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(edit) @22658   9 years frederik make explicit that slim mode has to be used.
(edit) @22655   9 years frederik remove references to postgres user "twain"
(edit) @22652   9 years frederik remove misleading empty dir
(edit) @22556   9 years twain update mime type headers (as per #3088)
(edit) @22521   9 years dmarinus bug fixes no waytiles
(edit) @22438   9 years dmarinus don't use structures to write to file, add code to index ways
(edit) @22371   9 years mazdermind add hstore-column option, which allows to create specific hstore …
(edit) @22349   9 years gravitystorm Updated table definitions from twain47 to reflect changes made in [22221]
(edit) @22348   9 years gravitystorm If you change the build system remember to update the README
(edit) @22347   9 years gravitystorm fix typo in district
(edit) @22308   9 years twain Finally add warning about postgresql 8.4
(edit) @22285   9 years twain move to processing git rather than svg multi-lingual generate 'near' …
(edit) @22268   9 years frederik osm2pgsql version without libxml
(edit) @22222   9 years twain handle broken language list in IE
(edit) @22221   9 years twain handle house name / number collisions by showing both
(edit) @22220   9 years twain improved multi-processor indexing
(edit) @22219   9 years twain improved multi-processor indexing
(edit) @22213   9 years giggls Put binary into correct places according to debian policy
(edit) @22145   9 years harrywood fix tilez param bug + give CloudMade? tileserver as an example instead
(edit) @22053   9 years harrywood little java util for creating MapInfo? TAB files alongside downloaded tiles
(edit) @21987   9 years twain improve presentation of update status - time remaining extra options …
(edit) @21686   9 years jonb limit node latitude to +-85 degrees to prevent projection issues
(edit) @21685   9 years jonb Fix up lat/long read from planet_osm_nodes which needs to be divided …
(edit) @21661   9 years giggls * remove malloc.h for proper compi8lation on Macosx * allow for …
(edit) @21630   9 years rodo Add an option to Create indexes on a different tablespace, close #2988
(edit) @21470   9 years twain fix pointer error
(edit) @21464   9 years twain move string replacements to c module
(edit) @21381   10 years rodo Do not warn about slim option on 32nits system if option is enabled
(edit) @21290   10 years jonb osm2pgsql: Add C++ compiler into autoconf. Rename DATADIR to prevent …
(edit) @21289   10 years jonb osm2pgsql: Raise maximum tag size in style file to 63 characters
(edit) @21193   10 years zere CGImap moved to git. See for …
(edit) @21135   10 years frederik fix osm2pgsql debian packaging, and make it buildable for ubuntu lucid
(edit) @21062   10 years zere Fixed another bug - should have been pulling in unwayed nodes into the …
(edit) @21059   10 years zere Better relations query for cgimap - this time actually fixes #2699 as …
(edit) @21054   10 years zere Better query for relation member collection.
(edit) @21049   10 years zere Added functionality to fetch meta-relations with cgimap. Should fix …
(edit) @20982   10 years zere Added URL-decoding phase to query string.
(edit) @20873   10 years giggls * add brief explanation of hstore functionality * make phstore flag …
(edit) @20823   10 years feixm When running on 32bit systems, userprocess can allocate as much as 3GB …
(edit) @20802   10 years strk Autoconf for osm2pgsql
(edit) @20775   10 years giggls change "char sql[2048]" to "static char *sql" and do dynamic …
(edit) @20726   10 years zere Took fork out of tile expiry script - now uses File.utime instead.
(edit) @20565   10 years giggls We need to be able to mark polygons as such also in hstore only mode …
(edit) @20505   10 years giggls \r und \n in hstore value needs to be escaped for pgsql copy import as well
(edit) @20493   10 years giggls TAB in hstore value needs to be escaped for pgsql copy import
(edit) @20475   10 years giggls Add an experimental feature to generate hstore enabled PgSQL tables. …
(edit) @20429   10 years frederik patch not needed any longer
(edit) @20418   10 years twain only do address intrapolation in append mode
(edit) @20375   10 years guenther - optimized indexes
(edit) @20370   10 years twain add reverse and reverse.php to the block list
(edit) @20369   10 years gslater Add robots.txt, add form action
(edit) @20255   10 years twain applied #2769 search field should have focus patch (firefishy)
(edit) @20163   10 years twain change json output to be complaint (no comments allowed)
(edit) @20161   10 years frederik fix json compliance
(edit) @20149   10 years twain new name options, fix error when importing new data
(edit) @20134   10 years twain Improve install documentation
(edit) @20035   10 years twain More detailed loging. Tweaks to how house numbers are pressented. …
(edit) @20034   10 years twain improve handling of house numbers, more install documentation (thanks …
(edit) @19974   10 years jonb osm2pgsql: Complain if we got an error while reading the style file or …
(edit) @19896   10 years tomhughes Add a Debian/Ubuntu? init script for cgimap.
(edit) @19895   10 years tomhughes Return an Error header when reporting an error.
(edit) @19848   10 years tomhughes Rework logger support to log to a file, with support for reopening the …
(edit) @19847   10 years tomhughes Add an option to save the PID of the master process in a file.
(edit) @19844   10 years tomhughes Add a daemon mode, and support for graceful termination.
(edit) @19787   10 years tomhughes Use boost::program_options to parse the command line, allowing options …
(edit) @19699   10 years tomhughes Make the encoding selection a bit more standards compliant.
(edit) @19696   10 years tomhughes Disable the "deflate" encoding as JOSM suffers from the bug described …
(edit) @19695   10 years tomhughes Add a check for zlib.
(edit) @19694   10 years tomhughes Get the test right this time…
(edit) @19693   10 years tomhughes Make sure we flush the output if there is no buffer space left after …
(edit) @19692   10 years tomhughes Require boost 1.34.1 as that is the earliest we've tested building with.
(edit) @19691   10 years tomhughes Don't use boost::make_shared as it doesn't exist until boost 1.39.0 …
(edit) @19690   10 years tomhughes Use BOOST_CPPFLAGS, not BOOST_CFLAGS which doesn't exist.
(edit) @19687   10 years tomhughes Add compression support.
(edit) @19668   10 years tomhughes Record the start time in the correct place.
(edit) @19667   10 years tomhughes Include the total run time for the request in the log.
(edit) @19666   10 years tomhughes It's more useful to log the text of the query than it's address…
(edit) @19665   10 years tomhughes Add some logging.
(edit) @19656   10 years zere Use a non-transaction for the changeset/user cache, as this is a …
(edit) @19655   10 years zere Shouldn't have committed change to local config…
(edit) @19654   10 years zere Added node limit and moved enable_merge/hashjoin to earlier in the query.
(edit) @19642   10 years tomhughes Send a Cache-Control header to match what rails does.
(edit) @19641   10 years tomhughes Add charset=utf-8 to the content type, and return a content …
(edit) @19640   10 years twain broken output for [lat,lon] searches, attempting to search on blank queries
(edit) @19639   10 years zere Better work-around for bad statistics.
(edit) @19638   10 years zere Quick hack to avoid problems with wrong table statistics.
(edit) @19637   10 years zere Downgraded required version of libxml to 2.6.31, as it wasn't really …
(edit) @19636   10 years tomhughes Make DB_USER and DB_PASS optional to support systems using ident or …
(edit) @19633   10 years twain suggest alternatives for missing words
(edit) @19631   10 years apmon Updated library dependency documentation to postgresql version
(edit) @19630   10 years apmon correct relations output of cgimap (nd -> member)
(edit) @19629   10 years zere Made cgimap look at the request URI if it can't find a non-empy query …
(edit) @19618   10 years zere Fixed bug where member type wasn't lowercase.
(edit) @19604   10 years twain minor runtime warning
(edit) @19603   10 years twain extra error checking, smaller indexing partitions
(edit) @19407   10 years twain More logging, improved UK postcodes, fix more_url
(edit) @19398   10 years ldp Make shop into type polygon, to have closed ways with no …
(edit) @19281   10 years twain rounding error in generation of bounding box
(edit) @19148   10 years jonb osm2pgsql: Apply multipolygon patch from Twain with a few changes.
(edit) @19147   10 years jonb Overhaul the osm2pgsql readme text
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