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(edit) @15423   11 years avar * Document that this program should be called as C<perl -CIO …
(edit) @15422   11 years avar Change the regex parsing usernames from '\w+' to '.*?', usernames can …
(edit) @15069   11 years zere Rails now stores times in UTC, so this code should have been removed.
(edit) @14966   11 years zere Fixed bug calling reformDate twice. Since it returns a pointer to …
(edit) @14963   11 years zere Added support for dumping changesets in the planet file. Not enabled …
(edit) @14725   11 years frederik lowercase relation member types on output.
(edit) @14723   11 years frederik fix bug where planet06_pg would issue member types in the "id" field …
(edit) @14675   11 years zere Planet dumper for 0.6 postgres DBs.
(edit) @13887   11 years nickburch Cope with two slightly new node xml syntaxes
(edit) @13752   11 years avar Sort the "Number new and changed nodes per user" table by number of …
(edit) @13544   11 years jonb planetdump: More checking of connection status after fetching data …
(edit) @13543   11 years jonb planetdump: Make sure all error paths return non-zero exit status
(edit) @13542   11 years jonb planetdump: Verify we can connect to DB before we do anything else
(edit) @13541   11 years jonb planet05.c: Move nodes function to reduce 05-06 diff
(edit) @13540   11 years jonb rename new planet code to planet06 to avoid confusion about versions
(edit) @13539   11 years jonb Introduce 0.5 compatible planet dump again
(edit) @13538   11 years jonb duplicate of planet.c, removing .6 version field
(edit) @13537   11 years jonb planetdump: move mysql connection open/close to new function
(edit) @12092   11 years gary68
(edit) @12091   11 years gary68
(edit) @12038   11 years gary68
(edit) @12037   11 years gary68
(edit) @11651   11 years gary68
(edit) @11650   11 years gary68
(edit) @11649   11 years gary68
(edit) @11648   11 years gary68
(edit) @11522   11 years gary68
(edit) @11215   11 years gary68
(edit) @10653   12 years gary68
(edit) @9872   12 years gary68
(edit) @9871   12 years gary68
(edit) @9870   12 years gary68
(edit) @9300   12 years jonb update planet dump script to add md5sum files
(edit) @7833   12 years tomhughes Get fields in the right order when copying to current_nodes.
(edit) @7746   12 years tomhughes Allow a user ID to be given that will be assigned to all objects.
(edit) @7736   12 years tomhughes Import timestamps.
(edit) @7728   12 years tomhughes Remove calls to non-existent enable_keys() routine. It isn't really …
(edit) @7726   12 years tomhughes Truncate current_relation tables when emptying the database.
(edit) @7693   12 years jonb update generated file to declare version 0.6 output format
(edit) @7685   12 years jonb Add version= to node/way/relations
(edit) @7680   12 years jonb simplify the code to remove pre-calculated length
(edit) @7667   12 years jonb update weekly planet dump script to include relations and exit if …
(edit) @7666   12 years jonb weekly planet dump script updated not to rely on using planetdump from …
(edit) @7642   12 years jonb Add uid=<number> field to allow users to be identified consistently …
(edit) @7311   12 years jonb planet dump: Simplify and speed up the date parsing code
(edit) @7310   12 years jonb planet dump: Add options to allow nodes/ways/relations to be dumped …
(edit) @7309   12 years jonb planet dump: Replace all chars <32 with ?.
(edit) @7215   12 years jonb planetdump: prevent the ESC char 27 (0x1b) from getting into the output
(edit) @7125   12 years jonb planetdump: Add user=... attribute to planet dump data
(edit) @6740   12 years tomhughes Fix to be syntactically valid.
(edit) @6728   12 years richard stop it b0rking on relations
(edit) @6727   12 years richard this is the slowest thing I've ever had to debug
(edit) @6726   12 years richard too many nodes, hippy
(edit) @6724   12 years richard update for tiles and tidy MySQL support
(edit) @5799   12 years jonb planet.c: Apply patch from Dave Stubbs to fix reading past end of …
(edit) @5507   12 years jonb planet.c: Increase timeout to 6 hours. Increase tag cache to 10k
(edit) @5333   12 years jonb planet.c: Increase mysql timeout to 1 hour
(edit) @5109   12 years nickburch --decode-entities support, and more monetdb fixes
(edit) @5107   12 years nickburch Reduce the number of un-necessary warnings
(edit) @5106   12 years nickburch Few fixes to the argument parsing code
(edit) @5105   12 years nickburch MonetDB patches from Stefan de Konink
(edit) @5026   12 years jonb planet.c: Convert date format to match XML spec and simplify parsing …
(edit) @4956   12 years jonb undo accidental changes to planet2mysql.rb and planet.c
(edit) @4955   12 years jonb mod_tile: Apache module and rendering daemon for serving OSM tiles
(edit) @4892   13 years nickburch Finish support for 0.5 API (on postgres at least)
(edit) @4890   13 years nickburch Nearly finish converting for the 0.5 API
(edit) @4888   13 years nickburch Start on coversion to API 0.5 support
(edit) @4861   13 years jonb planet.c: Update to 0.5 API
(edit) @4845   13 years gabriel Add planet05.rb. This is a modified version of the former planet.rb, …
(edit) @4817   13 years jonb planet.rb: Revert UTF8 db change since this is incompatible with the …
(edit) @4741   13 years jonb planet.c: Remove setting of UTF8 on DB connection. Add support for …
(edit) @4738   13 years bretth Removing test file.
(edit) @4737   13 years bretth Test checking to verify access. Will delete this temp file immediately.
(edit) @4731   13 years jonb planet.c: Fix tag cache. Previously it asserted if a tag was part of a …
(edit) @4729   13 years jonb planet.c: prevent warning about _GNU_SOURCE being redefined
(edit) @4728   13 years jonb planet.c: Implement a tag cache so that the current_way_tags queries …
(edit) @4705   13 years jonb planet.c: define _GNU_SOURCE to get strndup
(edit) @4691   13 years jonb planet.c: Clone of planet.rb, runs at about 10 times the speed of the …
(edit) @4687   13 years jonb planet.rb: ensure we have a UTF8 Mysql connection
(edit) @4671   13 years jonb planet.rb needs to use a floating point division, not an int. …
(edit) @4634   13 years spaetz change to accomodate the new 7 decimal digit integer format of lat/lon
(edit) @4633   13 years spaetz change to accomodate the new 7 decimal digit integer format of lat/lon
(edit) @4540   13 years spaetz use smaller page sizes, these are too big. Also do away with extranous …
(edit) @4446   13 years martinvoosterhout Currently while dumping ways it does a query for each way to get the …
(edit) @4434   13 years tomhughes Apply kleptog's patch again with syntax errors fixed.
(edit) @4433   13 years spaetz back out kleptog's patch. It exits with error.
(edit) @4432   13 years spaetz apply kleptog's planet dump speedup patch
(edit) @4410   13 years spaetz pipe planet dump directly through bzip2 so we never have to save it …
(edit) @4336   13 years spaetz patch from kleptop to add an origin tag to the planet
(edit) @4288   13 years spaetz only print out 7 digits of lat/lon in planet.osm
(edit) @4272   13 years spaetz Reverting the sprintf's. It seems to slow planet generation down a …
(edit) @4175   13 years spaetz make lat/lon output in non-scientific notation for numbers close to 0
(edit) @4173   13 years spaetz add updated, which includes planet diff generation.
(edit) @4138   13 years joerg new Makefile for UTF8Sanitize
(edit) @4124   13 years joerg remove outdated adapt openstreetmap-utils to have some …
(edit) @3240   13 years joerg next step in creating packages for openstreetmap
(edit) @3237   13 years joerg update all files
(edit) @3231   13 years joerg remove Makefiles created from, because they conflict with …
(edit) @3219   13 years joerg add all created Makfiles too
(edit) @3216   13 years joerg remove plain makefile
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