 years ldp shop=diy -> shop=doityourself to reflect prevailing tagging
(edit) @19389   10 years stevechilton Shields in earlier for prim, sec, tert and min distance adjusted for …
(edit) @19273   10 years gramzon Making colour for playground slightly more green.
(edit) @19260   10 years stevechilton Replace prison and drinking_water (erased in error)
(edit) @19259   10 years stevechilton Text added for some shop types
(edit) @19258   10 years stevechilton add 6 shop types
(edit) @19257   10 years stevechilton 6 shop icons
(edit) @19237   10 years petschge set 1213 1479 mixed set 1214 1479 mixed set 1214 1480 mixed following …
(edit) @19196   10 years stevechilton z15 unclass/resid thiner, white casing for living_streets, add …
(edit) @19180   10 years stevechilton Add car park names, change colour for blue icons to be nearer icon colour
(edit) @19143   10 years petschge Differentiate the rending of landuse=reservoir on basis of …
(edit) @19142   10 years petschge Remove two nested rules with contradictory effects from caption-z7.xml
(edit) @19122   10 years ldp Fixed bug: highway=unclassified was rendered twice in z15
(edit) @19118   10 years ldp Add amenity=prison. Fixes #2512.
(edit) @19117   10 years ldp Add amenity=drinking_water. Fixes #2523.
(edit) @19116   10 years ldp Render service=spur/siding/yard with railway=rail
(edit) @19087   10 years medi update the exampel configs and add options from the threading client
(edit) @19086   10 years medi svn merge -r 14692:17869 $trunk
(edit) @18995   10 years petschge Fix #2535
(edit) @18974   10 years petschge Apply patch by Andreas Jobs to prevent t@h from crashing while …
(edit) @18948   10 years petschge Include rendering for leisure=dog_park. Icon based on a design by …
(edit) @18947   10 years petschge render landuse=garages in z15-z17. Fixes #2447
(edit) @18932   10 years ldp Move a bunch of old and/or obsoleted items to an archive dir
(edit) @18879   10 years ldp New script, donated by springmeyer, to set up mapnik with your local …
(edit) @18771   10 years frederik move stylecheck to utils subdir; new analyze_postgis_log script to …
(edit) @18770   10 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 3294,1690 (left top) to 3469,1814 (right …
(edit) @18746   10 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 928,7 (left top) to 1193,1409 (right bottom)
(edit) @18740   10 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 3297,1804 (left top) to 4094,2161 (right …
(edit) @18733   10 years petschge Make natural=wetland render like natural=marsh. Fixes #2462.
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