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(edit) @20034   10 years twain improve handling of house numbers, more install documentation (thanks …
(edit) @19974   10 years jonb osm2pgsql: Complain if we got an error while reading the style file or …
(edit) @19896   10 years tomhughes Add a Debian/Ubuntu? init script for cgimap.
(edit) @19895   10 years tomhughes Return an Error header when reporting an error.
(edit) @19848   10 years tomhughes Rework logger support to log to a file, with support for reopening the …
(edit) @19847   10 years tomhughes Add an option to save the PID of the master process in a file.
(edit) @19844   10 years tomhughes Add a daemon mode, and support for graceful termination.
(edit) @19787   10 years tomhughes Use boost::program_options to parse the command line, allowing options …
(edit) @19699   10 years tomhughes Make the encoding selection a bit more standards compliant.
(edit) @19696   10 years tomhughes Disable the "deflate" encoding as JOSM suffers from the bug described …
(edit) @19695   10 years tomhughes Add a check for zlib.
(edit) @19694   10 years tomhughes Get the test right this time…
(edit) @19693   10 years tomhughes Make sure we flush the output if there is no buffer space left after …
(edit) @19692   10 years tomhughes Require boost 1.34.1 as that is the earliest we've tested building with.
(edit) @19691   10 years tomhughes Don't use boost::make_shared as it doesn't exist until boost 1.39.0 …
(edit) @19690   10 years tomhughes Use BOOST_CPPFLAGS, not BOOST_CFLAGS which doesn't exist.
(edit) @19687   10 years tomhughes Add compression support.
(edit) @19668   10 years tomhughes Record the start time in the correct place.
(edit) @19667   10 years tomhughes Include the total run time for the request in the log.
(edit) @19666   10 years tomhughes It's more useful to log the text of the query than it's address…
(edit) @19665   10 years tomhughes Add some logging.
(edit) @19656   10 years zere Use a non-transaction for the changeset/user cache, as this is a …
(edit) @19655   10 years zere Shouldn't have committed change to local config…
(edit) @19654   10 years zere Added node limit and moved enable_merge/hashjoin to earlier in the query.
(edit) @19642   10 years tomhughes Send a Cache-Control header to match what rails does.
(edit) @19641   10 years tomhughes Add charset=utf-8 to the content type, and return a content …
(edit) @19640   10 years twain broken output for [lat,lon] searches, attempting to search on blank queries
(edit) @19639   10 years zere Better work-around for bad statistics.
(edit) @19638   10 years zere Quick hack to avoid problems with wrong table statistics.
(edit) @19637   10 years zere Downgraded required version of libxml to 2.6.31, as it wasn't really …
(edit) @19636   10 years tomhughes Make DB_USER and DB_PASS optional to support systems using ident or …
(edit) @19633   10 years twain suggest alternatives for missing words
(edit) @19631   10 years apmon Updated library dependency documentation to postgresql version
(edit) @19630   10 years apmon correct relations output of cgimap (nd -> member)
(edit) @19629   10 years zere Made cgimap look at the request URI if it can't find a non-empy query …
(edit) @19618   10 years zere Fixed bug where member type wasn't lowercase.
(edit) @19604   10 years twain minor runtime warning
(edit) @19603   10 years twain extra error checking, smaller indexing partitions
(edit) @19407   10 years twain More logging, improved UK postcodes, fix more_url
(edit) @19398   10 years ldp Make shop into type polygon, to have closed ways with no …
(edit) @19281   10 years twain rounding error in generation of bounding box
(edit) @19148   10 years jonb osm2pgsql: Apply multipolygon patch from Twain with a few changes.
(edit) @19147   10 years jonb Overhaul the osm2pgsql readme text
(edit) @19145   10 years jonb Disable the new osm_{user,uid,timestamp,version} columns since the …
(edit) @19144   10 years jonb Allow user,uid,version & timestamp attributes to be imported from osm …
(edit) @19133   10 years twain expose 'more_url' in xml format
(edit) @19132   10 years twain fix bug in finding 'bus stop wilhelmshaven' introduced in recent commit
(edit) @19128   10 years twain support for various lat,lon formats as part of the query i.e. village …
(edit) @19127   10 years twain correct error handling for missing osm points
(edit) @19126   10 years twain ignore empty search phrases
(edit) @19092   10 years twain OSM Copright notice in XML reverse geocode by OSM ID (not just …
(edit) @19091   10 years twain multi-language amenities, one off import of specific nodes/ways/relations
(edit) @18937   10 years twain Order results by distance to specified location (#2519)
(edit) @18884   10 years twain revert accidentally committed multi-polygon patch
(edit) @18873   10 years twain add test in the associatedStreet code to ensure associatedStreet is …
(edit) @18851   10 years twain missing library commands
(edit) @18846   10 years twain Fix quote type problems in JSON formating (#2508)
(edit) @18845   10 years twain fix problems reported with running script first time
(edit) @18844   10 years twain some missed files
(edit) @18843   10 years twain missing name space for vector
(edit) @18840   10 years twain lots of minor changes since going live
(edit) @18632   10 years jonb Clear out tag list after parsing a changeset otherwise the accumulated …
(edit) @18558   10 years ldp Add shop=*, as a first step to be able to render them.
(edit) @18510   10 years twain changes to indexing
(edit) @18509   10 years twain reverse geocoding and output format changes
(edit) @18451   10 years frederik bump version to 0.69
(edit) @18440   10 years frederik new! now with even fewer annoying debug print statements!
(edit) @18439   10 years frederik Allow creation of expiry lists for 900913 tiles even if your target …
(edit) @18437   10 years frederik fix a bug that would sometimes expire tiles at the other end of the …
(edit) @18412   10 years rubke release 1.3 added geojson export (rullzer)
(edit) @18390   10 years malenki enhanced german translation
(edit) @18366   10 years rubke utf-8 header detection
(edit) @18365   10 years rubke removed utf8_encode
(edit) @18364   10 years rubke release 1.2 + German translation added + fixed some utf-8 and session …
(edit) @18353   10 years jonb osm2pgsql: Update code to use DROP TABLE IF EXISTS. This avoids errors …
(edit) @18352   10 years rubke obsolete
(edit) @18351   10 years rubke use jquery from the google cdn
(edit) @18350   10 years rubke favicon and keywords updated
(edit) @18349   10 years rubke
(edit) @18348   10 years rubke version 1.1
(edit) @18347   10 years rubke oziexplorer export comma substitution
(edit) @18346   10 years rubke added OziExplorer? export
(edit) @18345   10 years rubke some corrections
(edit) @18341   10 years milovanderlinden top margin changed from 30px to 3px
(edit) @18340   10 years milovanderlinden Small css changes
(edit) @18339   10 years milovanderlinden Added reference comments for the various output formats
(edit) @18338   10 years milovanderlinden fixed kml errors and UTF-8 problems
(edit) @18337   10 years milovanderlinden added comment to download.php
(edit) @18336   10 years milovanderlinden added doubleclick to <select>
(edit) @18335   10 years milovanderlinden Version set to 1.0
(edit) @18334   10 years milovanderlinden Removed copyrighted imageset
(edit) @18333   10 years milovanderlinden Message strings and Dutch translation FINISHED
(edit) @18332   10 years milovanderlinden Suppress warnings if localization does not exist
(edit) @18331   10 years milovanderlinden Inline comment and function comment added
(edit) @18330   10 years milovanderlinden Added localization functions
(edit) @18324   10 years milovanderlinden Added my own images (public domain) and svg's to avoid copyright issues
(edit) @18323   10 years milovanderlinden Changed readme.txt and wrapped $_GET to prevent sql injection
(edit) @18322   10 years milovanderlinden Changed baseUrl to relative url for the download.php file
(edit) @18319   10 years rubke
(edit) @18318   10 years rubke converted to unix format
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