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(edit) @4749   13 years deelkar shorten description for re-requests
(edit) @4745   13 years deelkar fix progress display
(edit) @4735   13 years frederik iceland coastal fixes
(edit) @4727   13 years bobkare Changed some tiles in oceantiles.dat on request from Magne
(edit) @4726   13 years stevechilton cycleway=blue, track=brown, unsurfaced=grey pecked casement
(edit) @4715   13 years spaetz add the don't use GUI opetion
(edit) @4711   13 years deelkar return in case of noncritical errors
(edit) @4710   13 years deelkar apply cleanup to (almost) every exit point
(edit) @4708   13 years deelkar minor fixup
(edit) @4707   13 years deelkar add info for inkscape preferences.xml specific bug
(edit) @4706   13 years deelkar add info for verbose mode
(edit) @4702   13 years bobkare Updates to oceantiles.dat around Penang from khensthoth
(edit) @4699   13 years deelkar actually do some cleanup
(edit) @4698   13 years deelkar add simple check for SVG validity, stub function to clean up before …
(edit) @4697   13 years deelkar only comments
(edit) @4672   13 years brent oceantiles: minor change
(edit) @4659   13 years brent oceantiles: Vic coast adjustments
(edit) @4657   13 years brent Afjust Oceantiles for melbourne
(edit) @4655   13 years spaetz escape question mark
(edit) @4654   13 years martinvoosterhout Add missing node tests
(edit) @4650   13 years gabriel I don't want my name to be scribbled all over the map.
(edit) @4649   13 years frederik as requested, by email, by Karl Eichwalder
(edit) @4647   13 years etienne Clopin. Osmarender rules files for generating transparent route …
(edit) @4646   13 years etienne Clopin. Osmarender rules files for generating transparent route …
(edit) @4645   13 years frederik added attribution to list of valid preprocessors
(edit) @4639   13 years frederik new attribution postprocessor replaces content of "user" attributes by …
(edit) @4638   13 years frederik small modification to be used in conjunction with new attribution …
(edit) @4627   13 years spaetz actual usable POI layer
(edit) @4623   13 years deelkar another minor fixup
(edit) @4622   13 years spaetz minor fixup
(edit) @4621   13 years spaetz first cut at a POI layer stylesheet
(edit) @4620   13 years spaetz add new POI layer to t@h clients
(edit) @4618   13 years spaetz render restaurant symbols. Long-term this should move in a seperate layer
(edit) @4617   13 years martinvoosterhout - Add simple check for local changes to osmarender XML files - Check …
(edit) @4616   13 years bobkare Applied ocean tile changes from Magne
(edit) @4614   13 years martinvoosterhout Remove motorway junctions from higher zoom levels, per discussion on IRC.
(edit) @4609   13 years spaetz reapply changeset 3719 from christofd to get motorway_junction into osma5
(edit) @4601   13 years jonb peak.png: Convert to non-interlaced. Interlacing seemed to break …
(edit) @4600   13 years stevechilton change peak symbol to brown
(edit) @4586   13 years jonb osm.xml: Add # in CSS colour
(edit) @4585   13 years stevechilton rail=narrow-gauge added, peak symbol moved up 2 zooms
(edit) @4583   13 years joerg openstreetmap-mapnik-data debian package missing backslash
(edit) @4580   13 years martinvoosterhout Stop close-areas producing an empty way if there's no leftover …
(edit) @4579   13 years martinvoosterhout Fix output in case where previous stage output empty osm tag
(edit) @4577   13 years martinvoosterhout Fix it so the version number from the input file is preserved.
(edit) @4576   13 years spaetz kleptog's and my improvements to osm file merging
(edit) @4575   13 years martinvoosterhout Make the mergeOsmFiles do a simple copy if there's only one file
(edit) @4567   13 years spaetz last z8 tweak for today
(edit) @4566   13 years spaetz further improvements to z8,9
(edit) @4565   13 years spaetz get it right this time: drawl place labels above all other layers in z8.
(edit) @4562   13 years spaetz turn off frollo for low-zoom tiles. 80n says it's not needed.
(edit) @4561   13 years spaetz Render place names at z8 in layer5 to draw them above motorways.
(edit) @4560   13 years spaetz z8 reduction continued
(edit) @4558   13 years spaetz Improve sanitycheck. Patch slightly adapted from cmarqu. thanks
(edit) @4557   13 years deelkar old bug hunting, part II
(edit) @4555   13 years deelkar fix a months-old dormant bug
(edit) @4554   13 years deelkar add a default entry for pngcrush
(edit) @4553   13 years deelkar fix indentation (we use spaces, not tabstops as those tend to be …
(edit) @4552   13 years deelkar fix command order
(edit) @4551   13 years brent windows compatibility
(edit) @4550   13 years brent windows compatibility
(edit) @4542   13 years spaetz add a style sheet sanity checker
(edit) @4541   13 years spaetz greatly simplify z9 stylesheet. tweak z8
(edit) @4536   13 years spaetz restore original layers.conf
(edit) @4533   13 years spaetz simplify z8 stylesheet a great deal.
(edit) @4532   13 years deelkar new interrim layers.conf until maplint is sorted.
(edit) @4531   13 years spaetz simplify z8 stylesheet a great deal.
(edit) @4529   13 years spaetz delete local maplint folder
(edit) @4528   13 years spaetz pull in proper maplint from svn into t@h client. Request from bobkare
(edit) @4527   13 years spaetz remove local maplint copy of t@h client
(edit) @4523   13 years bobkare Something broke in r4520, rebuilding maplint and syncing it to …
(edit) @4521   13 years spaetz use extended bounding box also for ways. Thanks o deelkar for catching …
(edit) @4520   13 years bobkare Syncing tilesAtHome maplint to r4519
(edit) @4513   13 years spaetz 1) render state borders at z8. 2) Upload lowzoom rendering into the …
(edit) @4494   13 years frederik update to support 0.4 and 0.5; should not disturb 0.4 …
(edit) @4493   13 years frederik prepared for 0.5 compatibility; removed need for stub.osm …
(edit) @4490   13 years jonb osm.xml: Add MaxScale? for generic buildings
(edit) @4474   13 years spaetz remove highway=unclassified at z=8, make railroads narrower.
(edit) @4473   13 years spaetz disable beziercurvehinting for z<12
(edit) @4472   13 years spaetz add landuse=recreation_ground to osma5
(edit) @4411   13 years spaetz render leisure=playground areas in osma
(edit) @4406   13 years spaetz render beaches in osma5. ported from osma4
(edit) @4403   13 years spaetz disable mercator projecion preprocessor. It's not used anyway
(edit) @4402   13 years spaetz render landuse=farm in osmarender
(edit) @4399   13 years spaetz render landuse=allotments just like fields in osmarender
(edit) @4398   13 years spaetz render landuse=brownfield just like landuse=industrial to make chrisF …
(edit) @4397   13 years spaetz tiny indention fixes
(edit) @4396   13 years spaetz make landuse=foreset render again
(edit) @4395   13 years spaetz delete unneeded osmarender5 copy in svn. We pull osma5 directly
(edit) @4394   13 years spaetz Use the external osmarender5 svn itself, rather than a duplicate copy of it
(edit) @4393   13 years spaetz add back landuse=forest to z12,13
(edit) @4392   13 years spaetz Name t@h client version 'Kingston' according to Etienne's request. …
(edit) @4390   13 years pere Correct string length calculations in GetDirections?(), to avoid …
(edit) @4387   13 years rjmunro Added total time so far display.
(edit) @4381   13 years etienne Osmarender 5 Extensive changes to rendering engine. Lots of new and …
(edit) @4380   13 years etienne Osmarender 5 Extensive changes to rendering engine. Lots of new and …
(edit) @4378   13 years christofd undid 2201 1471 to sea again, wrong number .-(
(edit) @4376   13 years christofd set 2201 1471 to mixed
(edit) @4316   13 years spaetz make churches also in z15 smaller. Heads up from Robert Hart
(edit) @4315   13 years spaetz make chruches and peaks somewhat smaller. Heads up from Robert Hart
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