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(edit) @9195   12 years Dirk Stoecker correctly use osmxapi in settings
(edit) @9180   12 years Dirk Stoecker finished AutoIgnore?, some bug fixes
(edit) @9166   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixed editor link
(edit) @9164   12 years Dirk Stoecker lots of minor fixes to get stuff right
(edit) @9152   12 years Dirk Stoecker some minor fixes
(edit) @9140   12 years Dirk Stoecker some minor optimizations for cronjob
(edit) @9115   12 years Dirk Stoecker import updated tagwatch script from Jörg, some minor modifications by me
(edit) @7089   12 years hakan Syntax typo
(edit) @7088   12 years hakan Get Values to group from the Wiki
(edit) @7087   12 years hakan Get Ignored Tags from the Wiki
(edit) @7086   12 years hakan Analyse 'url', 'wiki' and 'wikipedia' keys too
(edit) @7085   12 years hakan Show top 150 unapproved tags
(edit) @7084   12 years hakan Syntax typo
(edit) @6977   12 years hakan Resorted appoved keys
(edit) @6768   13 years hakan Fixed small typo
(edit) @6758   13 years hakan We have multiple output directories
(edit) @6757   13 years hakan Typo on turkish tags
(edit) @6756   13 years hakan Ignore temporary directories
(edit) @6725   13 years hakan Etric Celine asked on osm-talk to commit his changes
(edit) @5121   13 years hakan Added turkish to the generated languages
(edit) @5095   13 years ojw Language for header/footer - allowing meta-tags to show it, and …
(edit) @5094   13 years ojw "other values" translated
(edit) @5093   13 years ojw Support for translatable interfaces
(edit) @5092   13 years ojw Generalise the interlanguage-links generator + use it for the index …
(edit) @5090   13 years ojw Language pages for the index too
(edit) @5086   13 years ojw so turn-off wiki translation
(edit) @5085   13 years ojw First draft of translation using wiki. too slow and incorrect
(edit) @5083   13 years ojw interlanguage links
(edit) @5082   13 years ojw html headers and footers, required to specify the character encoding
(edit) @5081   13 years ojw first draft of multilingual
(edit) @5079   13 years ojw Cache the original (full-size) photos before they get resized, and …
(edit) @4857   13 years ojw Small script just to list anything that's generated a blank image …
(edit) @4855   13 years ojw copy of GPL
(edit) @4854   13 years ojw templates-that-arent't-really-templates :(
(edit) @4853   13 years ojw captialisation of photos directory
(edit) @4852   13 years ojw Added wikipedia link Placeholder for translate link Link to OSM wiki …
(edit) @4850   13 years ojw Move the node so it's not in same position as centre of area …
(edit) @4841   13 years ojw Directory for output + comments
(edit) @4840   13 years ojw move photo/sample directories into html directory + comments
(edit) @4839   13 years ojw + comments
(edit) @4838   13 years ojw store in html directory
(add) @4836   13 years ojw Describe the tagging schemes in use
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