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(edit) @7234   12 years ojw misc rendering stuff
(edit) @7232   12 years jonb osm.xml: Move to using coastline shapefiles directly instead of …
(edit) @7231   12 years jonb convert-template: Update to add %PREFIX%
(edit) @7230   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Sync to latest osm.xml
(edit) @7229   12 years stevechilton change zoom for highway=construction, add text (name=) for 2 higher zooms
(edit) @7222   12 years stevechilton Tweak to motorway_junction, tweak to bring in area-text bit sooner, …
(edit) @7211   12 years cmarqu Make bus_stop icon have transparent parts. Fix by Ben Robbins, steve8 …
(edit) @7207   12 years martinvoosterhout Add support for alternate table prefixes. This is parallel to the -p …
(edit) @7206   12 years jochen Fixed SVG CSS
(edit) @7205   12 years jochen fixed wrong SVG CSS: "text-anchor: start" instead of "left"
(edit) @7201   12 years frederik added helper function to compute great circle distance between 2 points
(edit) @7197   12 years frederik fixed some warnings in or/p
(edit) @7196   12 years jonb osm.xml: Fix min/max typo
(edit) @7195   12 years jonb Sync with osm.xml
(edit) @7183   12 years frederik - made tracks a bit narrower to match service ways, on z17 as well
(edit) @7181   12 years stevechilton Added monorail, move bridges to own layer, trams to above roads
(edit) @7179   12 years deelkar don't set osmarender in user config
(edit) @7178   12 years deelkar default osmarender setting in sample configs
(edit) @7165   12 years frederik * removed all references to segments from rules files * added support …
(edit) @7164   12 years frederik bugfix for way markers
(edit) @7163   12 years stevechilton Add mway junction names, playgrounds, and darken P_of_worship fill
(edit) @7162   12 years frederik support for or/p rendering in tiles@home, use config option …
(edit) @7154   12 years frederik remove runtime warning
(edit) @7153   12 years frederik fix polygons with holes in or/p... this time for real!
(edit) @7150   12 years frederik fix tunnels
(edit) @7146   12 years frederik fix area with hole drawing
(edit) @7137   12 years frederik added support for complex text instructions in or/p
(edit) @7136   12 years frederik added external "orp" link to t@h
(edit) @7135   12 years frederik fixed text length logic for or/p, now uses 100% osmarender/xslt …
(edit) @7114   12 years frederik little code redesign and area-with-hole support for or/p
(edit) @7112   12 years frederik - made tracks a bit narrower to match service ways.
(edit) @7105   12 years jonb Sync to osm.xml
(edit) @7104   12 years stevechilton Add living_street, level_crossing, place=island, move power layer …
(edit) @7103   12 years stevechilton 2 new PNGs for level_crossings
(edit) @7078   12 years deelkar reduce max upload delay for local directory uploads
(edit) @7077   12 years jonb Update some mapnik python scripts to work with the 0.5 release
(edit) @7074   12 years frederik handle syntax errors in rule file more gracefully
(edit) @7070   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Resync with current osm.xml
(edit) @7069   12 years jonb osm.xml: fix typo
(edit) @7066   12 years stevechilton Add power=sub_station/station, leisure=nature_reserve, tweak …
(edit) @7065   12 years stevechilton 2 size of PNGs for nature_reserve
(edit) @7062   12 years frederik bugfix for vineyard pattern in Osmarender
(edit) @7061   12 years frederik added rendering of landuse=vineyard to z13-z17
(edit) @7060   12 years frederik - fixed namespace issues - added gridSpacing variable that controls …
(edit) @7059   12 years frederik bugfix symbols etc
(edit) @7047   12 years frederik patch for <layer> instruction by dodi
(edit) @7045   12 years frederik dont die on mention of "segment" in "e" attribute; use rule path for …
(edit) @7044   12 years frederik revert accidental modification
(edit) @7043   12 years frederik NEW: Osmarender Re-Implementation in Perl.
(edit) @7042   12 years deelkar Adding config option to auto-clear stopfile.txt on program start and …
(edit) @7040   12 years hakan Lowzoom needs close-areas as well
(edit) @7010   12 years jonb mapnik: sync osm-template.xml with osm.xml
(edit) @7009   12 years stevechilton added overprinted forest symbol
(edit) @7008   12 years stevechilton Change to forest, golf, meadow, layered mway bridges, widen …
(edit) @6995   12 years hakan Fixed RenderFullSet? settings for default and lowzoom
(edit) @6994   12 years hakan lowzoom layer as described by 80n on 23.2.2008
(edit) @6981   12 years deelkar clarify
(edit) @6980   12 years deelkar add config option to config templates
(edit) @6979   12 years deelkar add newline
(edit) @6978   12 years deelkar upload all zips unless configured to only upload zips from layers …
(edit) @6973   12 years deelkar simplify equation
(edit) @6952   12 years rcr Oceantiles changes for Vietnam
(edit) @6944   12 years tomhughes Templateise the new tunnels layer correctly.
(edit) @6943   12 years tomhughes Sync template with latest edits.
(edit) @6942   12 years stevechilton Thinner bridge casings, thinner motorways, main tunnels moved to own …
(edit) @6941   12 years tomhughes Resync with template.
(edit) @6940   12 years tomhughes Rework railways using LineSymbolizer? with an appropriate dash pattern …
(edit) @6939   12 years bobkare Added icons for parking areas
(edit) @6938   12 years bobkare Set version to Poynton to force client updates
(edit) @6937   12 years bobkare There were some cases where smart linecaps were disabled for road …
(edit) @6936   12 years bobkare Change the pattern matching in lines2curves to match all the …
(edit) @6935   12 years bobkare Smart linecaps were drawing the end path the wrong way, causing tunnel …
(edit) @6934   12 years deelkar print the command when debug is ON
(edit) @6933   12 years deelkar add more debug infor
(edit) @6927   12 years spaetz check in patch forwarded by OJW on the mailinglist on 4 Feb. Original …
(edit) @6917   12 years rcr Add Khanda symbol for Sikh place_of_worship to Osmarender. Closes: #682
(edit) @6908   12 years jonb mapnik: Update install.txt to match the new procedure for importing …
(edit) @6907   12 years jonb Mapnik: Update osm.xml and osm-template.xml to use new coastline …
(edit) @6906   12 years jonb Mapnik: update to use spherical …
(edit) @6905   12 years jonb Mapnik: Switch osm.xml and osm-template.xml to use spherical mercator. …
(edit) @6878   12 years rcr Add rendering for amenity=toilets and tourism=information to z17
(edit) @6872   12 years jonb Add tertiary changes from osm-template.xml. Add layer extents to new …
(edit) @6871   12 years jonb Sync with osm.xml
(edit) @6863   12 years stevechilton added 7 admin_level styles on new layer, new layer for power=line
(edit) @6851   12 years ojw Add TODO list. Add a proper copyright line before the license
(edit) @6847   12 years ojw First draft of some code to make maps for wikipedia
(edit) @6846   12 years ojw new app
(edit) @6842   12 years bobkare Fix motorway junctions at z16 and z17. Closes #664
(edit) @6841   12 years bobkare Inhibit oneway markers on highway areas. Closes #650
(edit) @6840   12 years bobkare Fix bus icon displacement for z16 as well. Closes #640
(edit) @6839   12 years bobkare Draw subway tunnels on z17 too. Closes #583
(edit) @6838   12 years bobkare Make service roads narrower, for most zoom levels they are now as thin …
(edit) @6837   12 years bobkare Commited patch from schuetzm@…. Closes #645
(edit) @6822   12 years stevechilton add suburb/power=line/power=tower, change pub symbol, trams thinner …
(edit) @6821   12 years stevechilton add power_tower.png
(edit) @6813   12 years bobkare Improvements to areaCenter, now handles rectangles better. Still needs …
(edit) @6785   12 years tomhughes Add explicit rules for names on tertiary roads as the ElseFilter? rules …
(edit) @6733   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Sync with current osm.xml
(edit) @6732   12 years jonb osm.xml: Add 'extent' parameter to PostGIS data sources to avoid the …
(edit) @6731   12 years stevechilton tram thinner at 13/14, text halo for secondary names, ped bridge and …
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