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(edit) @4732   12 years joerg osmtrackfilter module TRK: Filter out invalid points (0,0)
(edit) @4696   12 years joerg perl_lib: Add FON download and import correct a little bit for the …
(edit) @4666   12 years martinvoosterhout Kill divide by zero on compressed files
(edit) @4599   12 years joerg import nodes: remove undefined warning
(edit) @4598   12 years joerg import nodes: Don't memoize node points to save memory
(edit) @4597   12 years joerg really remove old db-content when importing OSM to gpsdrive-mysql
(edit) @4596   12 years joerg geoinfo: import osm: Show ERROR if ixons.xml cannot be found, count …
(edit) @4594   12 years martinvoosterhout Make the progress percentage more accurate by using the current_byte …
(edit) @4593   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix small bugs found while testing bulk uploader
(edit) @4592   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix Ctrl-C handling so you can interrupt safely.
(edit) @4590   12 years joerg Jiggle import: First part to get it working again with new Structure
(edit) @4587   12 years joerg planetcount: update numbers for segment/node/... count
(edit) @4547   12 years joerg correct gpsdrive wlan table
(edit) @4543   12 years martinvoosterhout Create the API client, data reader, change file reader and entity …
(edit) @4530   12 years martinvoosterhout For the entities add support for mappers, and change the bulk_uploder …
(edit) @4515   12 years joerg remove old gpsdrive database stuff for streets and addresses
(edit) @4507   12 years martinvoosterhout Make client actually send UTF-8 to server, so creation of non-ascii …
(edit) @4483   12 years martinvoosterhout Version the change reader and at the same time make the bulk_uploader …
(edit) @4408   12 years jonb Update geo::OSM::Entity to declare XML v1.0 and OSM v0.4
(edit) @4367   12 years martinvoosterhout Put the authorisation in a default header, to avoid a 401 for each request.
(edit) @4321   12 years martinvoosterhout Add support for progress counter
(edit) @4320   12 years martinvoosterhout Remove debugging crap
(edit) @4317   12 years martinvoosterhout Add three new Perl libraries need for the All written …
(edit) @4292   12 years joerg reinsert File::Slurp
(edit) @4287   12 years joerg remove File::Slurp dependency
(edit) @4214   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix stupid compilation errors so file actual compiles
(edit) @3898   12 years joerg adapt planet fetching back to .bz2
(edit) @3586   12 years joerg add another option to specify the destination directory add symlink to …
(edit) @3485   12 years joerg adapt to new icon directory names
(edit) @3446   12 years joerg get elemstyles from mappaint plugin (FOR NOW)
(edit) @3421   12 years joerg no longer sanitize file automatically after downloading
(edit) @3217   12 years joerg duplicate use
(edit) @3208   12 years joerg fix parameters to 7z call
(edit) @3188   12 years joerg improve reading of time, not perfect, but nor time of day is in …
(edit) @3136   12 years joerg add new import method for Aldi PDA Navigation unit I got told you'll …
(edit) @3135   12 years joerg make planet-mirror accept 7z files too
(edit) @3033   12 years frsantos Avoid warning with standard attributes
(edit) @3004   12 years hakan Mirror the .7z planet file
(edit) @2875   12 years guenther - changed field names in extra tables - changed field last_update to …
(edit) @2795   12 years joerg change Version NUmber
(edit) @2745   12 years frederik do we need the at all? conflicts with GpsDrive?.pm on some …
(edit) @2715   12 years joerg move sudir from Gpsdrive repository to OSM Repository. Makes linking …
(copy) @2605   12 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
copied from utils/perl_lib/Geo:
(copy) @2560   12 years joerg rename perl to perl_lib to reflect that these are modules
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