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(edit) @9611   11 years jttt Move bus symbol from z17 rules file to external file
(edit) @9610   11 years jttt Finish support for symbolsDir
(edit) @9605   11 years nic Reduce icon clutter. Newer icon set.
(edit) @9604   11 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: NZ coastline
(edit) @9601   11 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: NZ coastline
(edit) @9591   11 years jttt Fix BatikClasspath? separator
(edit) @9586   11 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: NZ coastline
(edit) @9583   11 years rcr sea tiles NZ coastline
(edit) @9582   11 years matthiasj - moved error checking in loop modes into sub routines - don't check …
(edit) @9581   11 years matthiasj carry status information over re-exec in upload_loop mode
(edit) @9579   11 years nic cgi-bin : Output way type traveled.
(edit) @9578   11 years nic cgi-bin now classifies a node according to number of segments and …
(edit) @9576   11 years bobkare Add rendering of highway=turning_circle on …
(edit) @9575   11 years bobkare The areaBBOXCenter fallback made it easy to handle 2-node areas as …
(edit) @9574   11 years bobkare Fairly big osmarender change doing some refactoring on the rule …
(edit) @9573   11 years spaetz prepare request protocol version that delivers the tile complexity and …
(edit) @9571   11 years matthiasj - only check empty tile files when in a render mode - use …
(edit) @9560   11 years nic Output street names in CGI mode. Rebuild : Place 'ref' just after name.
(edit) @9558   11 years nic Remove some compiler warnings. Support NMEA sentences with lon > 180 …
(edit) @9557   11 years bobkare Changing oceantile entries for 2109,1191 2109,1192 and 2109,1193 from …
(edit) @9556   11 years matthiasj put request back to server when orp or xslt fail and die when there …
(edit) @9555   11 years spaetz add more comments. Do away with the conditional counting whether …
(edit) @9550   11 years spaetz 1) delete unused variable lastmsglen 2)add comments on what the …
(edit) @9549   11 years spaetz delete commented out GD dithering lines
(edit) @9548   11 years spaetz remove my old mercatorize preprocessor which was never used by anything.
(edit) @9547   11 years jttt Mention Batik agent mode in sample config files
(edit) @9546   11 years spaetz remove upload_conditional and make it an alias for upload
(edit) @9543   11 years spaetz Do away with those double compress and upload runs. Once is sufficient.
(edit) @9542   11 years jttt Add missing marker-piste-type-sled and marker-piste-type-nordic markers
(edit) @9536   11 years spaetz remove chunked uploads as the server doesn't like it anyway.
(edit) @9533   11 years spaetz remove chunked uploads as the server doesn't like it anyway.
(edit) @9529   11 years deelkar minor cosmetic changes
(edit) @9528   11 years deelkar tell server we think we cannot render this tileset
(edit) @9527   11 years frederik bugfix for close-areas coastline
(edit) @9526   11 years deelkar fix intentionally broken indentation
(edit) @9525   11 years deelkar add hash for unrenderable tiles, original patch by blarson, adapted …
(edit) @9523   11 years spaetz remove 'SingleTileset?' in, the server always only takes one …
(edit) @9519   11 years spaetz 1)do away with ModuleName?, we weren't sending any. 2)Do away with …
(edit) @9517   11 years matthiasj fix version check for pngnq, slightly modified patch from Elandrion
(edit) @9516   11 years deelkar add warnings to config example files
(edit) @9515   11 years jttt Fix bug slowing down orp
(edit) @9514   11 years frederik no usernames
(edit) @9513   11 years deelkar don't fall into update-loop when update fails
(edit) @9512   11 years deelkar set default to delete zips after upload
(edit) @9510   11 years matthiasj make client send a client ID when requesting a job, putting it back or …
(edit) @9507   11 years deelkar HOTFIX: comment out very annoying debug message for collision
(edit) @9506   11 years deelkar HOTFIX: comment out very annoying debug message for proximity filter
(edit) @9505   11 years spaetz new client version name... TADA... Rapperswil.
(edit) @9504   11 years deelkar make this a fatal error as auto-updating will not work reliably
(edit) @9503   11 years deelkar make update check svn status and only then update local version
(edit) @9501   11 years deelkar modify svn:ignore
(edit) @9500   11 years deelkar modify svn:ignore
(edit) @9493   11 years hakan Auto-update the client even when in pure upload mode
(edit) @9492   11 years schuetzm disabled annoying debug message "object added in class ..."
(edit) @9489   11 years jttt Fix SplitImageX:BlackTile encountered error for batik in agent mode
(edit) @9488   11 years jttt Fix SplitImageX:BlackTile encountered error for batik in agent mode
(edit) @9487   11 years jttt Fix SplitImageX:BlackTile encountered error for batik in agent mode
(edit) @9484   11 years spaetz make HTTP POST work for real
(edit) @9481   11 years frederik added proximity filter support
(edit) @9480   11 years frederik nicer error message when no parameters given with xy
(edit) @9448   11 years jonb Move text for amenity=place_of_worship to dy=10 to make it render
(edit) @9446   11 years jonb sync osm-template.xml with osm.xml r9443
(edit) @9445   11 years jonb Set mime-type to image/png on all Mapnik PNG symbols
(edit) @9443   11 years stevechilton Change place_of_worship to rectangle (new PNG). Specific types will follow
(edit) @9442   11 years stevechilton New place_of_worship PNG
(edit) @9431   11 years deelkar previous commit was a patch from juebuchner, not my own work, this one …
(edit) @9430   11 years deelkar add inkscape locale fix for windows, may be useful for linux, too?
(edit) @9429   11 years matthiasj correct error message when server is not responding at version check
(edit) @9424   11 years ritzert The new mod_tah is stricter about the request URI.
(edit) @9423   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed date string for log
(edit) @9422   11 years Dirk Stoecker only test version, when actually read from server
(edit) @9419   11 years nic Workaround for bug
(edit) @9414   11 years deelkar remove XAPI fallback from tilesAtHome.conf-templates
(edit) @9413   11 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @9412   11 years deelkar use POST for client talkback
(edit) @9411   11 years deelkar make the client put abort info in appropriate fields
(edit) @9410   11 years spaetz use separate client feedback API which resets all active requests
(edit) @9408   11 years frederik removed Preprocessor line for POI layer
(edit) @9398   11 years frederik - removed username rendering on Osmarender z17, removed all …
(edit) @9381   11 years deelkar change default osmarender processor back to or/p
(edit) @9373   11 years jonb osm-template: Update shields to use fontset (needs latest Mapnik SVN)
(edit) @9372   11 years frederik improved to emit proper multipolygons, thus fixing or/p …
(edit) @9352   11 years jonb osm-template-fontset.xml: sync with current osm-template.xml
(edit) @9351   11 years jonb mapnik: add a template with unicode fontset as fallback. Not …
(edit) @9340   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: added zurich_google osm file, now an svg symbol …
(edit) @9331   11 years isortega Typo (missing parenthesis) in WMS
(edit) @9330   11 years isortega WMS now features basic osmarender support (only z17), as well as more bugs.
(edit) @9317   11 years jonb osm-template.xml: syn to osm.xml r9314
(edit) @9314   11 years stevechilton Add tunnel for narrow-gauge, add cable_car and chair_lift
(edit) @9313   11 years stevechilton png symbols for cable_car and chair_lift
(edit) @9303   11 years giggls correct typo "bicyle" instead of bicycle as intended
(edit) @9296   11 years matthiasj render most railways before highways
(edit) @9284   11 years matthiasj don't try to use a pngnq version below 0.5 since 0.4 doesn't know …
(edit) @9283   11 years matthiasj move check for zip into CheckBasicConfig?()
(edit) @9282   11 years nic Roundabouts should now be verbalized correctly.
(edit) @9280   11 years nic WinCE: Utter commands "turnleft/right", "keepleft/right", "stop" and …
(edit) @9275   11 years deelkar Change from 64 to 256 color palette
(edit) @9271   11 years bobkare Farms now rendered on top of wood. Fixes #1006
(edit) @9268   11 years deelkar switch off XAPI fallback default
(edit) @9264   11 years nic WinCE : Better fullscreen Experimental verbal commands
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