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(edit) @4234   13 years martinvoosterhout Make executable
(edit) @4233   13 years martinvoosterhout Add support for protected polygons. Currently the list is maintained …
(edit) @4230   13 years martinvoosterhout Add the --output optio, to switch between JOSM change output and …
(edit) @4229   13 years martinvoosterhout Commit the initial Makefile that successfully produces the OSM file …
(edit) @4228   13 years martinvoosterhout Fix order of lat/lon in output
(edit) @4215   13 years martinvoosterhout Initial commit of and_import code
(edit) @4179   13 years marc add binary tree to nodes, segments and ways
(edit) @3987   13 years dshpak Fixed syntax of --josm status message output.
(edit) @3985   13 years dshpak - New JOSM integration mode (--josm). This requires the Lakewalker …
(edit) @3982   13 years marc fulfill licence requirements from libavl: include GPL text
(edit) @3981   13 years marc start using red-black tree from libavl
(edit) @3980   13 years marc start using red-black tree from libavl
(edit) @3951   13 years marc using included shapelib.h instead of global one. also added some extra …
(edit) @3950   13 years marc import RD_OTHER (roundabout, link, layby, 4wd and unsealed. …
(edit) @3941   13 years marc now using external shapelib library, changed tagging of city boundary …
(edit) @3940   13 years marc clean up of code
(edit) @3939   13 years dshpak Documention for --startdir option.
(edit) @3938   13 years dshpak Added experimental non-recursive Douglas-Peucker algorithm (--dp-nr). …
(edit) @3909   13 years jeroen and2osm: Add command line options, support outputting PostgreSQL tables
(edit) @3903   13 years dshpak New tool to trace coastlines from infrared LANDSAT imagery.
(edit) @3888   13 years jeroen and2osm version 6
(edit) @3880   13 years jeroen and2osm: fix Makefile
(edit) @3872   13 years jeroen and2osm: add shptree.c
(edit) @3871   13 years jeroen and2osm v5
(edit) @3855   13 years jeroen and2osm: include header file from current directory
(edit) @3854   13 years jeroen and2osm: Include local shapefil.h
(edit) @3853   13 years jeroen and2osm version 4
(edit) @3851   13 years jeroen and2osm: clean up Makefile
(edit) @3848   13 years jeroen and2osm, version 3
(edit) @3847   13 years jeroen and2osm, version 2
(edit) @3846   13 years jeroen and2osm, version 1
(edit) @3721   13 years isortega Added gml2osm import utility - use it when importing data from GML …
(edit) @3240   13 years joerg next step in creating packages for openstreetmap
(edit) @3237   13 years joerg update all files
(edit) @3231   13 years joerg remove Makefiles created from, because they conflict with …
(edit) @3219   13 years joerg add all created Makfiles too
(edit) @3210   13 years joerg comment out UTF8sanitizer, because it tries to create po files. But …
(edit) @3136   13 years joerg add new import method for Aldi PDA Navigation unit I got told you'll …
(edit) @3032   13 years frsantos Update to new SVN structure
(edit) @2908   13 years hakan Switched API version to 0.4
(edit) @2907   13 years hakan Switched API version to 0.4
(edit) @2902   13 years joerg update Makefiles. Intention was to have UTF8Sanitize in the installed stuff
(edit) @2724   13 years joerg Add a basic set of Files for Automake. The are not yet …
(edit) @2669   13 years hakan Import runways, store unicode place names
(edit) @2655   13 years hakan Make downloads resumable
(edit) @2643   13 years hakan Import airport location, name and ICAO code from x-plant data into …
(edit) @2625   13 years hakan Airport import script
(copy) @2605   13 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
copied from utils/import:
(edit) @2603   13 years jonb Add script
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