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(edit) @17267   10 years bobkare New update of not-in-map_features, using the new and much improved …
(edit) @14920   10 years bobkare Update not-in-map_features, fixed a bug in Geo::OSM::MapFeatures? that …
(edit) @14901   10 years mueck surfaces
(edit) @14560   11 years schuetzm Reenabled rules after bokkare fixed them. Thanks!
(edit) @14559   11 years bobkare Fix XPath syntax error that had crept in with the last commit, it was …
(edit) @14557   11 years schuetzm Disabled broken tests that made maplint fail; don't know how to fix them.
(edit) @14543   11 years bobkare Update not-in-map_features with new data from wiki
(edit) @12110   11 years petschge add two new tests: 1.) tiger this test adds a notice for every object …
(edit) @12060   11 years petschge Introduce the following tags to disable the correspoding tests and …
(edit) @12059   11 years petschge add support for noname=yes to maplint and update not-in-map_features …
(edit) @12058   11 years petschge Update not-in-map_features test to the current state of the wiki
(edit) @11883   11 years bobkare New version of, using Geo::OSM::MapFeatures?
(edit) @11609   11 years jttt Remove bounds_mkr markers which are not used anymore
(edit) @11269   11 years bobkare Adding the posibility for not-in-map_features to check for number with …
(edit) @10977   11 years jttt Revert previous change. Stable still use that
(edit) @10975   11 years jttt Remove bounds_mkr[12] which is not used anymore
(edit) @10948   11 years bobkare Updated version of not-in-map_features, checked by Ed Loach
(edit) @10339   11 years jttt Remove unused classes from css
(edit) @10223   11 years jttt Allow to create osm containing only elements with errors
(edit) @9551   11 years jttt Remove obsoleted rules for rendering segments
(edit) @8519   11 years bobkare New version of not-in-map_features that handles the new template …
(edit) @7259   12 years deelkar manually work around "not in map features" problem of "attribution" …
(edit) @6116   12 years jochen added svn:ignore stuff
(edit) @5212   12 years jochen Set MIME-Type
(edit) @5211   12 years jochen Set MIME-Type
(edit) @5210   12 years jochen Fixed notice in autogenerated files
(edit) @5209   12 years jochen Those checks are gone in 0.5 API
(edit) @5042   12 years deelkar prepare to ignore massgis:
(edit) @4877   12 years frederik updated for 0.5 compliance
(edit) @4794   12 years deelkar remove superfluous loop
(edit) @4793   12 years deelkar acutally commit new tests with tiger/AND/gns exceptions for segments
(edit) @4792   12 years deelkar make maplint ignore tiger, AND and gns tags on segments
(edit) @4763   12 years deelkar generate new version of tests.xml with the warning
(edit) @4762   12 years bobkare Added special ignore handling of gns: tags, as well as inserting a …
(edit) @4761   12 years deelkar add autogenerated.xml which contains a warning about tests.xml being …
(edit) @4662   12 years bobkare Rebuild tests.xml/xsl too
(edit) @4661   12 years bobkare Regenerated not-in-map_features.xml to make r4631 effective. Memorial …
(edit) @4631   12 years martinvoosterhout Added skip rules for AND tags
(edit) @4549   12 years bobkare Replace unknown-tags with not-in-map_features as the former lacks many …
(edit) @4548   12 years bobkare Remove absolute path to /home/sqrt
(edit) @4534   12 years spaetz add t@h maplint rules into the maplint dir. On bobkare's request.
(edit) @4519   12 years bobkare Messed up with last commit, it had a syntax error.
(edit) @4518   12 years bobkare Make the unknown-tags test ignore tiger:* tags
(edit) @4487   12 years jochen Added some code to be able to check relations (API 0.5) Added test …
(edit) @4486   12 years jochen Moved all tests which work with segments into their own group as …
(edit) @3490   12 years jochen added some info
(edit) @3489   12 years jochen typo fix in style added some comments to index
(edit) @3329   12 years jochen New test for bridge or tunnel without layer tag
(edit) @3240   12 years joerg next step in creating packages for openstreetmap
(edit) @3225   12 years frederik added various name/ref tags from map features
(edit) @3183   12 years frederik allow landuse on nodes, allow source:ref and source:name
(edit) @3146   12 years jochen typo fixed
(edit) @3145   12 years jochen Add test for untagged ways
(edit) @3110   12 years jochen Added tests Added script to generate Garmin waypoint files with …
(edit) @3101   12 years jochen New test for key motorcar
(edit) @3093   12 years jochen added osmarender:renderName
(edit) @3092   12 years jochen added recycling:green_waste
(edit) @3091   12 years jochen - added natural key for nodes
(edit) @3031   12 years frsantos Fixed tagged-segment
(edit) @3028   12 years frsantos Added converted_by to ignored tags
(edit) @2905   12 years joerg add distclean to maplint makefile
(edit) @2729   12 years joerg more dummy targets for maplint
(edit) @2726   12 years joerg dummy install makerule for maplint
(copy) @2605   13 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
copied from utils/maplint:
(edit) @2458   13 years jochen - change in test
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