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(edit) @27636   8 years apmon [renderd] add some man pages for renderd utils
(edit) @27583   8 years apmon [mod_tile] add autoconf dependencies to the debian build files
(edit) @27469   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Fixup debian build scripts for the autoconf/automake build …
(edit) @27459   8 years apmon [mod_tile] fix debian dependencies for mapnik2
(edit) @26891   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Update debian build scripts
(edit) @26689   8 years apmon [mod_tile] update debian packaging scripts to reduce linthian warnings
(edit) @26353   8 years apmon mod_tile: automatically install mod_tile.conf into sites-available …
(edit) @26352   8 years apmon renderd: Update renderd.conf in the debian package
(edit) @26351   8 years apmon mod_tile: automatically enable mod_tile in apache on first install of …
(edit) @26350   8 years apmon renderd: fix debian init script Fixes bug #3004
(edit) @26349   8 years apmon mod_tile: update debian control file add dependency on dpatch. Fixes …
(edit) @26348   8 years apmon renderd: remove munin scripts from debian conffiles Fixes bug #3001
(edit) @20488   10 years frederik depend on either renderd or tirex-master
(edit) @19101   10 years frederik deb package 0.3
(edit) @18786   10 years frederik flag munin plugins for renderd as conf files because they may contain …
(edit) @18221   10 years frederik automatically add new munin plugins to munin if these packages are …
(edit) @17860   10 years frederik .deb fix for mod_tile
(edit) @15864   10 years jochen Fixes to debian scripts renderd starts in background mode now by …
(edit) @15861   10 years jochen another step towards making tile directory configurable at runtime …
(edit) @15836   10 years jochen Debian build fixes
(edit) @15818   10 years frederik do not also build iniparser…
(edit) @15817   10 years frederik fixes for debian build
(edit) @15816   10 years frederik also build iniparser
(edit) @15815   10 years frederik + changelog for mod_tile
(edit) @15799   10 years jochen Renderd uses iniparser3.0b ini file parser now which is included Made …
(edit) @15796   10 years jochen Updated Debian package files to include init script
(add) @15607   10 years frederik simple debian package builds for mod_tile and renderd
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