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(edit) @21679   9 years bretth Added a core project directory.
(edit) @21678   9 years bretth Creating branch for experimenting with breaking into multiple projects.
(edit) @21334   9 years bretth Removed the unused write-dataset branch.
(edit) @21332   9 years bretth Updated changes.txt with the fixes applied in this version.
(edit) @21329   9 years bretth Updated the version number to 0.35.1.
(edit) @21326   9 years bretth Merged in changes 21305, 21306 and 21309 from trunk which fix: * …
(edit) @21325   9 years bretth Created a branch for applying bug fixes to the 0.35 release.
(edit) @13953   11 years bretth Created a branch for creating writeable datasets.
(edit) @13951   11 years bretth Removed the mutable branch which has been merged back into trunk.
(edit) @13941   11 years bretth Fixed remaining tasks and tests to no longer use the builder classes.
(edit) @13940   11 years bretth Fixed pgsql tasks to no longer use the builder classes. Fixed ways and …
(edit) @13939   11 years bretth Fixed mysql tasks to no longer use the builder classes.
(edit) @13937   11 years bretth Deprecated the builder classes. Introduced the TagCollection? class to …
(edit) @13905   11 years bretth Modified the change deriver task to use the new modifiable entities …
(edit) @13890   11 years bretth Adding cloning implementations to the entity objects.
(edit) @13845   11 years bretth Made the entity classes write-able. Modified the --tee tasks to make …
(edit) @13716   11 years bretth Created a branch for making the entity objects mutable.
(edit) @13444   11 years bretth Removed the obsolete ivy build branch.
(edit) @13311   11 years bretth Updated the junit tests not to fork during execution.
(edit) @13310   11 years bretth Finalised ivy setup. Added a repo directory to contain libraries not …
(edit) @13306   11 years bretth Moved the core plugin registration into a separate method.
(edit) @13303   11 years bretth Added the code cleanup patch provided by Marcus.
(edit) @13292   11 years bretth Added Marcus Wolschon's unmodified patch for JPF plugin support.
(edit) @13291   11 years bretth Created a jpf-plugin branch from a (hopefully) clean and latest …
(edit) @13290   11 years bretth Delete the jpf branch one more time prior to starting from scratch.
(edit) @13288   11 years bretth Branched JPF-plugin from the latest version of trunk which already …
(edit) @13287   11 years bretth Removed jpf-plugin branch which was created from the wrong version of …
(edit) @13285   11 years bretth Created a branch to introduce support for JPF plugins.
(edit) @12684   11 years bretth Updated the ivy configurations to compile, default and test.
(edit) @12683   11 years bretth Removed direct compilation dependencies on the Woodstock XML Stax parser.
(edit) @12682   11 years bretth Removed an unused PGPoint method from the pgsql copy file writer to …
(edit) @12681   11 years bretth Added ivy configuration and build files.
(edit) @12680   11 years bretth Merged the latest changes from trunk.
(edit) @12679   11 years bretth Removed jars from the repository. Updated ant script to include ivy …
(edit) @12414   11 years bretth Create a new branch for experimenting with an ivy based build.
(add) @12411   11 years bretth Moved all osmosis code down one level into a trunk directory. Created …
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