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(edit) @17270   10 years edgemaster Update relation member ids at different point, so that remappings are …
(edit) @17261   10 years edgemaster Unify the user-agent strings. Remove debug line
(edit) @17258   10 years edgemaster Add script reversion to changesets
(edit) @17257   10 years edgemaster Properly sort nested relations so they upload in the correct order. …
(edit) @17091   10 years ssinger Switching default API host back to the live one
(edit) @16748   10 years edgemaster Remove some debug lines
(edit) @16747   10 years edgemaster Add init file to allow to be used as a module.
(edit) @16727   10 years edgemaster Upload heavily refactored version of
(edit) @16656   10 years edgemaster Add check for correct osm filetype.
(edit) @16646   10 years edgemaster Drop a few debug lines in for testing later.
(edit) @16645   10 years edgemaster Split apart the separate concepts of "diff upload" and "changeset"
(edit) @16644   10 years edgemaster Un-mush the mess that is the idMap, object ids are NOT unique accross …
(edit) @16123   10 years ssinger Patch from John Peterson Moving rename till after close This should …
(edit) @15896   11 years ssinger casting to string so the error message prints
(edit) @15271   11 years isortega Typo: changeset sizes back to 25k nodes and 10k ways.
(edit) @15270   11 years isortega New and improved PHP bulk uploaded for 0.6. This will keep track of …
(edit) @15104   11 years ssinger Adding support for action="delete" and action="modify" elements. …
(edit) @14882   11 years ssinger Including header in http request
(edit) @14820   11 years ssinger Switching User-Agent to
(edit) @14764   11 years ssinger Closing changeset on exit
(edit) @14708   11 years ssinger Switching host to live API
(edit) @14580   11 years ssinger Write map to a temporary file first. This will provide some protection …
(edit) @14577   11 years ssinger Adding a python version of the 0.6 bulk upload scriptw
(add) @14564   11 years isortega Commit of 0.6-compatible bulk upload tool. May be buggy, needs more …
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