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(edit) @25360   9 years joerg Add more alternatives for the jdk to use
(edit) @17753   11 years joerg Update changelog
(edit) @17619   11 years joerg remove ../lib from creation, correct error in dependency
(edit) @17618   11 years joerg remove ../lib from creation
(edit) @16665   11 years joerg No Makefile --> no Make distclean
(edit) @16663   11 years joerg New changelog from svn
(edit) @16527   11 years joerg Some xml lib is missing; i cannot find
(edit) @15114   11 years joerg another try to exclude the systems /bin/test
(edit) @15079   11 years joerg Ignored 'planet.osm/C/' because it does not compile on my debian …
(edit) @14812   11 years joerg Ignore if buildlog is not existing
(edit) @14362   11 years joerg Exclude the corresponding gpsdrive Package. They contain similar …
(edit) @14199   11 years joerg Add parralell compile supprt to package
(edit) @14193   11 years joerg use make -j4 for faster compile
(edit) @14188   11 years joerg Split openstreetmap-utils package into -lib -export -import -filter
(edit) @14187   11 years joerg Split openstreetmap-utils package into -lib -export -import -filter
(edit) @14181   11 years joerg remove osmosis completeley from utils package(it already has it's own …
(edit) @14177   11 years joerg Add cmake based sources too(osm2poidb)
(edit) @14038   11 years joerg See if we have automake and call ./configure to create a Makefile
(edit) @14032   11 years joerg Add build dependency libfcgi-dev for export/cgimap/fcgiapp.h
(edit) @14013   11 years joerg Disable osmosis in debuild , since it got it's own debian Package
(edit) @13614   12 years joerg Maybe this method of removing files inside a debuild is less error prone
(edit) @13583   12 years joerg ignore error if no osmosis.jar exist beforehand
(edit) @13581   12 years joerg Improved Error Handling
(edit) @13379   12 years joerg correct wrong newline
(edit) @13378   12 years joerg Adapt to new compile place
(edit) @13372   12 years joerg create subdif for osmosis; use symlink for osmosis binary, use …
(edit) @13368   12 years joerg correct destination path of osmosis/dist/result/osmosis.jar; be more …
(edit) @13367   12 years joerg start compiling Geo-OSM-MapFeatures?; add more verbose output in case …
(edit) @13365   12 years joerg New veriosn of Changelog
(edit) @13364   12 years joerg Only do cleanup once
(edit) @13360   12 years joerg only do cleanup if told so
(edit) @13359   12 years joerg use bash if we use bash commands
(edit) @13358   12 years joerg remove blank first line to rerecognize the interpreter
(edit) @12920   12 years joerg do not try to compile libimg on debian64, add hint where to find …
(edit) @12646   12 years joerg Add error messages if compile fails
(edit) @12630   12 years joerg Use Java6 as default;also allow openjdk for java;Update changelog;
(edit) @12629   12 years joerg get svnrevision the new way
(edit) @12504   12 years joerg remove unneeded libgnu-regexp-java from build dependency
(edit) @12496   12 years joerg Add ant to compile the java stuff
(edit) @12495   12 years joerg Exclude stuff not compiling under amd64
(edit) @12492   12 years joerg add ant as build dependency
(edit) @12481   12 years joerg utils/debian/debian/ Add more things we build; …
(edit) @12480   12 years joerg Change mail format in changelog to avoid spamming
(edit) @11489   12 years joerg update to newer version of changelog
(edit) @10035   12 years joerg missing , in debian/control leads to not using all dependencies
(edit) @10034   12 years joerg change to new mail-addresses for changelog
(edit) @9175   12 years joerg utils.deb package conficts with the standard debian packages for …
(edit) @9174   12 years joerg utils/debian/changelog: AUtomatic Update
(edit) @8291   12 years joerg remove hack which adds poi to
(edit) @8289   12 years joerg reactivate cpiling of osm2pgsql
(edit) @8159   12 years joerg use 0 instead of 0{@{}}, since it is deprecated in newer perl
(edit) @8155   12 years joerg Removing osm2pqsql from debian package, since it no longer compiles on …
(edit) @7596   12 years joerg applications/utils/ use the directory …
(edit) @7595   12 years joerg comment out creation of users, because it might break the system
(edit) @7594   12 years joerg applications/utils/debian: do not override svnrevision in changelog
(edit) @7593   12 years joerg export/osm2pgsql/ go to right directory for …
(edit) @7591   12 years joerg mapnik move to /usr/share/openstreetmap-utils for …
(edit) @7590   12 years joerg applications/utils/debian/changelog: Adapt revision Numbers
(edit) @7573   12 years joerg applications/utils: Automatically created Changelog
(edit) @7572   12 years joerg utils/debian/ add new File for …
(edit) @7221   12 years joerg applications/utils/debian: add some more package dependencies, sort …
(edit) @6097   13 years joerg utils/debian/control: add gpsbabel to dependencies
(edit) @5919   13 years joerg utils/debian: Add more build dependencies
(edit) @5918   13 years joerg utils/debian: since the compiled Versions are system dependent, we …
(edit) @5917   13 years joerg utils/debian: Add postgresqlclient dependency
(edit) @5593   13 years joerg correct command line parsing
(edit) @5477   13 years joerg utils/debian:Add perl dependency
(edit) @5118   13 years joerg utils/debian/control: Add dependency file::Slurp
(edit) @5037   13 years joerg osmtrackfilter: reduce memory usage by only reading the needed parts …
(edit) @5005   13 years joerg osmtrackfilter/track2osm: first adaption in direction API 0.5
(edit) @5003   13 years joerg utils/debian: move file mapnik-osm-updater
(edit) @4968   13 years joerg applications/utils/debian: adapt filename renaming for mapnik updater
(edit) @4581   13 years joerg add osmosis to utils package
(edit) @4516   13 years joerg debian package utils: add osm- to all scripts which have not already …
(edit) @4309   13 years joerg revert wron checkin's these would have to be to the openstreetmap-josm …
(edit) @4275   13 years joerg update dependencies expand starting script add default settings exit …
(edit) @4260   13 years joerg 1st try for a debian package
(edit) @4124   13 years joerg remove outdated adapt openstreetmap-utils to have some …
(edit) @3944   13 years joerg add perl manpages if i can extract them with perldoc
(edit) @3943   13 years joerg misspelled quoting
(add) @3942   13 years joerg Files to build a debian Package openstreetmap-utils
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