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(edit) @6294   12 years frederik new
(edit) @5531   12 years joerg .../*.pl: remove @INC lines to reduce modules taken from svn instead …
(edit) @5346   12 years frederik redirect
(edit) @5345   12 years frederik 0.5 versions now up to date
(edit) @5344   12 years frederik 0.4 versions not used anymore
(edit) @4937   12 years frederik bugfix relation integrity
(edit) @4910   12 years frederik added gzip support
(edit) @4908   12 years frederik bugfixes
(edit) @4907   12 years frederik - bugfix copying of nodes
(edit) @4894   12 years nickburch Finish converting to support the 0.5 API
(edit) @4893   12 years nickburch Finish converting to support the 0.5 API
(edit) @4876   12 years frederik special script form germany not needed any longer, use normal …
(edit) @4828   12 years tomhughes Fix syntax error - closes #552.
(edit) @4779   12 years frederik increase size of bit vectors, add 0.5 warning
(edit) @4658   12 years frederik new version to deal with 0.5 style files.
(edit) @4606   12 years frsantos Spain polygon
(edit) @4297   12 years martinvoosterhout Add licence information and improve documentation.
(edit) @4294   12 years martinvoosterhout Add support for reading bz2 compressed files directly
(edit) @4281   12 years martinvoosterhout Add support for storing in a seperate file the list of all the nodes …
(edit) @4266   12 years martinvoosterhout Allow extract polygon to accept negative IDs and scientific notation …
(edit) @4248   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix minor bug if the last object was copied, the output file would get …
(edit) @4227   12 years martinvoosterhout Add missing newline in output
(edit) @4225   12 years martinvoosterhout Add a -v option for verbosity and a progress meter Add support for …
(edit) @3879   12 years christofd added missing curly brace
(edit) @3219   12 years joerg add all created Makfiles too
(edit) @2969   12 years joerg remove unnededed File
(edit) @2965   12 years joerg ad missing Makefile
(edit) @2924   12 years frederik no use for makefiles in this dir
(edit) @2902   12 years joerg update Makefiles. Intention was to have UTF8Sanitize in the installed stuff
(edit) @2744   12 years nickburch Tweak getopt to support negative lat
(edit) @2724   12 years joerg Add a basic set of Files for Automake. The are not yet …
(edit) @2721   12 years hakan utils moved to applications/utils
(edit) @2670   12 years hakan POD fixes
(edit) @2631   12 years hakan perl modules were renamed to perl_lib
(copy) @2605   12 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
copied from utils/osm-extract:
(edit) @2594   12 years hakan perl modules were renamed to perl_lib
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