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(edit) @4455   13 years martinvoosterhout Use "ref" not "nat_ref" as the latter isn't rendered right now.
(edit) @4454   13 years martinvoosterhout Change ID tags added to include name of file they came from, to handle …
(edit) @4379   13 years martinvoosterhout If we detect that oneway=-1 then we invert the direction of the way, …
(edit) @4363   13 years martinvoosterhout - Add code to simplify the output to remove redundant nodes. This is …
(edit) @4361   13 years martinvoosterhout Add progress display for final output…
(edit) @4348   13 years martinvoosterhout Cleanup some of the code and add some comments. Also use column 31 for …
(edit) @4347   13 years martinvoosterhout Output something for ambiguous cases also, by just guessing the first …
(edit) @4346   13 years martinvoosterhout Move progress output to stderr.
(edit) @4345   13 years martinvoosterhout Because the AND data does not include information on all nodes, I …
(edit) @4344   13 years martinvoosterhout Fix output of postgresql SQL. It assumed each way was a contiguous …
(edit) @4312   13 years martinvoosterhout Produce the AND2osm file in osmChange format. Easier for other programs.
(edit) @4238   13 years martinvoosterhout Add -lpthread, so we people can use TCmalloc if available
(edit) @4237   13 years martinvoosterhout Make minor changes to display update to make it look nicer
(edit) @4236   13 years martinvoosterhout Add -C option, so you can work from a different directory Add usage …
(edit) @4179   13 years marc add binary tree to nodes, segments and ways
(edit) @3982   13 years marc fulfill licence requirements from libavl: include GPL text
(edit) @3981   13 years marc start using red-black tree from libavl
(edit) @3980   13 years marc start using red-black tree from libavl
(edit) @3951   13 years marc using included shapelib.h instead of global one. also added some extra …
(edit) @3950   13 years marc import RD_OTHER (roundabout, link, layby, 4wd and unsealed. …
(edit) @3941   13 years marc now using external shapelib library, changed tagging of city boundary …
(edit) @3940   13 years marc clean up of code
(edit) @3909   13 years jeroen and2osm: Add command line options, support outputting PostgreSQL tables
(edit) @3888   13 years jeroen and2osm version 6
(edit) @3880   13 years jeroen and2osm: fix Makefile
(edit) @3872   13 years jeroen and2osm: add shptree.c
(edit) @3871   13 years jeroen and2osm v5
(edit) @3855   13 years jeroen and2osm: include header file from current directory
(edit) @3854   13 years jeroen and2osm: Include local shapefil.h
(edit) @3853   13 years jeroen and2osm version 4
(edit) @3851   13 years jeroen and2osm: clean up Makefile
(edit) @3848   13 years jeroen and2osm, version 3
(edit) @3847   13 years jeroen and2osm, version 2
(add) @3846   13 years jeroen and2osm, version 1
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