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(edit) @21521   8 years gjones Converted to use http transfer rather than ftp, as required by the srtm …
(edit) @18202   8 years herm Added a type tag to the generated relations.
(edit) @17101   8 years herm Support different storage systems for ways.
(edit) @17072   8 years herm Improved the memory managment a bit.
(edit) @17071   8 years herm Documentation update.
(edit) @16915   8 years herm Support for different memory managment systems.
(edit) @16899   8 years herm Improved documentation.
(edit) @16895   8 years herm Converted absoulte to relative paths.
(edit) @16775   8 years herm Copyright messages added to all files. Small documentation changes.
(edit) @16773   8 years herm Updated documentation.
(edit) @16772   8 years herm Moved data types to a new file. Optimize node memory usage.
(edit) @16742   8 years herm Some more optimizations.
(edit) @16741   8 years herm Store uncompressed data on disk.
(edit) @16740   8 years herm New XML parser.
(edit) @16680   8 years herm Improved command line parsing.
(edit) @16672   8 years herm New SRTM data location. Added command line parsing.
(edit) @16368   8 years herm Interpolate between points.
(edit) @16274   8 years herm Switched build system.
(edit) @16257   8 years herm Better error handling. Checked code for dependencies on the locale.
(edit) @16256   8 years herm Added missing files.
(edit) @16168   8 years herm Zip file support. Removed all dependencies on QT's event handling. Added …
(edit) @16100   8 years herm Length calculation added.
(edit) @16099   8 years herm SRTM server moved. Required change from FTP to HTTP. Now uses libcurl.
(edit) @15846   9 years herm Fixed rounding bug.
(edit) @15709   9 years herm Added relation generation. Added doxygen files.
(edit) @15682   9 years herm Some code restructuring. More comments.
(edit) @15530   9 years herm Speed improvements(100 times faster). Caching. getAltitudeFromLatLon() …
(edit) @15508   9 years herm Some work on SRTM code.
(edit) @15195   9 years herm Changed directory structure.
(edit) @15178   9 years herm OSM parser in C and Python added.
(edit) @15100   9 years herm Fixed some pylint warnings.
(edit) @15019   9 years herm Modified code to autodetect the tile size. Added a new file that …
(edit) @15006   9 years herm Functions to get altitude from lat lon added.
(edit) @14941   9 years herm Changed indention to spaces. Added docstrings. Renamed to …
(edit) @14938   9 years herm Automatically download correct SRTM file.
(add) @14813   9 years herm Created directory for my Summer of Code project.
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