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(edit) @17471   10 years joerg use new svn_ changelog utility
(edit) @16669   10 years joerg Minor cosmetic
(edit) @14740   11 years joerg Seperate the html and other info Files into a new package …
(edit) @14739   11 years joerg Create a mini icon set for embended systems too
(edit) @14168   11 years joerg only clean if told; cleanup build structure;also copy icons.xml …
(edit) @12642   11 years joerg clearn before build; be less verbose while creating icons
(edit) @11689   11 years joerg map-icons:replace singe shell calls with cmake mechanism(at least …
(edit) @11612   11 years joerg map-icons: replace with a …
(edit) @11607   11 years joerg map-icons/tools: move all scripts into there own tools directory
(edit) @11145   11 years joerg map-icons: tn is now called _png
(edit) @8311   11 years joerg the build target was no triggered after dh_clean, so most icons where …
(edit) @8304   11 years joerg add command; start scripts with interpreter prepended
(edit) @7715   12 years joerg map-icons/debian/: do not always replace Version number
(edit) @7714   12 years joerg map-icons/debian/: reorganise icons to have one package for each theme
(edit) @7713   12 years joerg map-icons/debian/rules: remove build/* before starting; manipulate …
(edit) @7709   12 years joerg Create build directory if necessary
(edit) @7101   12 years joerg map-icons/debian/rules: add creation of geoinfo-db to debian package
(edit) @6505   12 years joerg map-icons: rename thumbnail directories to _png
(edit) @6401   12 years joerg map-icons/debian: move icons to folder /usr/share/icons/map-icons
(edit) @4180   12 years joerg separate createion ov html files and creation of thumbnails out from …
(edit) @4160   12 years joerg start with a clean build directory
(edit) @3983   12 years joerg split openstreetmap-icons int a restricted and a non-restricted Version
(edit) @3945   12 years joerg rename package to have full openstreetmap in name
(edit) @3921   12 years joerg remove -s since it has no effect
(edit) @3907   12 years joerg make the revision change automagically
(add) @3904   12 years joerg initial seperate building rule for debian package for map-icons
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