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(edit) @6733   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Sync with current osm.xml
(edit) @6732   12 years jonb osm.xml: Add 'extent' parameter to PostGIS data sources to avoid the …
(edit) @6731   12 years stevechilton tram thinner at 13/14, text halo for secondary names, ped bridge and …
(edit) @6730   12 years deelkar Add the capability to auto-kill the inkscape preferences file …
(edit) @6722   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Sync with latest osm.xml
(edit) @6720   12 years etienne Composite version of that can stitch and merge tiles. For …
(edit) @6705   12 years etienne Added captionless layer to the configuration file. The t@h client …
(edit) @6704   12 years etienne Rules files for caption and captionless layers for the new lowzoom …
(edit) @6687   12 years bobkare Fix the size of bus icons which broke in r6516
(edit) @6591   12 years stevechilton Bridge for pedestrian added. Tunnels for bridle/foot/cycleway and …
(edit) @6573   12 years christofd added tram-stops
(edit) @6533   12 years bobkare Commit patch from #645: render tracks differently depending on …
(edit) @6530   12 years rcr Oceantiles changes for Belize coastline
(edit) @6529   12 years ojw add usage info
(edit) @6528   12 years ojw initial copy of subway (gets rail networks from london)
(edit) @6527   12 years ojw create directory for transport network grapher
(edit) @6517   12 years bobkare Forgot final adjustment of viewBox in last commit
(edit) @6516   12 years bobkare Fixed version of bus icon, the old wasn't centered.
(edit) @6515   12 years bobkare Render shop=supermarket as well as amenity=supermarket. Closes ticket #643
(edit) @6460   12 years bobkare Changed like Xaa asked me to on IRC
(edit) @6455   12 years bobkare One more change to multipolygon handling to handle multipolygons …
(edit) @6449   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Update to latest osm.xml
(edit) @6443   12 years stevechilton Bridges/tunnels for second/tert/resid/unclass/service roads, …
(edit) @6432   12 years deelkar try and clarify a bit
(edit) @6428   12 years bobkare Updated wayMarker which seems to have disappeared between osmarender5 and 6
(edit) @6415   12 years deelkar add more comments
(edit) @6414   12 years deelkar update README
(edit) @6413   12 years tomhughes Suppress bogus t@h copyright notices for my name.
(edit) @6402   12 years bobkare Bugfix: When making sure multipolygons are only drawn once, draw when …
(edit) @6400   12 years bobkare Implemented support for multipolygons (area with hole) in areacenter …
(edit) @6390   12 years bobkare Implemented a fancy algorithm for finding the center of polygons. See …
(edit) @6380   12 years etienne Improvements to proximity algorithm.
(edit) @6379   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: sync with osm.xml
(edit) @6378   12 years stevechilton Many more bridges, barracks added, unsurfaced/track tweaked
(edit) @6377   12 years etienne Implements collision detection algorithm for nodes. <rule e="node" …
(edit) @6367   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Update to latest osm.xml
(edit) @6366   12 years jonb convert-template: A small script to convert osm.xml -> osm-template.xml
(edit) @6365   12 years stevechilton Corrected casing on primary tunnels
(edit) @6355   12 years jonb Remove trailing spaces from lines in osm.xml & osm-template.xml
(edit) @6354   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Update to match current osm.xml
(edit) @6353   12 years jonb Enhance osm.xml templates to set password parameter
(edit) @6298   12 years deelkar be a bit more verbose about error handling by default
(edit) @6279   12 years brent Z10 and Z12 contains rules for Tertiary roads, but they are not …
(edit) @6276   12 years matthewnc osmps - PostScript? Renderer update to 0.04 - add ability to set …
(edit) @6275   12 years jochen made rule files from osmarender4 available in osmarender6
(edit) @6261   12 years bobkare Removed typo in border rules
(edit) @6241   12 years matthewnc osmps - PostScript? Renderer - update to 0.03.1 . add setpagedevice …
(edit) @6238   12 years artem applied patch from armijn
(edit) @6216   12 years stevechilton added: rail_bridges, trunk and primary tunnels, and motorway bridges
(edit) @6215   12 years stevechilton rail_bridge symbol added
(edit) @6212   12 years martinvoosterhout Add missing dollar sign
(edit) @6211   12 years martinvoosterhout More binmode fixes for windows.
(edit) @6209   12 years martinvoosterhout Apply fix to process-change for windows suggested by Rob Reid on the …
(edit) @6201   12 years deelkar prevent linefeed in hostname
(edit) @6155   12 years martinvoosterhout The blanktile elimination shouldn't apply to the LocalSlippyMap? option.
(edit) @6152   12 years martinvoosterhout Make it so the client detects when a blank tile is implied by it's …
(edit) @6137   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Update with latest style changes from osm.xml. …
(edit) @6136   12 years jonb osm.xml: set Postgis estimate_extent=false, otherwise Mapnik may fail …
(edit) @6135   12 years jonb customize-mapnik-map: Make MAPNIK_DBUSER optional. Avoid blank lines …
(edit) @6134   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: set Postgis estimate_extent=false, otherwise Mapnik …
(edit) @6132   12 years jochen Updated to work properly with local databases
(edit) @6130   12 years jochen Added comparison between zoom levels and the scale denominator numbers …
(edit) @6129   12 years jochen Added some comments
(edit) @6126   12 years brent Render place=locality
(edit) @6122   12 years jochen updated install.txt to reflect new scripts etc.
(edit) @6121   12 years jochen Added README osm-template.xml template file can now be converted with …
(edit) @6117   12 years jochen Scripts to call osmarender more easily
(edit) @6108   12 years jochen Added explicit srs for places shapefile, because it didn't work without it
(edit) @6106   12 years frederik added zero-attribution for user Socks by email request
(edit) @6093   12 years stevechilton highway=mway - tunnel variant fill added, landuse=brownfield added
(edit) @6087   12 years bobkare Added rendering of place=island and place=islet. Rendered like city …
(edit) @6084   12 years bobkare Symbols for sport="soccer|tennis|swimming" on both nodes and areas. …
(edit) @6083   12 years bobkare Support for symbols on areas
(edit) @6082   12 years bobkare A little cleanup of the bus icon
(edit) @6081   12 years bobkare Added rendering of highway=bus_stop at z16 and z17
(edit) @6080   12 years bobkare Rendering of most k=highway values combined with area=yes. Also …
(edit) @6076   12 years jochen lwpostgis.sql is dependant on postgresql/postgis version and paths …
(edit) @6055   12 years stevechilton highway=motorway re-jigged, tunnel variant added
(edit) @6041   12 years deelkar add defaults for svn update. Needs some peer review before DDoSing the …
(edit) @6040   12 years deelkar fix case of config parameter
(edit) @6022   12 years deelkar add timeouts for API outages
(edit) @6014   12 years deelkar comments
(edit) @6008   12 years deelkar bugfix
(edit) @6007   12 years deelkar move load parameter about
(edit) @6006   12 years deelkar minor tweaks
(edit) @6005   12 years deelkar improve checks
(edit) @6004   12 years deelkar config templates
(edit) @6003   12 years deelkar whitespacing
(edit) @6002   12 years deelkar enable uploading to one central upload directory
(edit) @5999   12 years hakan fix generator name in mergeOsmFiles... I am overly correct sometimes ;-)
(edit) @5997   12 years hakan add xmlns:osmxapi in mergeOsmFiles to silence lowzoom generation
(edit) @5992   12 years bobkare Costline fixes in northern Norway and north-western Russia. Done by …
(edit) @5991   12 years bobkare A script to diff two versions of oceantiles_12.png and …
(edit) @5990   12 years hakan Flag to keep the data file
(edit) @5910   12 years andystreet Change beach rendering to a more natural colour
(edit) @5909   12 years brent Oceantiles - Western Australia
(edit) @5906   12 years deelkar print out warning if zoom parameter omitted in xy mode
(edit) @5899   12 years deelkar prevent zombies by waiting for upload child processes. Patch by Jocelyn
(edit) @5879   12 years deelkar apply patch from Rob Reid to avoid unnecessary upload calls
(edit) @5871   12 years tomhughes Update tertiary shields to match latest change to font colour.
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