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(edit) @22174   10 years petschge Add XAPI links to search SHow age of data on the main page Fix small …
(edit) @20623   10 years matthiasj fixed bug - incomplete josm link
(edit) @20077   10 years matthiasj add JOSM links in tagpairs.php and tagvaluedetails.php
(edit) @20068   10 years matthiasj hide the response from JOSM's remotecontrol plugin in a hidden iframe
(edit) @19945   10 years matthiasj add JOSM links to tagdetails
(edit) @19903   10 years petschge Add faster variant of fulltext search to xml interface
(edit) @19891   10 years petschge * Add crossdomain.xml to allow flash applets to access the xml api. * …
(edit) @19890   10 years petschge Sort files into db/ and www/ folders
(edit) @18430   10 years petschge Add details page for tag=value
(edit) @17265   10 years petschge Remove a bug which caused review links to only work in dir=ASC mode
(edit) @17259   10 years petschge Small change to style.css Switch XAPI links over to protcol version …
(edit) @16336   11 years petschge Increase some index key length to improve performance
(edit) @16335   11 years petschge Fix syntax error in import.php Add xmlsearch.php
(edit) @13884   11 years petschge Finish import. Note that the evolution of single files is correct but …
(edit) @13883   11 years petschge Cleanup tagdetails.php and allow sorting by node/way/relation usage.
(edit) @13882   11 years petschge Adding tagcor.php a not publicaly linked page looking into …
(edit) @13881   11 years petschge Add rather trival search function
(edit) @13880   11 years petschge Add tagfriends to index.php
(edit) @13879   11 years petschge Add tagfriends.php
(edit) @13878   11 years petschge Add code for tagfriends to PlanetReader?
(edit) @13877   11 years petschge Add table for tagfriends.
(edit) @13876   11 years petschge Change default for the numbers from NULL to 0.
(edit) @13875   11 years petschge Switch from varchar to text and add table for comments.
(edit) @13874   11 years petschge Add the first version of the database schema.
(edit) @13873   11 years petschge Add the node/way/relation split to PlanetReader?.
(edit) @13872   11 years petschge Allow sorting by node/way/relation or total usage in tagpairs.php. …
(edit) @13871   11 years petschge Clean up the code in tags.php a bit.
(edit) @13870   11 years petschge Add func.php which offers common helper functions to the other pages.
(edit) @13869   11 years petschge Add style.css the global stylesheet for all the webpages.
(edit) @13868   11 years petschge Add savecomment.php writecomment.php votecomment.php the pages related …
(edit) @13867   11 years petschge Fix a query in stat.php to work with the node/way/relation split.
(edit) @13866   11 years petschge introduce node/way/relation split to import.php Add stat.php a not …
(edit) @13865   11 years petschge Add import.php a not publicaly linked page showing the status of a …
(edit) @13864   11 years petschge Add tagpairs.php tags.php and tagdetails.php, the main pages of the …
(edit) @13863   11 years petschge Using prepared statements fixed the broken escaping and increases speed.
(edit) @13862   11 years petschge Add viewcomments.php
(edit) @13861   11 years petschge Add index page for the website
(edit) @13860   11 years petschge Create almost seamless background png
(edit) @13859   11 years petschge Put the login information for the db server in a config file
(edit) @13858   11 years petschge Add minimal.xml with known problematic tags for testing.
(edit) @13857   11 years petschge Introduce a HashMap? for caching to not hit the DB server after every …
(edit) @13856   11 years petschge Use a real XML parser (sax) instead of handrolled regexes.
(edit) @13855   11 years petschge PlanetRead?.java is responsible for parsing the planet dump and loading …
(add) @13854   11 years petschge Extract tagging information from the planet dump and display them on a …
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