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(edit) @27875   8 years Sarah Hoffmann update classtype tables for special phrases along with the places
(edit) @27752   8 years Sarah Hoffmann move place=isolated_dwelling up to the same rank as place=locality
(edit) @27746   8 years Sarah Hoffmann during initial setup defer creation of non-vital until after nominatim …
(edit) @27520   8 years Sarah Hoffmann - remove dependency on intarray extension - new config options for …
(edit) @26915   8 years frederik fix typo mentioned by mathieu monney on mapquest's forum two weeks …
(edit) @26636   8 years frederik create 'file' sequence required by update.php
(edit) @26131   8 years twain update place_id to BIGINT
(edit) @26115   8 years twain bigint update script
(edit) @25807   9 years twain move partiondef config file to settings, add --create-website option …
(edit) @25614   9 years twain calculate search position based to 'importance' rather than address rank
(edit) @25574   9 years twain drop requirement for zero distance record for each place_addressline, …
(edit) @25573   9 years twain preserve importance in search_name
(edit) @25252   9 years twain stop treating capital cities as villages, memory leak on deadlock
(edit) @25242   9 years twain add logging of broken polygons, improve address export, better diff …
(edit) @25103   9 years twain aux properties, memory leaks, tweaks to search order
(edit) @24980   9 years twain finally fix adminitrative spelling error, disable fast_update on …
(edit) @24639   9 years twain postcode/zipcode improvements, finish work on handling extratags
(edit) @24305   9 years twain make rank_search consistent
(edit) @24299   9 years twain remove the road buffer code - made things slower. Plus some more …
(edit) @24245   9 years twain tigger data import
(edit) @24169   9 years twain change partition from char to int, partition search_name on country
(edit) @24015   9 years twain more multi-processor improvements
(edit) @23995   9 years twain more partitioning work, os open data postcodes, country list fixes
(edit) @23868   9 years twain hstore names / refactoring
(edit) @23845   9 years twain data partitioning
(add) @23788   9 years twain nominatim refactoring
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