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(edit) @27188   8 years joshdoe add which converts OGR supported files to POLY files
(edit) @26630   8 years zverik fix poly2gpx
(edit) @26629   8 years zverik
(edit) @26497   8 years frederik new utilities: reads OSM relation and makes polygon file; …
(edit) @25032   9 years rodo New script to create a polygon file from a gpx file.
(edit) @24769   9 years frederik new history excerpt script
(edit) @23828   9 years yellowbkpk Adding a US polygon.
(edit) @21687   9 years mrness dd support for nested relations. Fix regular expressions.
(edit) @19328   10 years frederik fix
(edit) @19327   10 years frederik small utility wrapper around osmosis for faster --bp action
(edit) @19035   10 years fsteggink more advanced db connection, parsing improvements
(edit) @18887   10 years fsteggink Cleaned up comments, still v0.1
(edit) @18886   10 years fsteggink Tool to generate a buffer around a polygon file
(edit) @18468   10 years frederik fix regex to not mistake uid=... for id=…
(edit) @18299   10 years frederik small script to compute polygon file's bbox
(edit) @16242   10 years Ondrej Novy OSM API version 0.6 support for extract-polygon-c.
(edit) @14589   10 years frederik use reasonable defaults for polygon name and polygon id
(edit) @13920   11 years frederik refined denmark polygon
(edit) @13496   11 years Ondrej Novy Support for <bound> tag for extract-polygon-c.
(edit) @13139   11 years ksharp Added Denmark polygon submitted by Carsten Tønsberg Nielsen …
(edit) @12374   11 years tabacha Wien Polygon
(edit) @12098   11 years tabacha Duesseldorf Polygon
(edit) @12097   11 years tabacha Added Bayreuth Polygon
(edit) @11994   11 years tabacha Marburg Polygon
(edit) @11993   11 years tabacha added LK boeblingen polygon
(edit) @11992   11 years tabacha Added Jena-Polygon
(edit) @11421   11 years tabacha Added Luebeck Border
(edit) @11099   11 years Ondrej Novy Util extract-polygon - C version.
(edit) @10693   11 years tabacha Neues Polygon fuer Simmelsdorf
(edit) @10376   11 years tabacha Added Polygon
(edit) @9981   11 years tabacha Removed bad numbers in Polygon and updated to the newest version
(edit) @9724   11 years tabacha Polygon aus der Grenze in OSM errechnet
(edit) @9508   11 years tabacha Neue Polygon Version
(edit) @9432   11 years tabacha added Simmelsdorf Polygon
(edit) @9290   11 years frederik extended version of osmcut.c to copy nodes into up to four output …
(edit) @9137   11 years frederik support negative ids, fix usage instructions
(edit) @8604   11 years tabacha Fixed Polygon in Area Gut Moor
(edit) @7357   12 years frederik modified polygon to include Elbe river, fiy by Sven Anders …
(edit) @7349   12 years tabacha fix: creating coord with lat=0 lon=0
(edit) @7346   12 years tabacha Removed 0.0 Coord from hamburg.poly file
(edit) @7344   12 years tabacha Corrected Hamburg.poly Poggenbrook
(edit) @7193   12 years frederik fix max. id and node parsing regex for excerpt-tags
(edit) @7192   12 years frederik drop polys with less than 3 nodes
(edit) @7124   12 years tabacha Modifeid some Border points
(edit) @7123   12 years tabacha Modifeid some Border points
(edit) @7121   12 years tabacha Border of Hamburg corrected
(edit) @7049   12 years nick increased node limit
(edit) @6993   12 years frederik fixed file forma for gb-irl.poly
(edit) @6901   12 years frederik osmcut.c new
(edit) @6900   12 years frederik obviously unused (osm version 0.3!) and superseded by osmosis
(edit) @6833   12 years frederik new polygons
(edit) @6738   12 years tabacha Better data for Hamburg/Hausbruch? border
(edit) @6737   12 years frederik new polygon files
(edit) @6736   12 years frederik new scripts to convert from osm to polygon files and vice versa
(edit) @6294   12 years frederik new
(edit) @5531   12 years joerg .../*.pl: remove @INC lines to reduce modules taken from svn instead …
(edit) @5346   12 years frederik redirect
(edit) @5345   12 years frederik 0.5 versions now up to date
(edit) @5344   12 years frederik 0.4 versions not used anymore
(edit) @4937   12 years frederik bugfix relation integrity
(edit) @4910   12 years frederik added gzip support
(edit) @4908   12 years frederik bugfixes
(edit) @4907   12 years frederik - bugfix copying of nodes
(edit) @4894   12 years nickburch Finish converting to support the 0.5 API
(edit) @4893   12 years nickburch Finish converting to support the 0.5 API
(edit) @4876   12 years frederik special script form germany not needed any longer, use normal …
(edit) @4828   12 years tomhughes Fix syntax error - closes #552.
(edit) @4779   12 years frederik increase size of bit vectors, add 0.5 warning
(edit) @4658   12 years frederik new version to deal with 0.5 style files.
(edit) @4606   12 years frsantos Spain polygon
(edit) @4297   12 years martinvoosterhout Add licence information and improve documentation.
(edit) @4294   12 years martinvoosterhout Add support for reading bz2 compressed files directly
(edit) @4281   12 years martinvoosterhout Add support for storing in a seperate file the list of all the nodes …
(edit) @4266   12 years martinvoosterhout Allow extract polygon to accept negative IDs and scientific notation …
(edit) @4248   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix minor bug if the last object was copied, the output file would get …
(edit) @4227   12 years martinvoosterhout Add missing newline in output
(edit) @4225   12 years martinvoosterhout Add a -v option for verbosity and a progress meter Add support for …
(edit) @3879   12 years christofd added missing curly brace
(edit) @3219   12 years joerg add all created Makfiles too
(edit) @2969   12 years joerg remove unnededed File
(edit) @2965   12 years joerg ad missing Makefile
(edit) @2924   12 years frederik no use for makefiles in this dir
(edit) @2902   12 years joerg update Makefiles. Intention was to have UTF8Sanitize in the installed stuff
(edit) @2744   12 years nickburch Tweak getopt to support negative lat
(edit) @2724   12 years joerg Add a basic set of Files for Automake. The are not yet …
(edit) @2721   12 years hakan utils moved to applications/utils
(edit) @2670   12 years hakan POD fixes
(edit) @2631   12 years hakan perl modules were renamed to perl_lib
(copy) @2605   12 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
copied from utils/osm-extract:
(edit) @2594   12 years hakan perl modules were renamed to perl_lib
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