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(edit) @5463   12 years deelkar stray ;
(edit) @5462   12 years deelkar don't output inkscape version if batik is to be used
(edit) @5461   12 years deelkar fix regression
(edit) @5458   12 years martinvoosterhout More user-friendly output…
(edit) @5457   12 years martinvoosterhout Add a test for trying to open a nonexistant file, instead just crashing
(edit) @5454   12 years martinvoosterhout Commit new version now that process-changes has been fixed.
(edit) @5453   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix stupid regex bug noted by crschmidt…
(edit) @5451   12 years crschmidt Update oceantiles to fix a tile in New Hampshire.
(edit) @5432   12 years brent Fix OceanTile? NSW mid north coast
(edit) @5426   12 years martinvoosterhout Fixed the handling of return codes from sub-processes. Previous coding …
(edit) @5425   12 years martinvoosterhout Fail properly if file does not exist after running inkscape
(edit) @5414   12 years brent Fix bug
(edit) @5412   12 years brent Batik Support
(edit) @5409   12 years brent Fix Oceantiles SE Victoria and N England
(edit) @5377   12 years deelkar temporary workaround for DNS update problems
(edit) @5376   12 years deelkar fix for POST redirect problem
(edit) @5369   12 years deelkar use only one upload URL
(edit) @5366   12 years deelkar update client to use instead of
(edit) @5348   12 years martinvoosterhout Add landuse=farm, as suggested by Karl Eichwalder on talk.
(edit) @5335   12 years deelkar Remove outdated Troubleshooting stuff
(edit) @5334   12 years deelkar Add section about stopfile.txt
(edit) @5288   12 years hakan Moved lowzoom styles to osmarender, too
(edit) @5287   12 years hakan Moved lowzoom styles to osmarender, too
(edit) @5285   12 years frederik use mosque symbol also for religion=moslem (was: only muslim) use …
(edit) @5267   12 years deelkar fix invalid utf8
(edit) @5266   12 years deelkar move everything over to osmarender6
(edit) @5265   12 years deelkar Move map features to osmarender6 as osmarender5 is not OSM v0.5 compliant
(edit) @5264   12 years brent Update with Dodi's corrected Alpha 4 version
(edit) @5263   12 years brent
(edit) @5249   12 years tomhughes Add shields for tertiary roads. Closes #577.
(edit) @5239   12 years deelkar make client version show up in log for debugging
(edit) @5235   12 years deelkar Client version Mannheim, using POST to get jobs from queue
(edit) @5234   12 years deelkar use authenticating POST requests to get jobs from queue
(edit) @5232   12 years deelkar test for new Request API
(edit) @5221   12 years stevechilton Tram [tunnel] version added
(edit) @5220   12 years stevechilton Lightened landuse=residential so that grey unclassified lines show up, …
(edit) @5202   12 years deelkar another bugfix
(edit) @5201   12 years deelkar bugfix
(edit) @5200   12 years deelkar moved variable
(edit) @5199   12 years deelkar add support for POST method to get requests (avoid cached results)
(edit) @5175   12 years deelkar bugfix: clients should actually exit on wrong api version
(edit) @5171   12 years deelkar use the source for 85.0511 instead
(edit) @5150   12 years tomhughes Correct spelling of "forest". Close #568.
(edit) @5146   12 years deelkar its late
(edit) @5145   12 years deelkar remove most 0.4 compatibility stuff
(edit) @5144   12 years brent Fix viewbox of Petrol Station Icon
(edit) @5143   12 years jonb osm.xml: Remove [boundary] = 'administrative' with …
(edit) @5135   12 years martinvoosterhout More updates from process-changes, as well as making the conversion …
(edit) @5112   12 years frederik attempt at fixing the bug that would break all reverse direction …
(edit) @5102   12 years stevechilton add beach, lakes +2, new peak PNG, add beach PNG, change light_rail
(edit) @5101   12 years bobkare Changed wrong seatiles in Troms to land, list of tiles from einarr
(edit) @5098   12 years stevechilton Added admin=boundary, mini-round, below ground subway/rail, byway +2 pngs
(edit) @5096   12 years tomhughes Move the area names into a separate layer to try and stop them …
(edit) @5049   12 years ojw Brackets not required in a class definition if it doesn't inherit
(edit) @5048   12 years ojw Check whether the frames being drawn contain any new tracklogs, before …
(edit) @5047   12 years ojw Remove pointsize option, wasn't being used Add option to specify the …
(edit) @5046   12 years ojw Slower fade (3 of each frame rather than doing extra calculations...)
(edit) @5045   12 years ojw Fix width and height mismatch between video and source images
(edit) @5044   12 years ojw minor bugfixes
(edit) @5043   12 years ojw First draft at outputting directly to video file, rather than a …
(edit) @5041   12 years deelkar strip unnecessary slashes
(edit) @5040   12 years ojw Title and credits pages
(edit) @5039   12 years ojw Basic support for pausing (used between scenes, and at end)
(edit) @5036   12 years ojw very first attempt at fading-out to the rendered map (warning: not …
(edit) @5034   12 years bobkare Changed oceantiles on request from Magne
(edit) @5033   12 years deelkar some beautification in non-loop mode
(edit) @5030   12 years ojw Make executable with shebang
(edit) @5029   12 years ojw Use line ends rather than arc() to do points
(edit) @5028   12 years ojw Enable overlays (basically things which move between frames, rather …
(edit) @5027   12 years matthewnc osmps - PostScript? Renderer update to 0.03 - convert for OSM data …
(edit) @5025   12 years ojw Fix some more bugs
(edit) @5021   12 years ojw Fix some of the more obvious bugs
(edit) @5020   12 years ojw An animated version of party render (first draft, produces PNGs)
(edit) @5015   12 years deelkar not needed in main anymore
(edit) @5014   12 years deelkar forgot to copy over projection initialisation
(edit) @5013   12 years deelkar move projection subs to
(edit) @5008   12 years deelkar exit before next loop run if stopfile exists
(edit) @5007   12 years deelkar be slightly more verbose about fatal errors
(edit) @5000   12 years ojw Another try at lat/lon w/h ratio thingies
(edit) @4999   12 years ojw Filter-out anything in the gazeteer which isn't a city, town, or …
(edit) @4998   12 years ojw Add "none" option for gazeteer, to specify that you don't have city …
(edit) @4997   12 years ojw Added support for loading gazeteer (OSM file containing cities) from …
(edit) @4996   12 years ojw Add support for downloading placenames from OSMXAPI and displaying …
(edit) @4995   12 years ojw Black-background version (with lighter colour tracks to match) + fix …
(edit) @4994   12 years ojw Index by the file title not full filename (easier to read, and should …
(edit) @4993   12 years ojw comments
(edit) @4992   12 years ojw proper labelling
(edit) @4991   12 years ojw draft of label rendering
(edit) @4990   12 years ojw Auto-generate colour palette
(edit) @4989   12 years ojw variable draw size
(edit) @4985   12 years ojw finally, colours
(edit) @4984   12 years ojw remove unused statistics code
(edit) @4983   12 years joerg move to utils where it better fits
(edit) @4982   12 years joerg mapnik-osm-updater: Add some more help, add option osm2pgsql_cmd, …
(edit) @4981   12 years ojw Allow specifying the radius in km of the map (since statistical …
(edit) @4980   12 years ojw Command-line options
(edit) @4979   12 years ojw quicksort-style algorithm for median (but exceeds max recursion limit …
(edit) @4978   12 years ojw Version using median absolute deviation (from mean lat/lon) -- don't …
(edit) @4977   12 years ojw bitz
(edit) @4976   12 years ojw Only load data once, and use memory copy for calculating extents, and …
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