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(edit) @5626   7 years ojw fix the zoom direction
(edit) @5625   7 years ojw Click menu, allows setting own position, as well as routing
(edit) @5615   7 years ojw menu for clicking on the screen (instead of assuming you want to route …
(edit) @5577   7 years ojw First draft of choosing different tile zoom levels
(edit) @5576   7 years ojw allow changing of scale while in position-follow mode
(edit) @5575   7 years ojw remove debugging "continuously print position to console"
(edit) @5574   7 years ojw return the current position as a hash instead of an array, so that things …
(edit) @5573   7 years ojw different regexp for detecting lat.lon in P= (now: regexp finds the whole …
(edit) @5572   7 years ojw Fix return values (should be (valid,lat,lon))
(edit) @5571   7 years ojw gpsd integration
(edit) @5514   7 years ojw the tutorial says... (untested)
(edit) @5513   7 years ojw looking at gpsd, still not easy to test on desktop pc
(edit) @5512   7 years ojw Zoom on the map, by dragging left/right at the top of the screen
(edit) @5504   7 years ojw storage of status, and action-handling
(edit) @5503   7 years ojw the menu system
(edit) @5502   7 years ojw forgot to add projection code
(edit) @5498   7 years ojw reading geonames (gets XML from a file at the moment, instead of …
(edit) @5497   7 years ojw people might need this file to get gui running - just a list of geoRSS …
(edit) @5496   7 years ojw Add icons
(edit) @5495   7 years ojw Changes from the weekend
(edit) @5392   7 years ojw Weightings are now added to the routing table, which (a) means its …
(edit) @5391   7 years ojw Store weighting information for each routeable segment
(edit) @5390   7 years ojw testing methods of specifying weightings - first try is to put them in …
(edit) @5389   7 years ojw Don't centre on current position until it gets towards the edge of the …
(edit) @5388   7 years ojw Add copy of license
(edit) @5384   7 years ojw thingy to simulate having a GPS available
(edit) @5375   7 years ojw Different way of deciding where the cache will be and whether to use it …
(edit) @5374   7 years ojw Trying a method of caching route data
(edit) @5362   7 years ojw only update start point to be current position when the end position is …
(edit) @5361   7 years ojw when searching nodes, specify our transport, so we can look for nearby …
(edit) @5360   7 years ojw Search just for objects that can be routed from
(edit) @5359   7 years ojw replayer for tracklogs
(edit) @5358   7 years ojw Proper warning if start/end not found
(edit) @5357   7 years ojw some tests with continually updating position (unstable version)
(edit) @5356   7 years ojw Click to select end-point for route
(edit) @5355   7 years ojw fiddle with max limit
(edit) @5354   7 years ojw Finding a node by lat/lon (TODO: find nearest node that has routes for a …
(edit) @5330   7 years ojw centre on start node + update on drag
(edit) @5317   7 years ojw Update bounding box (and hence, displayed images) when the map is moved
(edit) @5316   7 years ojw Some work on loading images from the network (still not usable as a …
(edit) @5315   7 years ojw Python library for slippy-map tilenames
(edit) @5314   7 years ojw Description of what all the files are
(edit) @5313   7 years ojw 'Equivalent tags' to make it easier to deal with trunk, primary, …
(edit) @5312   7 years ojw Update for different methods of transport
(edit) @5311   7 years ojw Specify the form of transport (cycle, car, foot, horse, etc) when asking …
(edit) @5310   7 years ojw Allow richer data to be stored in connections. First step: generalise …
(edit) @5309   7 years ojw Module to do routing, and return the results as a GPX file
(edit) @5308   7 years ojw Module for doing routing, and formatting the output as an OSM XML file
(edit) @5307   7 years ojw Neater way of initialising the hash (when adding potential routes to the …
(edit) @5306   7 years ojw Example of routing in the GUI (fixed nodes for now)
(edit) @5305   7 years ojw Fix changelog to indicate this was copy-pasted from pyroute, not created
(edit) @5304   7 years ojw Put all the routing code into its own module you can pass an osm data …
(edit) @5303   7 years ojw Pan
(edit) @5302   7 years ojw vous avez une carte
(edit) @5301   7 years ojw First draft of outline GUI
(edit) @5300   7 years ojw Clean-up the interface
(edit) @5299   7 years ojw Move the "load" command into separate file
(edit) @5295   7 years ojw Centre the image better + fiddle with default scale + better message if it …
(edit) @5294   7 years ojw Actually, if KeyError? is raised, we don't need to be told a second time …
(edit) @5293   7 years ojw Fix the string/integer faff when the route is displayed
(edit) @5292   7 years ojw Fix the naming scheme - "nodes" are actual nodes, while "waynodes" are …
(edit) @5291   7 years ojw First version of a routing program in python
(add) @5290   7 years ojw a routing program. in python. hence pyroute
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