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(edit) @4720   12 years deelkar * add post_office and post_box * add Isle of Wight to default config
(edit) @4701   12 years deelkar add a note resp. the shellscript and config
(edit) @4700   12 years deelkar add settlement icons
(edit) @4689   12 years ojw Allow ignoring specific things (e.g. nodes with natural=coastline) …
(edit) @4688   12 years ojw
(edit) @4608   12 years deelkar change parking log icon, add script
(edit) @4591   12 years jonb osm2shp needs to link with libccoord.a too
(edit) @4568   12 years deelkar add hospitals w/ icon
(edit) @4489   12 years jochen Removed some segment stuff in preparation for API 0.5 changes …
(edit) @4488   12 years jochen Delete zero length segments from polylines with script Added …
(edit) @4485   12 years jonb osm2pgsql 0.07: Make UTF8sanitize optional since it is generally no …
(edit) @4441   12 years jonb osm2pgsql version 0.06. Add command line options to select database …
(edit) @4426   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: Version 0.05. Cleaup progress output
(edit) @4424   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: Allow multiple .osm files to be imported simultaneoulsy, …
(edit) @4319   12 years martinvoosterhout Whoops, got the test wrong last commit :)
(edit) @4318   12 years martinvoosterhout Patch supplied by David Siegel on the mailing list, with …
(edit) @4286   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: polygon area now used to determine the rendering order
(edit) @4231   12 years jonb osm2pgsql 0.04: Further improve handling of polygons with holes. …
(edit) @4221   12 years jonb osm2pgsql version 0.03: Handle polygons with holes correctly. Fix …
(edit) @4124   12 years joerg remove outdated adapt openstreetmap-utils to have some …
(edit) @4092   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: Add boundary & tunnel. Enable polygon flag on a few …
(edit) @4090   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: Remove hard coded maximum IDs. Support negative IDs. Add …
(edit) @4059   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: Remove warning flags which cause problems with older GCC
(edit) @3899   12 years joerg add some linefeeds to error messages to make them easier readable
(edit) @3887   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: increase max IDs to work with latest planet dump
(edit) @3826   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: tidy up pgsql code, fix a few warnings and add some …
(edit) @3509   12 years jochen png moved to new name
(edit) @3479   12 years deelkar add power=*
(edit) @3478   12 years deelkar construction
(edit) @3452   12 years jochen changed image ref
(edit) @3451   12 years jochen changed img ref
(edit) @3450   12 years jochen changed/added some styles
(edit) @3447   12 years joerg adapt include directory for modules
(edit) @3369   12 years jochen renamed
(edit) @3280   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: Increase max IDs in middle-ram
(edit) @3240   12 years joerg next step in creating packages for openstreetmap
(edit) @3237   12 years joerg update all files
(edit) @3231   12 years joerg remove Makefiles created from, because they conflict with …
(edit) @3219   12 years joerg add all created Makfiles too
(edit) @3218   12 years joerg new version
(edit) @3210   12 years joerg comment out UTF8sanitizer, because it tries to create po files. But …
(edit) @3052   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: improve help text, allow - to be used again
(edit) @3051   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: enable O_LARGEFILE
(edit) @3008   13 years artem added rendering direction arrows for oneway={yes,true,-1}
(edit) @2966   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Add fix for motorway shields. Move landuse to -1. Make …
(edit) @2933   13 years ulf add the corresponding mail thread about required dependencies …
(edit) @2911   13 years nick missing parameters corrected
(edit) @2909   13 years nick missing parameters corrected
(edit) @2904   13 years jonb mapnik layer= implementation for areas/polygons
(edit) @2902   13 years joerg update Makefiles. Intention was to have UTF8Sanitize in the installed stuff
(edit) @2833   13 years joerg more Makefile corrections
(edit) @2832   13 years joerg more path adaptions
(edit) @2827   13 years jonb osm2pgsql - make experimental version current, move previous …
(edit) @2826   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Mac OS-X and GEOS-3 compatability tweaks
(edit) @2813   13 years jonb osm2pgsql/mapnik database changed to store data in mercator. Saving …
(edit) @2812   13 years jonb osm2pgsql update build_geometry.cpp for get_centroid()
(edit) @2797   13 years jonb osm2pgsql exprimental update. Increase max IDs. Implement "add parking …
(edit) @2770   13 years jonb osm2pgsql - add bz2 and UTF8sanitizer support directly into this code
(edit) @2724   13 years joerg Add a basic set of Files for Automake. The are not yet …
(copy) @2605   13 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
copied from utils/export:
(edit) @2529   13 years joerg add readme and rename file
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