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(edit) @3761   12 years deelkar fix bug where sometimes the maplint layer was not zipped when the …
(edit) @3759   12 years deelkar deliberate misindentation to make changes clearer now fixed again
(edit) @3758   12 years deelkar prepare for different upload servers depending on layer
(edit) @3735   12 years joerg update date for package, correct mail addresses and a little bit of …
(edit) @3730   12 years stevechilton preserved railway added, and bridle/cycle/foot/unsurfaced/track moved …
(edit) @3720   12 years artem applied show_islands patch from Cameron Patrick
(edit) @3719   12 years christofd added rendering of highway=motorway_junction
(edit) @3712   12 years joerg initial version osf osm-mapnik-data package for debian
(edit) @3692   12 years deelkar set 656,1584 to water (SF Bay)
(edit) @3679   12 years hakan We are running API 0.4 by now ;-)
(edit) @3678   12 years hakan Have svn ignore downloaded OSM data files
(edit) @3677   12 years hakan Have svn ignore user-specific config files
(edit) @3676   12 years hakan Have svn ignore user-specific config files
(edit) @3644   12 years deelkar set ZipHardLimit? to 10 MB to adapt to last changes from spaetz
(edit) @3643   12 years deelkar move ZipHardLimit? (server limit) to general.conf to have in one …
(edit) @3642   12 years deelkar fix comments and messages to the 10 MB limit
(edit) @3641   12 years deelkar adapt to new server file upload hardlimit
(edit) @3635   12 years deelkar make client tell server when it aborts processing a tileset, and why. …
(edit) @3616   12 years frederik hack to allow selective disabling of bezier curve hinting
(edit) @3615   12 years frederik copy SVG attributes from OSM tags for ways and areas.
(edit) @3600   12 years pere New clean target. Improve install target. Document the ROUTE_TEST …
(edit) @3599   12 years pere Extend the README.
(edit) @3598   12 years pere Typo.
(edit) @3597   12 years pere Add install target.
(edit) @3596   12 years pere Add simple README with the URL to the home page.
(edit) @3595   12 years pere Fix endian issue when print time_t values.
(edit) @3594   12 years pere Build with more warnings enabled.
(edit) @3564   12 years deelkar point to the correct error tile
(edit) @3557   12 years deelkar point to the error tile
(edit) @3556   12 years deelkar indentation and check for UseOceantilesDat? config option
(edit) @3555   12 years deelkar move cursor before printing, not after, so errormessages don't …
(edit) @3546   12 years joerg add dependency libgeos-dev for compilation
(edit) @3513   12 years deelkar process the correct filename for large zip
(edit) @3512   12 years deelkar check zip file size immediately after creation
(edit) @3511   12 years deelkar -use LC_ALL instead of LANG as i18n fix to catch all locale specific …
(edit) @3505   12 years deelkar break is last in perl
(edit) @3504   12 years deelkar handle zips >2MB correctly
(edit) @3503   12 years deelkar return queue %age correctly
(edit) @3502   12 years deelkar queue not always full even if says so.
(edit) @3501   12 years deelkar set executable (duh!)
(edit) @3500   12 years frederik add loop
(edit) @3498   12 years deelkar retry upload until success or hard failure
(edit) @3495   12 years deelkar split out all the compressing work into
(edit) @3494   12 years frederik new
(edit) @3493   12 years deelkar whitespace cleanup
(edit) @3492   12 years deelkar indentation, comments and tabs to spaces
(edit) @3491   12 years deelkar more indentation
(edit) @3483   12 years deelkar indentation
(edit) @3482   12 years deelkar combine all checks into one if/elsif/else statement (to be optimised)
(edit) @3481   12 years deelkar reverse logic
(edit) @3480   12 years tomhughes Make lowzoom ignore black tiles - patch from PerroVerd?.
(edit) @3477   12 years deelkar comment out DEBUG stuff
(edit) @3476   12 years deelkar clean up stdout file from upload
(edit) @3475   12 years deelkar clean up new tmp file
(edit) @3474   12 years deelkar move go_nogo URL to general.conf
(edit) @3472   12 years deelkar remove debug output
(edit) @3469   12 years deelkar add rudimentary upload token support to
(edit) @3461   12 years deelkar make suree error message starts on newline
(edit) @3460   12 years deelkar Throw away paths in zip for privacy/security reasons
(edit) @3453   12 years deelkar tell a bit more about what's going on.
(edit) @3449   12 years joerg update path to new structure
(edit) @3448   12 years joerg shortcut for installing database
(edit) @3431   12 years jeroen Mark 2091,1359 as sea
(edit) @3429   12 years frederik fix apparent bug when downloading areas near 180° east
(edit) @3406   12 years deelkar reduce the maxdelay between unsuccessful upload queue checks
(edit) @3396   12 years deelkar cap the upload delay at one hour, make the sleep increase factors of …
(edit) @3394   12 years deelkar add return value
(edit) @3392   12 years deelkar switch client version name to "Jever".
(edit) @3391   12 years deelkar Check server upload queue before uploading zip
(edit) @3390   12 years deelkar prepare for use of ok/notok in
(edit) @3387   12 years deelkar move sub DownloadFile? to
(edit) @3382   12 years deelkar added ()
(edit) @3381   12 years deelkar fix bug where loop mode would never upload because uploadable …
(edit) @3379   12 years damians some more blue tiles
(edit) @3370   12 years damians updated oceantiles
(edit) @3365   12 years deelkar Adapt the example config so it no longer contains OSM example logins
(edit) @3364   12 years deelkar Add check for obsolete login information to
(edit) @3361   12 years deelkar remove auth from api GET (not needed in 0.4 anymore)
(edit) @3353   12 years martinvoosterhout Update oceantiles.dat
(edit) @3331   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix typo bytes -> bits
(edit) @3330   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix some tiles for Matthias Julius from the t@h mailing list
(edit) @3328   12 years jochen Added new railroad crossing symbol
(edit) @3317   12 years rjmunro New features: * speak directions using flite TTS engine if installed. …
(edit) @3316   12 years rjmunro gosmoreNSW version of gosmore.
(edit) @3315   12 years rjmunro gosmoreNameslessRoute version of gosmore.
(edit) @3314   12 years rjmunro "" version of gosmore.
(edit) @3313   12 years rjmunro Second version of Gosmore, labelled gosmoreQ. Added Makefile.
(edit) @3312   12 years rjmunro Initial version of gosmore cc code.
(edit) @3311   12 years rjmunro Directory for Nic Roets "gosmore" mapping application.
(edit) @3307   12 years jeroen Mark 2147,1310 as sea
(edit) @3292   12 years damians added some testing, and using of oceantiles-z12.dat
(edit) @3287   12 years frederik added "building" tag
(edit) @3274   12 years frederik draw all types of buildings (to match tiles@home styles)
(edit) @3267   12 years deelkar fix bug where waiting zips are not uploaded if server has no rendering …
(edit) @3266   12 years deelkar indentation
(edit) @3250   12 years joerg more substitutions which are consistent with install.txt
(edit) @3249   12 years deelkar set 2142 1320, 2142 1321, 2143 1321 sea, update oceantiles_12.dat
(edit) @3248   12 years deelkar set 2141 1325 to sea.
(edit) @3247   12 years joerg some wrong quotings type /usr/share
(edit) @3244   12 years jonb Script for generating a large mapnik image
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