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(edit) @17186   11 years edgemaster Put this back before i forget again..
(edit) @17177   11 years miken Correction for handling empty Reach codes for Areas
(edit) @17101   11 years herm Support different storage systems for ways.
(edit) @17094   11 years edgemaster Move -o to output dir rather than file.
(edit) @17091   11 years ssinger Switching default API host back to the live one
(edit) @17072   11 years herm Improved the memory managment a bit.
(edit) @17071   11 years herm Documentation update.
(edit) @16915   11 years herm Support for different memory managment systems.
(edit) @16899   11 years herm Improved documentation.
(edit) @16895   11 years herm Converted absoulte to relative paths.
(edit) @16775   11 years herm Copyright messages added to all files. Small documentation changes.
(edit) @16773   11 years herm Updated documentation.
(edit) @16772   11 years herm Moved data types to a new file. Optimize node memory usage.
(edit) @16763   11 years edgemaster A few more changes to the uploader.
(edit) @16759   11 years edgemaster Upload script, slight modifications to the converter.
(edit) @16748   11 years edgemaster Remove some debug lines
(edit) @16747   11 years edgemaster Add init file to allow to be used as a module.
(edit) @16742   11 years herm Some more optimizations.
(edit) @16741   11 years herm Store uncompressed data on disk.
(edit) @16740   11 years herm New XML parser.
(edit) @16727   11 years edgemaster Upload heavily refactored version of
(edit) @16680   11 years herm Improved command line parsing.
(edit) @16672   11 years herm New SRTM data location. Added command line parsing.
(edit) @16656   11 years edgemaster Add check for correct osm filetype.
(edit) @16646   11 years edgemaster Drop a few debug lines in for testing later.
(edit) @16645   11 years edgemaster Split apart the separate concepts of "diff upload" and "changeset"
(edit) @16644   11 years edgemaster Un-mush the mess that is the idMap, object ids are NOT unique accross …
(edit) @16640   11 years edgemaster Tidy outputting code Also produce a pickle of unfulfilled relations, …
(edit) @16637   11 years tbook Fix same bug in Waterbody file
(edit) @16636   11 years tbook Fixes a bug that occured when the last object in the file was an ftype …
(edit) @16368   11 years herm Interpolate between points.
(edit) @16274   11 years herm Switched build system.
(edit) @16257   11 years herm Better error handling. Checked code for dependencies on the locale.
(edit) @16256   11 years herm Added missing files.
(edit) @16228   11 years joerichards updated after initial release
(edit) @16170   11 years edgemaster Pickle out any references to missing StopAreas? for later handling by …
(edit) @16168   11 years herm Zip file support. Removed all dependencies on QT's event handling. …
(edit) @16144   11 years edgemaster We're ignoring the PT schema for now.
(edit) @16123   11 years ssinger Patch from John Peterson Moving rename till after close This should …
(edit) @16100   11 years herm Length calculation added.
(edit) @16099   11 years herm SRTM server moved. Required change from FTP to HTTP. Now uses libcurl.
(edit) @16094   11 years edgemaster Use PT schema tagging.
(edit) @16026   11 years joerichards initial draft version, please focus on the TODO and FIXME items
(edit) @15964   11 years joerichards new LINZ data import area
(edit) @15896   11 years ssinger casting to string so the error message prints
(edit) @15852   11 years tbook Refines rail line types and guesses highway types by name
(edit) @15846   11 years herm Fixed rounding bug.
(edit) @15840   11 years tbook Fixed problems with very short ways
(edit) @15709   11 years herm Added relation generation. Added doxygen files.
(edit) @15682   11 years herm Some code restructuring. More comments.
(edit) @15541   11 years tbook Smoother lines
(edit) @15530   11 years herm Speed improvements(100 times faster). Caching. getAltitudeFromLatLon() …
(edit) @15508   11 years herm Some work on SRTM code.
(edit) @15316   11 years tbook Endpoints are now tagged with all address info, to be precise in …
(edit) @15315   11 years tbook Karlsruhe lines good enough to upload
(edit) @15312   11 years tbook Adds support for additional tags
(edit) @15309   11 years tbook Pretties up the ends of address ways
(edit) @15279   11 years tbook Adds support for Karlsruhe schema addresses.
(edit) @15271   11 years isortega Typo: changeset sizes back to 25k nodes and 10k ways.
(edit) @15270   11 years isortega New and improved PHP bulk uploaded for 0.6. This will keep track of …
(edit) @15217   11 years tbook Support for more feature types.
(edit) @15216   11 years tbook Better treatment of service roads
(edit) @15215   11 years tbook Initial import
(edit) @15208   11 years tbook Support gnis ids in gnis:feature_id tag.
(edit) @15207   11 years tbook Convert NHD Line data to OSM format.
(edit) @15206   11 years tbook Now creates line date with "create" instead of "modify"
(edit) @15195   11 years herm Changed directory structure.
(edit) @15178   11 years herm OSM parser in C and Python added.
(edit) @15104   11 years ssinger Adding support for action="delete" and action="modify" elements. …
(edit) @15100   11 years herm Fixed some pylint warnings.
(edit) @15066   11 years tbook Updated Readme
(edit) @15019   11 years herm Modified code to autodetect the tile size. Added a new file that …
(edit) @15006   11 years herm Functions to get altitude from lat lon added.
(edit) @14941   11 years herm Changed indention to spaces. Added docstrings. Renamed …
(edit) @14938   11 years herm Automatically download correct SRTM file.
(edit) @14882   11 years ssinger Including header in http request
(edit) @14820   11 years ssinger Switching User-Agent to
(edit) @14813   11 years herm Created directory for my Summer of Code project.
(edit) @14764   11 years ssinger Closing changeset on exit
(edit) @14708   11 years ssinger Switching host to live API
(edit) @14700   11 years tbook Readme fix
(edit) @14699   11 years tbook Completes 0.6 upgrade
(edit) @14687   11 years tbook The scripts now keep the files smaller than the specified size, except …
(edit) @14580   11 years ssinger Write map to a temporary file first. This will provide some protection …
(edit) @14577   11 years ssinger Adding a python version of the 0.6 bulk upload scriptw
(edit) @14564   11 years isortega Commit of 0.6-compatible bulk upload tool. May be buggy, needs more …
(edit) @14514   11 years tbook Wrapped text
(edit) @14513   11 years tbook Readme for nhd2osm
(edit) @14512   11 years tbook Placed in wrong directory
(edit) @14511   11 years tbook Placed in wrong directory
(edit) @14510   11 years tbook Placed in wrong directory
(edit) @14509   11 years tbook Utilities to convert the USGS National Hydrography Dataset to osm …
(edit) @14508   11 years tbook Utilities to convert the USGS National Hydrology Dataset (United …
(edit) @14402   11 years ssinger -Moving static variables to be per class instance -Fixing closing tag …
(edit) @14398   11 years edgemaster
(edit) @14397   11 years edgemaster Newline issue
(edit) @14396   11 years edgemaster Bearing, CUS stop types, also a quick (hacky) script to to multiple …
(edit) @14343   11 years ssinger Adding support for extracting road names from a RoadMatcher? result …
(edit) @14296   11 years edgemaster Apply the passive flag to default tag mappings.
(edit) @14295   11 years edgemaster Revert changes to move AdminArea? and PlusBus? to relations, leave as …
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