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(edit) @17753   11 years joerg Update changelog
(edit) @16663   11 years joerg New changelog from svn
(edit) @13365   11 years joerg New veriosn of Changelog
(edit) @12630   11 years joerg Use Java6 as default;also allow openjdk for java;Update changelog;
(edit) @12480   11 years joerg Change mail format in changelog to avoid spamming
(edit) @11489   12 years joerg update to newer version of changelog
(edit) @10034   12 years joerg change to new mail-addresses for changelog
(edit) @9174   12 years joerg utils/debian/changelog: AUtomatic Update
(edit) @8159   12 years joerg use 0 instead of 0{@{}}, since it is deprecated in newer perl
(edit) @7596   12 years joerg applications/utils/ use the directory …
(edit) @7595   12 years joerg comment out creation of users, because it might break the system
(edit) @7594   12 years joerg applications/utils/debian: do not override svnrevision in changelog
(edit) @7593   12 years joerg export/osm2pgsql/ go to right directory for …
(edit) @7590   12 years joerg applications/utils/debian/changelog: Adapt revision Numbers
(edit) @7573   12 years joerg applications/utils: Automatically created Changelog
(edit) @7221   12 years joerg applications/utils/debian: add some more package dependencies, sort …
(edit) @5037   13 years joerg osmtrackfilter: reduce memory usage by only reading the needed parts …
(edit) @5005   13 years joerg osmtrackfilter/track2osm: first adaption in direction API 0.5
(edit) @4581   13 years joerg add osmosis to utils package
(edit) @4516   13 years joerg debian package utils: add osm- to all scripts which have not already …
(edit) @4309   13 years joerg revert wron checkin's these would have to be to the openstreetmap-josm …
(edit) @4275   13 years joerg update dependencies expand starting script add default settings exit …
(edit) @4260   13 years joerg 1st try for a debian package
(edit) @4124   13 years joerg remove outdated adapt openstreetmap-utils to have some …
(edit) @3944   13 years joerg add perl manpages if i can extract them with perldoc
(edit) @3943   13 years joerg misspelled quoting
(add) @3942   13 years joerg Files to build a debian Package openstreetmap-utils
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