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(edit) @29095   8 years zverik Moved spx planet tools to github
(edit) @28685   8 years zverik removed unnecessary assignment
(edit) @28684   8 years zverik Massive speed-up of and filtering points (up to 10 …
(edit) @28665   8 years zverik option to keep generated low-zoom bitiles; also reason for making …
(edit) @28664   8 years zverik speed up generating low-zoom bitiles, also fix typos in comments :)
(edit) @28662   8 years zverik verbose is not an option
(edit) @28661   8 years zverik fix unclosed polygons
(edit) @28651   8 years zverik remove (because reasons)
(edit) @28650   8 years zverik resuming fixes - again. Also, xz compression (which may fail, and the …
(edit) @28641   8 years zverik fixed resuming in, also updated README
(edit) @28601   8 years zverik link to amdmi3's tiletool in readme, threshold in pixels in …
(edit) @28586   8 years zverik fix message for bad bbox, remove debug code
(edit) @28585   8 years zverik threshold in meters; fix threading
(edit) @28583   8 years zverik fix for old points format
(edit) @28580   8 years zverik refactoring and updates
(edit) @28579   8 years zverik -z is made optional
(edit) @28578   8 years zverik remove debug print
(edit) @28577   8 years zverik update with a link and a license
(edit) @28576   8 years zverik updated tools, added filtering scripts and updated README.
(edit) @28565   8 years zverik
(edit) @28564   8 years zverik small string fixes, removed russian bbox
(edit) @28563   8 years zverik planet.gpx tools, copied from my private repository
(edit) @26444   9 years tomhughes Moved gpx-import to
(edit) @25612   9 years jonobennett Minor tweaks prior to moving off svn
(edit) @23453   10 years tomhughes Avoid blank lines in notification message
(edit) @23452   10 years tomhughes Fix warning on 32 bit systems.
(edit) @23451   10 years tomhughes Include the URL for the trace in the notification email.
(edit) @22586   10 years tomhughes Set the same cache algorithms as rails is using.
(edit) @22585   10 years tomhughes Use the binary protocol for memcached.
(edit) @22584   10 years tomhughes Tweak tag interpolation a little.
(edit) @22578   10 years tomhughes Add support for expiring rails cache entries when a trace is imported.
(edit) @20759   10 years jonobennett Removed unsafe operation from TraceListModel?
(edit) @20629   10 years jonobennett Added privacy option to upload.
(edit) @20521   10 years jonobennett First import of code. Barely works.
(edit) @20520   10 years jonobennett First import of code. Barely works.
(edit) @20238   10 years tomhughes Ignore the MACOSX folder in zip files. Closes #1436.
(edit) @20236   10 years tomhughes Ignore elevations of "nan" when parsing GPX files. Closes #1411.
(edit) @20234   10 years tomhughes Skip leading space when parsing coordinates. Closes #1541.
(edit) @19404   11 years avar Script was missing a visibility field, add identifiable
(edit) @17768   11 years tomhughes Doh!
(edit) @17767   11 years tomhughes Allow the envelope sender for emails to be configured,
(edit) @16858   11 years tomhughes Mark GPS import mails as UTF-8.
(edit) @16058   11 years avar oops, removed leftover garbage from earlier commit
(edit) @16012   11 years nelson Generate GPX 1.1, and move the point to the beginning of the audio stream.
(edit) @15744   11 years avar Advice the reader to use make syntax instead of hacking the makefile. …
(edit) @15743   11 years avar Add documentation on how to get this running on a psql setup
(edit) @15247   11 years nelson add documentation
(edit) @15246   11 years nelson create new project
(edit) @15112   11 years christofd changed API to 0.6
(edit) @14506   11 years zere Added postgres backend for gpx importer daemon.
(edit) @12301   12 years tomhughes Log the error when a MySL statement fails.
(edit) @12051   12 years dsilvers Move the test for an empty accumulator earlier in the time parser
(edit) @12034   12 years dsilvers Reinstate fractional seconds, as despite xsd:dateTime's documentation …
(edit) @12015   12 years dsilvers More advanced time parser to verify time against the xsd:dataTime spec …
(edit) @12014   12 years dsilvers Handle the case of zero good trackpoints found
(edit) @11929   12 years dsilvers Add routepoint <rtept> support to shut up users of RouteConverter?
(edit) @11893   12 years dsilvers Support missing elevation -> bad tag
(edit) @11812   12 years dsilvers Support waypoints (ignoring them, of course)
(edit) @11810   12 years dsilvers Support a failure to even get far enough to create a parser. …
(edit) @11805   12 years dsilvers Make the settings file more like an init.d script, add log rotation …
(edit) @11804   12 years dsilvers Update ignores
(edit) @11803   12 years dsilvers Update settings to standard development paths
(edit) @11790   12 years tomhughes Use PRId64 for printing 64 bit integers for x86 compatability.
(edit) @11789   12 years tomhughes Use PRId64 for printing 64 bit integers for x86 compatability.
(edit) @11788   12 years tomhughes Use PRId64 for printing 64 bit integers for x86 compatability.
(edit) @11774   12 years dsilvers Initial import of r35+comments of the bzr tree of gpx-import
(edit) @4915   13 years christofd using API 0.5 now, no further changes necessary
(edit) @4830   13 years deelkar commit gpx-batch-upload v2.2 for Niccolo Rigacci
(edit) @4341   13 years christofd adopted to new api call (POST, not PUT anymore)
(edit) @3737   13 years christofd made it compile in jdk1.5
(edit) @3732   13 years christofd fixed typo
(edit) @3731   13 years christofd added some comments and my name
(edit) @3729   13 years christofd integrated base 64 to have only one file
(edit) @3726   13 years christofd Initial import.
(edit) @3725   13 years christofd Initial import.
(edit) @2737   13 years deelkar move batch upload to the other gps-track tools
(edit) @2736   13 years deelkar create READMEs, move stuff around.
(copy) @2735   13 years deelkar further reorganise gps-tracks directory
copied from applications/utils/gps/gps-tracks:
(copy) @2605   13 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
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