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(edit) @8127   12 years ojw testing persistant data on the server with a simple pickled hash
(edit) @8122   12 years ojw for now, use a fixed filename for the route (though browser cache will …
(edit) @8121   12 years ojw don't display nonexistant route files
(edit) @8120   12 years ojw CSV output (id,lat,lon on each line)
(edit) @8119   12 years ojw create routes as CSV files + add tile images for displaying routes
(edit) @8118   12 years ojw remove xml dependancy
(edit) @8117   12 years ojw generate tile images of a route
(edit) @8116   12 years ojw outline code for doing transparent tile overlays
(edit) @8115   12 years ojw add outline support for serving routes on web interface
(edit) @8114   12 years ojw move weighting to a module
(edit) @8113   12 years ojw limit the route to just start/end for now + add button to send it to a …
(edit) @8108   12 years ojw start listing those points
(edit) @8098   12 years ojw make points on map
(edit) @8082   12 years ojw interface design for controlling pyroute while it's attached to your PC
(edit) @8081   12 years ojw outline of some code to write
(edit) @8080   12 years ojw mkdir
(edit) @8032   12 years ojw update header
(edit) @8031   12 years ojw minor updates
(edit) @8029   12 years ojw wrapper for the routing module, which outputs as GPX (either as a …
(edit) @8028   12 years ojw updated routing module to use the tile data system
(edit) @8027   12 years ojw store lat/lon internally?
(edit) @8026   12 years ojw only download each tile once
(edit) @8025   12 years ojw some more routing-only optimisations, plus 'search nearest route …
(edit) @8024   12 years ojw filter by transport type at load-time
(edit) @8023   12 years ojw data supply for a new version of pyroute library
(edit) @8022   12 years ojw mkdir
(edit) @6828   13 years ojw tab -> space
(edit) @6827   13 years ojw lindi's patch to ignore undefined nodes
(edit) @6048   13 years ojw Read binary routing file
(edit) @6039   13 years ojw nasty key errors, I assume because of incomplete data but need to check
(edit) @6038   13 years ojw more binary file stuff
(edit) @6021   13 years ojw First steps towards some binary file
(edit) @6020   13 years ojw Move some binary encoding stuff into library
(edit) @6019   13 years ojw remove test function (workaround for the weird way that loadOsm …
(edit) @6018   13 years ojw "report" returns string, doesnt' print
(edit) @6017   13 years ojw return to map after downloading
(edit) @6016   13 years ojw Fix download - make it around ownpos, not around london!
(edit) @6009   13 years ojw GUI changes to download page layout (still not operational)
(edit) @6001   13 years ojw move OSM data into module
(edit) @6000   13 years ojw Move "load modules", "default data" and "real data" into separate …
(edit) @5998   13 years ojw storing nodes in ways. bit more detection of volatile values
(edit) @5996   13 years ojw looking at OSM file compresion
(edit) @5984   13 years ojw change debug text
(edit) @5982   13 years ojw remove debug text
(edit) @5947   13 years ojw "meta" menu, will list all the modules in use, and allow each one to …
(edit) @5943   13 years ojw The lists are now generic, so that things other than POIs can be displayed
(edit) @5942   13 years ojw replace those horrible "degrees" (especially the negative ones) with …
(edit) @5941   13 years ojw Base class for things that can be listed
(edit) @5940   13 years ojw Start refactoring the list viewer, so that it's not limited to POIs + …
(edit) @5939   13 years ojw allow brightness control (not that it should be needed on mobile …
(edit) @5914   13 years ojw multi-part filters (e.g. amenity=pub;food=yes)
(edit) @5913   13 years ojw more filters
(edit) @5912   13 years ojw group filters
(edit) @5911   13 years ojw group filters
(edit) @5908   13 years ojw test sorting
(edit) @5898   13 years ojw Move zoom icons back to main page, with transparent icons
(edit) @5894   13 years ojw save tracklogs
(edit) @5893   13 years ojw POI menu, allows browsing OSM POIs
(edit) @5892   13 years ojw Apparently colorsys isn't available on lots of places (e.g. openmoko), …
(edit) @5891   13 years ojw timer for loading osm data
(edit) @5890   13 years ojw idea for more zoom buttons (smaller copy, on main map)
(edit) @5889   13 years ojw Fix "doesn't refresh after download" (I think)
(edit) @5888   13 years ojw allow POI modules to turn-off drawing of their waypoints + link OSM …
(edit) @5887   13 years ojw Module that will load OSM points of interest. "find nearest pub that …
(edit) @5886   13 years ojw option to stop poi modules from drawing their layers
(edit) @5885   13 years ojw fix wrong "if" statement
(edit) @5884   13 years ojw Checks for OSM file already existing
(edit) @5883   13 years ojw try to load most recently used OSM data file on startup
(edit) @5876   13 years ojw Make zoom in/out buttons the right way around
(edit) @5875   13 years ojw Generalise checkbox code
(edit) @5874   13 years ojw Remove zoom buttons from main screen (since they're guaranteed to …
(edit) @5866   13 years ojw make the "download" button work again (even though all of the new …
(edit) @5865   13 years ojw idea for a download menu
(edit) @5864   13 years ojw test for gps "select source" menu
(edit) @5863   13 years ojw icons for selecting things
(edit) @5862   13 years ojw Icons for selecting things
(edit) @5859   13 years ojw rename "mod_*" to "poi_*"
(edit) @5858   13 years ojw testing some rotated-screen stuff
(edit) @5857   13 years ojw idea for showing hints on startup
(edit) @5856   13 years ojw hint icon, for overlaying on map
(edit) @5855   13 years ojw hint icon
(edit) @5854   13 years ojw remove the "special-case" main menu button
(edit) @5853   13 years ojw Use tickmarks instead of circles to show the 3 transparent buttons …
(edit) @5852   13 years ojw Now that the zoom control is just buttons (zoom in/out), then mark …
(edit) @5851   13 years ojw tidy up
(edit) @5850   13 years ojw convert to an "integer zoom level" (so zooming isn't continuous, but …
(edit) @5832   13 years ojw Allow recording of tracklogs
(edit) @5831   13 years ojw Move GPX loading function into GPX library + use it to load sketch …
(edit) @5830   13 years ojw Load and display GPX tracklogs
(edit) @5819   13 years ojw Save sketch files as GPX
(edit) @5793   13 years ojw colour menu for sketch
(edit) @5792   13 years ojw change colours for sketch
(edit) @5791   13 years ojw Sketch onto geographic coordinates not screen ones
(edit) @5786   13 years ojw basics of sketch mode
(edit) @5785   13 years ojw basics of sketch mode
(edit) @5784   13 years ojw sketch mode
(edit) @5783   13 years ojw Different way of writing else
(edit) @5782   13 years ojw Generic icon if none supplied
(edit) @5781   13 years ojw Fix "can't download" bug
(edit) @5767   13 years ojw add support for openaerialmap (satellite photos) even though they're …
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