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(edit) @8086   11 years jonb Drop area= filter since it is redundant. The fact that these highways …
(edit) @8085   11 years jonb sync with osm.xml
(edit) @8084   11 years stevechilton Added highway=pedestrian, area=yes [for squares], and admin_level=3 at …
(edit) @8075   11 years amillar oceantiles for Lake Titicaca
(edit) @8071   11 years studerap fixed typo
(edit) @8070   11 years deelkar reset no data counter on success
(edit) @8069   11 years studerap fixed problem with aerialway struts and bezier curves
(edit) @8058   11 years studerap Disable bezier curves for buildings, powerlines and aerialways on …
(edit) @8057   11 years amillar oceantiles_12.dat for Myanmar coastline
(edit) @8054   11 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @8053   11 years studerap no bezier curves when object has no-bezier class
(edit) @8052   11 years studerap no bezier hinting tag enabled. see change in
(edit) @8051   11 years deelkar add debug info
(edit) @8050   11 years deelkar retain new version string
(edit) @8049   11 years deelkar enable serverside-controlled auto-update of client in normal, xy and …
(edit) @8048   11 years spaetz revert last change, make z6 captions show city name again
(edit) @8046   11 years spaetz lowzoom at z=6 should render country names, not cities.
(edit) @8037   11 years deelkar be more verbose and handle XAPI errors better
(edit) @8034   11 years nic Fine tune scale_max
(edit) @8030   11 years nic Fix rebuild with tens of millions of nds
(edit) @8021   11 years giggls Remove inconsistency of not rendering railway=incline in Zoom levels …
(edit) @8020   11 years amillar oceantiles fixes for Myanmar
(edit) @8017   11 years amillar Vancouver BC
(edit) @8016   11 years amillar Vancouver, BC and Strait of Georgia
(edit) @8008   11 years tomhughes Sync with template.
(edit) @8007   11 years tomhughes Support shields up to 6 characters for motorways and 8 characters for …
(edit) @8005   11 years nic Correct handling of juntion=roundabout
(edit) @8002   11 years nic Fixed routing
(edit) @8001   11 years deelkar return no error when there was nothing to upload to start with
(edit) @8000   11 years mungewell Clean up of the RelarionRoute? stuff
(edit) @7999   11 years deelkar actually use pi
(edit) @7998   11 years nic Working A* routing If no route exist, a promising route will be …
(edit) @7995   11 years deelkar patch by mungewell, fixes error about not defined
(edit) @7993   11 years deelkar be a bit more verbose about why the server refused to send work
(edit) @7991   11 years deelkar wait for upload child processes before reexec
(edit) @7990   11 years deelkar forgot to do the actual fetching
(edit) @7989   11 years deelkar hardcode predicate
(edit) @7988   11 years deelkar fall back to OSMXAPI on "no data here" errors, configurable
(edit) @7987   11 years deelkar make optipng non-optional if explicitly set in config
(edit) @7986   11 years deelkar add debug info for slice download
(edit) @7985   11 years mungewell Added the ability to render RelationRoutes?, disabled by default set …
(edit) @7982   11 years amillar Remove spaces from predicates to avoid parsing problem
(edit) @7979   11 years deelkar strip unneded spaces in predicates
(edit) @7978   11 years deelkar use full request URL in config, instead of building it in the client
(edit) @7977   11 years giggls render names of restaurants like pubnames
(edit) @7971   11 years deelkar make option list shorter
(edit) @7970   11 years deelkar fix warning about missing variables
(edit) @7968   11 years deelkar work around AppConfig? quirk with empty strings
(edit) @7967   11 years martinvoosterhout Fix for batik applied for the XSLT version.
(edit) @7966   11 years deelkar fix for Batik by Kleptog
(edit) @7965   11 years deelkar no trailing backslashes
(edit) @7964   11 years deelkar fix warning about missing variables
(edit) @7963   11 years deelkar apply patch by bobkare for showing access restrictions
(edit) @7962   11 years deelkar add preprocessor
(edit) @7960   11 years deelkar bump client version
(edit) @7959   11 years deelkar add AppConfig? to and
(edit) @7957   11 years deelkar add dummy required file
(edit) @7956   11 years deelkar fix typo (missing #)
(edit) @7955   11 years deelkar first cut at AppConfig?
(edit) @7946   11 years jonb Optimise some SQL queries to minimise data from DB. Remove some …
(edit) @7945   11 years jonb sync osm.xml to osm-template.xml
(edit) @7932   11 years frederik or/p fix for windows pathnames
(edit) @7927   11 years stevechilton Match widths of mway, trunk and primary across zooms, bring in …
(edit) @7926   11 years stevechilton Change to peak, cliff symbols, added cliff2
(edit) @7925   11 years ojw If the lat/long is not supplied, load-up the GPX file and figure it …
(edit) @7924   11 years ojw Add error messages if we get redirected back from the map page + …
(edit) @7923   11 years nic Windows (MinGW) port complete and remarkebly responsive ! WinCE progress
(edit) @7921   11 years ojw note the change of file format
(edit) @7920   11 years ojw UTF-8 for HTML generation too
(edit) @7919   11 years ojw charset
(edit) @7918   11 years ojw redirect to the list of tracks, if none was specified
(edit) @7917   11 years ojw RSS parser to display the recent tracklogs on OSM
(edit) @7916   11 years ojw viewer for the binary files
(edit) @7915   11 years ojw reduce resolution slightly, seems to help with eastern-hemisphere tracks?
(edit) @7913   11 years ojw add note about y positions not being interpolable in latitude
(edit) @7912   11 years ojw add test facility for GPX reading
(edit) @7911   11 years ojw remove the option to store positions as floating point
(edit) @7910   11 years ojw add gpl
(edit) @7909   11 years ojw header, description, and license for tile/gpx
(edit) @7908   11 years ojw remove code for interpolating positions onto a tile - not the job of …
(edit) @7907   11 years ojw add public-domain header
(edit) @7906   11 years ojw remove unused files
(edit) @7905   11 years ojw Optimisations: * store bounding box in the binary files * check …
(edit) @7904   11 years ojw First version of the GPX slippy map
(edit) @7903   11 years ojw create directory for gpx renderer
(edit) @7901   11 years nic No longer links with gpsd, but will instead get the location using …
(edit) @7896   11 years nic Changes : Support for OSM API 0.5 Rebuild larger planets with less …
(edit) @7895   11 years nic
(edit) @7891   11 years frederik fix grid
(edit) @7890   11 years giggls give amenity=shelter a more appropriate size
(edit) @7889   11 years giggls revert inadvertently change to amenity=parking
(edit) @7888   11 years giggls add rendering for amenity=shelter with and without fireplace=yes
(edit) @7871   11 years jonb sync with osm.xml
(edit) @7860   11 years giggls Allow a little bit of "overlap" between forest tiles to prevent …
(edit) @7859   11 years deelkar change order of layers
(edit) @7856   11 years stevechilton Natural=cliff, amenity=atm, and tram_stop added, and hospital as area
(edit) @7855   11 years stevechilton PNG symbols for cliff and atm
(edit) @7852   11 years giggls * Add rendering support for different types of forest/wood: …
(edit) @7851   11 years studerap changed university icon into one path
(edit) @7848   11 years stevehill Rendering rules for highway=road
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