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(edit) @18333   10 years milovanderlinden Message strings and Dutch translation FINISHED
(edit) @18332   10 years milovanderlinden Suppress warnings if localization does not exist
(edit) @18331   10 years milovanderlinden Inline comment and function comment added
(edit) @18330   10 years milovanderlinden Added localization functions
(edit) @18324   10 years milovanderlinden Added my own images (public domain) and svg's to avoid copyright issues
(edit) @18323   10 years milovanderlinden Changed readme.txt and wrapped $_GET to prevent sql injection
(edit) @18322   10 years milovanderlinden Changed baseUrl to relative url for the download.php file
(edit) @18319   10 years rubke
(edit) @18318   10 years rubke converted to unix format
(edit) @18317   10 years rubke release 0.2
(edit) @18316   10 years jonb Add double quotes around the column name when performing lookup …
(edit) @18313   10 years milovanderlinden Small textual correction
(edit) @18311   10 years milovanderlinden Initial import of the poiexport PHP application
(edit) @18310   10 years milovanderlinden Add poiexport to the repository
(edit) @18309   10 years twain gazetteer diff updates
(edit) @18308   10 years twain code cleanup and support for diff updates
(edit) @18167   10 years frederik fix error message
(edit) @18009   10 years jonb osm2pgsql: Split very long ways into multiple segments. Mapnik has …
(edit) @18001   10 years jonb Apply fix from Milo to display projection information when executed …
(edit) @17981   10 years jonb Update projection strings to match proj-4.7.1 definitions.
(edit) @17947   10 years jonb Cascade node changes all the way through to relations. Previously a …
(edit) @17917   10 years petdr Display cycle network nodes using a manmade POI. …
(edit) @17916   10 years petdr Move cyclemap.typ to cyclemap.TYP as the wiki page says to rename this …
(edit) @17752   10 years joerg Add option for planet-dir
(edit) @17671   10 years twain Missed out the readme file
(edit) @17669   10 years twain missed table name change
(edit) @17668   10 years twain Refactored website (php), minor indexing changes, documentation
(edit) @17459   10 years ldp Add operator for nodes,ways
(edit) @17456   10 years jonb Disable add_parking_node() in osm2pgsql since the current osm.xml …
(edit) @17424   10 years tomhughes Fix buffer overflow.
(edit) @17326   10 years jonb Update osm2pgsql version to 0.67, the previous change to …
(edit) @17325   10 years jonb Use fixed point storage for node positions in planet_osm_nodes. This …
(edit) @17214   10 years dmarinus add documentation
(edit) @16911   10 years twain add script to show how an address was constructed
(edit) @16715   10 years guenther - code optimization and bugfixes (patch by Alfredo Tupone)
(edit) @16573   10 years avar If this parser parses a style file with more than MAX_STYLES it'll …
(edit) @16498   10 years twain extra chars in postgresql transliteration function introduces ranked …
(edit) @16380   10 years twain Addition of support for Karlsruhe schema / house numbers Various minor …
(edit) @16365   10 years richard New version of cyclemap for Garmins
(edit) @16258   10 years twain New version of gazetteer, performance and scaleing updates
(edit) @16031   10 years dmarinus initial version
(edit) @15538   11 years twain Misc missing characters
(edit) @15536   11 years twain Added Hangul Syllables to transliteration table
(edit) @15460   11 years twain correct escape sequence
(edit) @15325   11 years twain correct spelling of gazatteer folder
(edit) @15323   11 years twain adding multi-language support and relations
(edit) @15176   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: consider area key as indicating a polygon. This fixes some …
(edit) @15173   11 years joerg ubuntu-hardy has older debhelper
(edit) @15172   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: Still allow multipolygons to inherit tags from the outer …
(edit) @15134   11 years zere Added a cache of changesets/users so that no joins to the changesets …
(edit) @15131   11 years jonb Update osm2pgsql to ignore <changeset> elements
(edit) @15119   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: prevent route relation name from getting into the name …
(edit) @15118   11 years jonb osm2pgsql 0.66: Allow final mod & output steps to run in parallel. …
(edit) @14997   11 years jonb Fix polygon ring directions using geos normalize()
(edit) @14977   11 years zere Ported cgimap to API 0.6 and postgres backend. Bumped version to 0.0.2.
(edit) @14965   11 years frederik Make sure that osm2pgsql does not attempt to append data to a table …
(edit) @14863   11 years jonb fix projection help output. osm2pgsql option for old-style mrecator is -M
(edit) @14847   11 years zere Fixed bug in bzip handling near end-of-file, plus better error reporting.
(edit) @14846   11 years zere Fixed compiler warnings about unused parameters.
(edit) @14843   11 years tomhughes Initial work on generating a gazetteer database.
(edit) @14842   11 years zere Changed terminology for choosable backend.
(edit) @14841   11 years zere Use bzip2 interface directly, rather than through the zlib …
(edit) @14703   11 years stevechilton service added for parking_aisle
(edit) @14211   11 years guenther - changed path for geoinfo.db in
(edit) @14209   11 years guenther - increased interval of output in osm2poidb
(edit) @14207   11 years joerg use new name osm2poidb for gpsdrive-update-osm-poi-db; more tests if …
(edit) @14184   11 years guenther - added more indices to database created by osm2poidb
(edit) @14178   11 years guenther - small bugfix for osm2poidb
(edit) @14173   11 years guenther - added tool to create sqlite poi database from osm xml
(edit) @14072   11 years frederik simple stand-alone debian packaging for osm2pgsql
(edit) @14039   11 years guenther - updated mapnik-osm-updater script for new gpsdrive poi database
(edit) @14035   11 years zere Attempting to add an autotools build system for CGImap.
(edit) @14031   11 years joerg Adapt include path for debian squeeze
(edit) @13945   11 years stevechilton add construction to
(edit) @13898   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: When processing boundary relations, create linestrings, not …
(edit) @13800   11 years zere Fixed nodes query to use proper join to users.
(edit) @13782   11 years tomhughes Don't return deleted ways and relations.
(edit) @13756   11 years jochen database istn't hardcoded any more
(edit) @13751   11 years zere Fixed up stupid directory structure from misuse of svn import.
(edit) @13750   11 years zere Making directory for cgimap to fix up mess.
(edit) @13749   11 years zere Initial import of CGImap, a C++ FCGI daemon for map calls.
(edit) @13745   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: Add ability to generate new columns from when …
(edit) @13744   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: Attempt to make code work with columns in unexpected order, …
(edit) @13721   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: Fix likely cause of crash reported by cmarqu. This would …
(edit) @13671   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: remove from some targets since they dont work well with …
(edit) @13670   11 years jonb osm2plsql: Use svnversion for version string. Update to version 0.65. …
(edit) @13668   11 years stevehill Replace the in-memory dirty tile store with something a bit more …
(edit) @13653   11 years jonb Perform polygon processing on relations with type=boundary
(edit) @13616   11 years stevechilton add capital and lock to
(edit) @13615   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: Tweak geos includes to work with geos-3. Hopefully this …
(edit) @13613   11 years stevehill Link to the OPM script
(edit) @13612   11 years stevehill Adds tile expiry support - see …
(edit) @13578   11 years jonb Declate out_pgsql as extern in header file. Rename unused since it …
(edit) @13511   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: fixes #1550. Don't inherit tags from ways if the …
(edit) @13474   11 years stevechilton add three addr: lines
(edit) @13470   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: Fix relation processing in non-slim mode. It now needs more …
(edit) @13407   11 years jonb Add barrier for latest osm.xml
(edit) @13189   11 years guenther - fixed bug in preventing generation of poi database
(edit) @12935   11 years extremecarver
(edit) @12934   11 years extremecarver
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