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(edit) @4218   13 years joerg add rail_preserved Icons from mapnik dir
(edit) @4217   13 years joerg dd shilds for shield symbolizer
(edit) @4185   13 years joerg remove automatically created icons
(edit) @4169   13 years joerg remove those icons which where created with convert. Since they will …
(edit) @4127   13 years joerg make path for restrictions parking shorter. Tshi way packaging has …
(edit) @3815   13 years joerg remove bad looking icons
(edit) @3808   13 years joerg revert to better version
(edit) @3733   13 years joerg update tn, remove power from places, update icons.xml (reinsert …
(edit) @3727   13 years joerg move landmarks from places to misc
(edit) @3711   13 years joerg reduce size of cemetery
(edit) @3710   13 years joerg remove misspelled cemetary
(edit) @3707   13 years joerg remove old roundabout images
(edit) @3706   13 years joerg add thumbnails and some leftover icons
(edit) @3704   13 years joerg move roundabout to restrictions and autoconvert vehicle section
(edit) @3703   13 years joerg auto convert transport section
(edit) @3702   13 years joerg autoconvert icons from svg --> classic --> square
(edit) @3700   13 years joerg convert from classic to square reduce size from big to small
(edit) @3699   13 years joerg auto convert in size and from classic to square
(edit) @3698   13 years joerg convert in size
(edit) @3683   13 years ulf move museum from recreation to sightseeing
(edit) @3682   13 years ulf ruin -> ruins, as used in osm
(edit) @3681   13 years ulf beergarden -> biergarten, as used in osm
(edit) @3673   13 years ulf use gravestone instead of crosses, it's more generic
(edit) @3672   13 years ulf renamed cemetary -> cemetery
(edit) @3671   13 years ulf renamed toilet -> toilets (same for restarea-toilet)
(edit) @3668   13 years joerg update religion icons
(edit) @3666   13 years ulf remaining icons from mappaint
(edit) @3665   13 years ulf merge some more icons from mappaint
(edit) @3664   13 years ulf first round of merging mappaint icons into classic.small theme
(edit) @3661   13 years joerg add more icons add option -r to update-icons to show restricted icons too
(edit) @3658   13 years ulf remove "bad pixels"
(edit) @3649   13 years ulf add scaled down versions for square.small icons
(edit) @3647   13 years ulf an idea to differentiate the religions by (mostly) arbitrary colours
(edit) @3645   13 years ulf "merge" icons from mappaint work into the dirs
(edit) @3585   13 years joerg resize some icons and resort
(edit) @3552   13 years joerg remove moved icons
(edit) @3551   13 years joerg more moving and shiting and renameing of icons
(edit) @3506   13 years joerg icons for primary school
(edit) @3488   13 years joerg and more icons in the people section
(edit) @3486   13 years joerg more icons and a little bit cleanup
(add) @3464   13 years joerg the new classic.small starter set
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