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(edit) @27949   8 years Sarah Hoffmann creation of special phrases for country codes (forwardported from gazeteer)
(edit) @27875   8 years Sarah Hoffmann update classtype tables for special phrases along with the places
(edit) @27846   8 years Sarah Hoffmann extend scripts for Tiger 2011 data
(edit) @27758   8 years Sarah Hoffmann hack around yes quotes in wiki and add a simple sanity check against …
(edit) @27753   8 years Sarah Hoffmann return a marginally better error message when query string is not in …
(edit) @27752   8 years Sarah Hoffmann move place=isolated_dwelling up to the same rank as place=locality
(edit) @27747   8 years Sarah Hoffmann enable exact search of GB postcodes in aux postcode data, partial …
(edit) @27746   8 years Sarah Hoffmann during initial setup defer creation of non-vital until after nominatim …
(edit) @27716   9 years Sarah Hoffmann avoid warnings when geometry of object cannot be determined
(edit) @27715   9 years Sarah Hoffmann don't print address details if they are not requested
(edit) @27707   9 years Sarah Hoffmann remove unused protolib
(edit) @27706   9 years Sarah Hoffmann remove trailing commas in HTML to make IE happy (thanks to TomH)
(edit) @27681   9 years Sarah Hoffmann munin graph for the import lag
(edit) @27654   9 years Sarah Hoffmann don't classify normal SQL errors as deadlocks
(edit) @27653   9 years Sarah Hoffmann improve import performance for special phrases - create a temporary …
(edit) @27525   9 years Sarah Hoffmann extensions where introduced in postgresql in 9.1, not in 9.0
(edit) @27520   9 years Sarah Hoffmann - remove dependency on intarray extension - new config options for …
(edit) @26915   9 years frederik fix typo mentioned by mathieu monney on mapquest's forum two weeks …
(edit) @26636   9 years frederik create 'file' sequence required by update.php
(edit) @26635   9 years frederik bugfix nominatim
(edit) @26432   9 years twain fix miss-parsed regex with - sign in lat,lon query
(edit) @26131   9 years twain update place_id to BIGINT
(edit) @26115   9 years twain bigint update script
(edit) @26105   9 years twain over tokenising 'la'
(edit) @26043   9 years twain de-deplicate terms
(edit) @26042   9 years twain allow for offset paramater in amenity searches
(edit) @26041   9 years twain woops
(edit) @26040   9 years twain handle 'order state level queries better
(edit) @26039   9 years twain handle 'order state level queries better
(edit) @26038   9 years twain handle 'in/near' for state and country level features differently
(edit) @26004   9 years twain hack to handle state abreviations that overlap with 'the' in various …
(edit) @25997   9 years twain memory leak on large imports
(edit) @25982   9 years twain country searches not filtered by countrycodes param, fixes #3756
(edit) @25943   9 years twain remove debuing information
(edit) @25939   9 years twain handle pure lat,lon search by passing to reverse geocoding and …
(edit) @25937   9 years twain enforce limit as maximum number of results
(edit) @25917   9 years twain Do not apply limit where we have a sub-search
(edit) @25907   9 years twain retry loop on osmosis
(edit) @25816   9 years twain addresses not claculated for some named poi
(edit) @25813   9 years twain return actual centroid lat,lon of reverse geocoding result
(edit) @25807   9 years twain move partiondef config file to settings, add --create-website option …
(edit) @25806   9 years twain extra validation on import
(edit) @25795   9 years twain consider possibility that values with number in near start of search …
(edit) @25773   9 years twain fallback housenumber for items containing a number - not just number only
(edit) @25757   9 years twain don't classify region as a type of state in address details output
(edit) @25740   9 years twain limit fallback to pure number housenumbers
(edit) @25708   9 years twain order final data set by importance, ignore search query score …
(edit) @25707   9 years twain option to get list of search keywords
(edit) @25676   9 years twain add option to filter by countrycodes=gb,fr list
(edit) @25675   9 years twain configure tile set
(edit) @25655   9 years twain loading rank wrong way round
(edit) @25653   9 years twain output importance on details.php page
(edit) @25615   9 years twain diff updates and npi diff updates
(edit) @25614   9 years twain calculate search position based to 'importance' rather than address rank
(edit) @25574   9 years twain drop requirement for zero distance record for each place_addressline, …
(edit) @25573   9 years twain preserve importance in search_name
(edit) @25536   9 years twain deduplicate search term graph slightly earlier
(edit) @25532   9 years twain Don't let character walk outside translation table
(edit) @25393   9 years twain better error checking for middle of the sea
(edit) @25384   9 years frederik log progress to stderr instead of stdout, to make use of unbuffered output
(edit) @25383   9 years frederik fix potential deadlock when writing a lot of data to a psql pipe and …
(edit) @25357   9 years frederik * use osm2pgsql from $PATH if none present locally * do not display …
(edit) @25257   9 years twain filter by feature rank, current options: country, state, city
(edit) @25256   9 years twain fix search by just country code. Re-order some search results (admin …
(edit) @25252   9 years twain stop treating capital cities as villages, memory leak on deadlock
(edit) @25242   10 years twain add logging of broken polygons, improve address export, better diff …
(edit) @25214   10 years frederik fix line end
(edit) @25212   10 years twain lots of little bug fixes and missing files
(edit) @25130   10 years twain final result ordering, remove GB postcode hacks
(edit) @25104   10 years twain us postcodes (tiger)
(edit) @25103   10 years twain aux properties, memory leaks, tweaks to search order
(edit) @24980   10 years twain finally fix adminitrative spelling error, disable fast_update on …
(edit) @24739   10 years twain pull in the special phrases from the wiki
(edit) @24689   10 years twain clean up formatting
(edit) @24688   10 years twain be a bit efficient about queuing up the places to be indexed
(edit) @24640   10 years twain tiger import code
(edit) @24639   10 years twain postcode/zipcode improvements, finish work on handling extratags
(edit) @24444   10 years twain fix japan code page and remove ' e ' token - causes problems with 'east'
(edit) @24305   10 years twain make rank_search consistent
(edit) @24299   10 years twain remove the road buffer code - made things slower. Plus some more …
(edit) @24256   10 years twain more tiger import code
(edit) @24254   10 years twain rename to fix spelling mistake
(edit) @24253   10 years twain add in missing county codes for TIGER 2009
(edit) @24245   10 years twain tigger data import
(edit) @24169   10 years twain change partition from char to int, partition search_name on country
(edit) @24016   10 years twain natural earth fallback data
(edit) @24015   10 years twain more multi-processor improvements
(edit) @24000   10 years twain images and javascript
(edit) @23999   10 years twain images and javascript
(edit) @23997   10 years twain output templates
(edit) @23995   10 years twain more partitioning work, os open data postcodes, country list fixes
(edit) @23993   10 years twain gb postcode data (os open license)
(edit) @23868   10 years twain hstore names / refactoring
(edit) @23847   10 years twain bootstap data
(edit) @23845   10 years twain data partitioning
(edit) @23825   10 years twain default path fixes
(edit) @23824   10 years twain nominatim refactoring
(add) @23788   10 years twain nominatim refactoring
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