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(edit) @7504   12 years deelkar fix nodownload parameter
(edit) @7503   12 years deelkar fix handling of bbox
(edit) @7494   12 years jochen Moved house number interpolation lines below other line features
(edit) @7489   12 years stevechilton aerodrome symbol
(edit) @7488   12 years jonb sync with osm.xml
(edit) @7487   12 years stevechilton Seperate style for airport and aerodrome (load pngs), correct error on …
(edit) @7486   12 years stevechilton New symbol for airport
(edit) @7485   12 years deelkar add comment and some debug output
(edit) @7484   12 years deelkar keep in sync with tah base
(edit) @7483   12 years frederik fix Irish lakes nr Crossmolina in tile index
(edit) @7481   12 years deelkar should be executable
(edit) @7480   12 years deelkar patch from Andrew McCarthy? with one minor modification
(edit) @7475   12 years deelkar be more verbose in close-areas, improve cutting process
(edit) @7472   12 years jonb sync to osm.xml
(edit) @7471   12 years jonb Mapnik style: Change rendering of one way arrows to a shape built …
(edit) @7470   12 years stevechilton Add casing to highway=construction, move stations earlier, power=tower …
(edit) @7445   12 years jochen support for house numbers on areas
(edit) @7428   12 years jochen Experimental rendering of house numbers
(edit) @7417   12 years stevechilton Transparent versions of airport and windmill PNGs
(edit) @7414   12 years deelkar accept some responsibility :)
(edit) @7392   12 years deelkar remove quiet option from optipng because it keeps quiet even in error …
(edit) @7387   12 years deelkar make cropBBox work
(edit) @7377   12 years deelkar instead of requesting lots of bboxes get one large and cut out the z+2 …
(edit) @7375   12 years deelkar make mergeOsmFiles work with XAPI files
(edit) @7372   12 years deelkar share config variable to all modules, use, modify for app::config
(edit) @7368   12 years deelkar use proper tempdir
(edit) @7361   12 years deelkar get only nodes and area type features for z12+margin
(edit) @7360   12 years deelkar add preprocessors from tah
(edit) @7359   12 years deelkar add preprocessors from tah
(edit) @7358   12 years deelkar make XAPI fetch work
(edit) @7355   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: sync to osm.xml
(edit) @7354   12 years stevechilton add bridge for light_rail, change colour of aerodrome text
(edit) @7332   12 years deelkar in-between
(edit) @7330   12 years deelkar add GenerateTileset?, modify for a *bit* more sanity, remove checks
(edit) @7329   12 years deelkar Config{Verbose} is actually known and thus doesn't need to be passed
(edit) @7328   12 years deelkar look wether revisioning works as intended
(edit) @7327   12 years deelkar create datadir
(edit) @7313   12 years deelkar add externals
(edit) @7312   12 years deelkar add a stub version of an alternate t@h client
(edit) @7292   12 years ojw Add comments and a bit of a description to each file
(edit) @7286   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Sync with osm.xml
(edit) @7285   12 years stevechilton Add airport, halt, windmill, power-wind, bridge for canal,tweak to …
(edit) @7284   12 years stevechilton Modified airport, new halt, windmill, power_wind
(edit) @7282   12 years studerap fix layer 16 problem
(edit) @7281   12 years studerap adding styles for pistes and aerialways. my first osm commit :-)
(edit) @7278   12 years ojw add animation images, and fix names with quotes in
(edit) @7277   12 years ojw Animated GIF output
(edit) @7276   12 years ojw Convert website_description:operator= to operator= + restore …
(edit) @7275   12 years ojw make an HTML file with the images on
(edit) @7274   12 years ojw outline -> white, to make it less conspicuous (removing it makes the …
(edit) @7273   12 years ojw change debug output directory name not to conflict with other tools + …
(edit) @7272   12 years ojw updates for new tagging scheme + allow size to be specified when doing SVG
(edit) @7271   12 years ojw aux lighting
(edit) @7258   12 years deelkar tell the user which optimizer is going to be used it both are …
(edit) @7257   12 years deelkar generalising output message
(edit) @7256   12 years deelkar fix optipng version check
(edit) @7255   12 years deelkar make them actually work
(edit) @7254   12 years deelkar refine config checks
(edit) @7253   12 years deelkar minor bugfix
(edit) @7252   12 years deelkar more verbose error
(edit) @7251   12 years deelkar check optipng path for existence
(edit) @7250   12 years deelkar add optipng support (configurable)
(edit) @7249   12 years ojw Fix OSM encoding needs to happen as well as html encoding…
(edit) @7248   12 years ojw Detect unlit buoys and unlit lighthouses (whatever those are) and add …
(edit) @7247   12 years ojw detect heliports, and treat them specially
(edit) @7246   12 years ojw remove unused stuff from cil importer
(edit) @7245   12 years ojw more files in progress (inc. original source KML)
(edit) @7244   12 years ojw some code, work in progress
(edit) @7235   12 years ojw space for lighthouse code
(edit) @7234   12 years ojw misc rendering stuff
(edit) @7232   12 years jonb osm.xml: Move to using coastline shapefiles directly instead of …
(edit) @7231   12 years jonb convert-template: Update to add %PREFIX%
(edit) @7230   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: Sync to latest osm.xml
(edit) @7229   12 years stevechilton change zoom for highway=construction, add text (name=) for 2 higher zooms
(edit) @7222   12 years stevechilton Tweak to motorway_junction, tweak to bring in area-text bit sooner, …
(edit) @7211   12 years cmarqu Make bus_stop icon have transparent parts. Fix by Ben Robbins, steve8 …
(edit) @7207   12 years martinvoosterhout Add support for alternate table prefixes. This is parallel to the -p …
(edit) @7206   12 years jochen Fixed SVG CSS
(edit) @7205   12 years jochen fixed wrong SVG CSS: "text-anchor: start" instead of "left"
(edit) @7201   12 years frederik added helper function to compute great circle distance between 2 points
(edit) @7197   12 years frederik fixed some warnings in or/p
(edit) @7196   12 years jonb osm.xml: Fix min/max typo
(edit) @7195   12 years jonb Sync with osm.xml
(edit) @7183   12 years frederik - made tracks a bit narrower to match service ways, on z17 as well
(edit) @7181   12 years stevechilton Added monorail, move bridges to own layer, trams to above roads
(edit) @7179   12 years deelkar don't set osmarender in user config
(edit) @7178   12 years deelkar default osmarender setting in sample configs
(edit) @7165   12 years frederik * removed all references to segments from rules files * added support …
(edit) @7164   12 years frederik bugfix for way markers
(edit) @7163   12 years stevechilton Add mway junction names, playgrounds, and darken P_of_worship fill
(edit) @7162   12 years frederik support for or/p rendering in tiles@home, use config option …
(edit) @7154   12 years frederik remove runtime warning
(edit) @7153   12 years frederik fix polygons with holes in or/p... this time for real!
(edit) @7150   12 years frederik fix tunnels
(edit) @7146   12 years frederik fix area with hole drawing
(edit) @7137   12 years frederik added support for complex text instructions in or/p
(edit) @7136   12 years frederik added external "orp" link to t@h
(edit) @7135   12 years frederik fixed text length logic for or/p, now uses 100% osmarender/xslt …
(edit) @7114   12 years frederik little code redesign and area-with-hole support for or/p
(edit) @7112   12 years frederik - made tracks a bit narrower to match service ways.
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