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(edit) @5738   12 years ojw Make waypoints a plugin, same as RSS etc. Rename plugins to 'poi' …
(edit) @5721   12 years ojw Move the map tile code into its own module Add headers and usage …
(edit) @5698   12 years ojw Some more stuff going into a base class (so e.g. …
(edit) @5678   12 years ojw initial test of a base-class to simplify stuff like getting data or …
(edit) @5671   12 years ojw download on request
(edit) @5657   12 years ojw default not centred
(edit) @5627   12 years ojw some bugfixes on the interaction between auto-centred mode and "set …
(edit) @5626   12 years ojw fix the zoom direction
(edit) @5625   12 years ojw Click menu, allows setting own position, as well as routing
(edit) @5577   12 years ojw First draft of choosing different tile zoom levels
(edit) @5576   12 years ojw allow changing of scale while in position-follow mode
(edit) @5575   12 years ojw remove debugging "continuously print position to console"
(edit) @5574   12 years ojw return the current position as a hash instead of an array, so that …
(edit) @5513   12 years ojw looking at gpsd, still not easy to test on desktop pc
(edit) @5512   12 years ojw Zoom on the map, by dragging left/right at the top of the screen
(edit) @5498   12 years ojw reading geonames (gets XML from a file at the moment, instead of …
(edit) @5495   12 years ojw Changes from the weekend
(edit) @5389   12 years ojw Don't centre on current position until it gets towards the edge of the …
(edit) @5362   12 years ojw only update start point to be current position when the end position …
(edit) @5361   12 years ojw when searching nodes, specify our transport, so we can look for nearby …
(edit) @5357   12 years ojw some tests with continually updating position (unstable version)
(edit) @5356   12 years ojw Click to select end-point for route
(edit) @5330   12 years ojw centre on start node + update on drag
(edit) @5317   12 years ojw Update bounding box (and hence, displayed images) when the map is moved
(edit) @5316   12 years ojw Some work on loading images from the network (still not usable as a …
(edit) @5312   12 years ojw Update for different methods of transport
(edit) @5306   12 years ojw Example of routing in the GUI (fixed nodes for now)
(edit) @5303   12 years ojw Pan
(edit) @5302   12 years ojw vous avez une carte
(add) @5301   12 years ojw First draft of outline GUI
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