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(edit) @27412   8 years giggls While converting a POI Shapefile to osm I stumbled upon broken German …
(edit) @27063   8 years bnesbitt utf-8 fixes
(edit) @27011   8 years bnesbitt
(edit) @27010   8 years bnesbitt Move to new home
(edit) @27009   8 years bnesbitt Move one time imports to new home
(edit) @26634   8 years bnesbitt Landfill old airport_import away from the more active utilities and …
(edit) @26628   8 years bnesbitt See
(edit) @26627   8 years bnesbitt See
(edit) @26557   8 years joshdoe ogr2osm: improve error and path handling, also fix #3144
(edit) @26516   8 years joshdoe ogr2osm: Better usage handling, error checking/messages Replace usage …
(edit) @26515   8 years joshdoe ogr2osm: Make mostly PEP8 compliant In other words, fix identation …
(edit) @25760   9 years vibrog Look in path for the python executable
(edit) @25445   9 years aharvey optionally allow the user to specify the output .osm file location
(edit) @25444   9 years aharvey * make indentation consistant * fix long options (needed a = suffix …
(edit) @25168   9 years harrywood new ruby version of this script plus more README explanation of the …
(edit) @25113   9 years milovanderlinden Why T should be Y…
(edit) @25055   9 years mackerski Fixed error in cases where the optional -t command line option is not used
(edit) @22742   9 years balrog-kun Teach the upload script to work around more types of conflicts.
(edit) @22741   9 years balrog-kun Remove obsolete script (noticed by LDP) The script was a single-use …
(edit) @22740   9 years balrog-kun needs python2. (to be ported)
(edit) @22614   9 years ssinger Check the max (2000) number of nodes that can be part of a way. …
(edit) @22613   9 years ssinger If we hit the change set size limit at the same time as the DiffSet?
(edit) @21589   9 years balrog-kun Teach set-changeset-tag to accept username/password on cmdline. …
(edit) @21521   9 years gjones Converted to use http transfer rather than ftp, as required by the …
(edit) @20883   10 years balrog-kun Avoid expanding single letters in name_base that look like …
(edit) @20882   10 years balrog-kun Add a check that name= is still a concatenation of the original tiger: …
(edit) @20829   10 years balrog-kun Add another lot of undocumented abbreviations very often found in TIGER.
(edit) @20720   10 years balrog-kun Add undocumented 'Pky' for Parkway, align the table, mark some …
(edit) @20700   10 years balrog-kun Add a utility to expand abbreviations in names from TIGER imports.
(edit) @20699   10 years balrog-kun Add -t parameter for skipping conflicting elements and retrying.
(edit) @19989   10 years balrog-kun Set the executable bits on the executables. (this directory still …
(edit) @19988   10 years balrog-kun Add the missing python2 version of the converter script.
(edit) @19530   10 years isortega Minor typos fixed; tag translation file for Ithaca Haiti data.
(edit) @19517   10 years avar A utility to dump the shelve file produced by
(edit) @19515   10 years avar 20k/1k changeset/put limit was too high, I ended up with a changeset …
(edit) @19514   10 years avar When the server sends us an error print it, not just the error code
(edit) @19510   10 years avar Add --changeset-limit and --put-limit options to limit the amount of …
(edit) @19504   10 years avar Add support for supplying changeset tags
(edit) @19495   10 years avar agent/created_by =, not
(edit) @19408   10 years avar Add bulk upload scripts from …
(edit) @18961   10 years isortega ogr2osm is mature enough to be beta instead of alpha
(edit) @18865   10 years fsteggink Canvec_to_osm python script
(edit) @18864   10 years fsteggink Utils for Canvec import
(edit) @18860   10 years isortega ogr2osm: added attributes->tags translation support and example
(edit) @18821   10 years isortega ogr2osm: squashed some miscellaneous bugs all around. This thing …
(edit) @18820   10 years isortega ogr2osm: Implemented file format detection and in-the-fly reprojection …
(edit) @18819   10 years isortega Revamped some parts of the topology algorithm (the thing that joins …
(edit) @18812   10 years isortega Upload of ogr2osm - a python script that, in the near future, should …
(edit) @18575   10 years dhansen do county names for the entire country
(edit) @18254   10 years pieren Improve description
(edit) @18253   10 years pieren Improves the stability of the import by automatically retrying the …
(edit) @18252   10 years pieren Add the modified for huge bulk imports (XML SAX parsing)
(edit) @18202   10 years herm Added a type tag to the generated relations.
(edit) @17743   10 years joerichards fixed issue with upper case after apostrophe e.g. Arthur'S pass
(edit) @17742   10 years avar Add death theats aimed at people uploading corrupt data to the server
(edit) @17632   10 years edgemaster Fixes for W.Yrks
(edit) @17631   10 years edgemaster Trim tag values len()>255
(edit) @17607   10 years ssinger Patch from John Peterson Delete target file before the rename This …
(edit) @17336   10 years miken Map ForeShore? to water=tidal instead of leaving it untagged
(edit) @17297   10 years edgemaster Fix indexerror on relations that have already been uploaded.
(edit) @17295   10 years edgemaster Add excerpts of pygraph for those without it.
(edit) @17271   10 years edgemaster No longer bother dropping empty relations, they cause no harm, and can …
(edit) @17270   10 years edgemaster Update relation member ids at different point, so that remappings are …
(edit) @17261   10 years edgemaster Unify the user-agent strings. Remove debug line
(edit) @17258   10 years edgemaster Add script reversion to changesets
(edit) @17257   10 years edgemaster Properly sort nested relations so they upload in the correct order. …
(edit) @17186   10 years edgemaster Put this back before i forget again..
(edit) @17177   10 years miken Correction for handling empty Reach codes for Areas
(edit) @17101   10 years herm Support different storage systems for ways.
(edit) @17094   10 years edgemaster Move -o to output dir rather than file.
(edit) @17091   10 years ssinger Switching default API host back to the live one
(edit) @17072   10 years herm Improved the memory managment a bit.
(edit) @17071   10 years herm Documentation update.
(edit) @16915   10 years herm Support for different memory managment systems.
(edit) @16899   10 years herm Improved documentation.
(edit) @16895   10 years herm Converted absoulte to relative paths.
(edit) @16775   10 years herm Copyright messages added to all files. Small documentation changes.
(edit) @16773   10 years herm Updated documentation.
(edit) @16772   10 years herm Moved data types to a new file. Optimize node memory usage.
(edit) @16763   10 years edgemaster A few more changes to the uploader.
(edit) @16759   10 years edgemaster Upload script, slight modifications to the converter.
(edit) @16748   10 years edgemaster Remove some debug lines
(edit) @16747   10 years edgemaster Add init file to allow to be used as a module.
(edit) @16742   10 years herm Some more optimizations.
(edit) @16741   10 years herm Store uncompressed data on disk.
(edit) @16740   10 years herm New XML parser.
(edit) @16727   10 years edgemaster Upload heavily refactored version of
(edit) @16680   10 years herm Improved command line parsing.
(edit) @16672   10 years herm New SRTM data location. Added command line parsing.
(edit) @16656   10 years edgemaster Add check for correct osm filetype.
(edit) @16646   10 years edgemaster Drop a few debug lines in for testing later.
(edit) @16645   10 years edgemaster Split apart the separate concepts of "diff upload" and "changeset"
(edit) @16644   10 years edgemaster Un-mush the mess that is the idMap, object ids are NOT unique accross …
(edit) @16640   10 years edgemaster Tidy outputting code Also produce a pickle of unfulfilled relations, …
(edit) @16637   10 years tbook Fix same bug in Waterbody file
(edit) @16636   10 years tbook Fixes a bug that occured when the last object in the file was an ftype …
(edit) @16368   10 years herm Interpolate between points.
(edit) @16274   10 years herm Switched build system.
(edit) @16257   10 years herm Better error handling. Checked code for dependencies on the locale.
(edit) @16256   10 years herm Added missing files.
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