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(edit) @29407   7 years Dane Springmeyer remove uneeded include
(edit) @29342   7 years frederik fix font registration bug introduced in #29248; attempt to register …
(edit) @29248   7 years Dane Springmeyer fix mapnik-backend/ compile against different mapnik and …
(edit) @29247   7 years Dane Springmeyer malloc.h is not available on osx and should not be needed to be …
(edit) @29246   7 years Dane Springmeyer avoid need for handling mapnik::config_error specifically to be robust …
(edit) @28904   7 years Dane Springmeyer inherit cflags from mapnik-config
(edit) @28533   8 years Dirk Stoecker add missing include
(edit) @28531   8 years Dirk Stoecker don't force root user, wont work in RPM build environment
(edit) @28463   8 years frederik support for mapnik2 (might break 0.7 compat, possible todo) support …
(edit) @26446   9 years jochen Add option to build on newer boost versions.
(edit) @25358   9 years mazdermind allow bigger buffers to be specified in map xml
(edit) @24508   9 years frederik fixes to compile with mapnik2.
(edit) @23396   10 years jochen renderd: use access() instead of euidaccess(). doesn't matter because …
(edit) @23395   10 years jochen Changes based on patch from Peter Körner for Solaris compatability
(edit) @22212   10 years frederik be more lenient with spaces before and after the equal sign in mapnik …
(edit) @21469   10 years jochen Fixed logging in backend-mapnik Better docs
(edit) @21344   10 years jochen fixed make deb fixed mapnik backend to use configured syslog facility …
(edit) @21343   10 years jochen renamed backends in syslog messages
(edit) @21171   10 years daeron Make backend-mapnik to compile with mapnik trunk
(edit) @21153   10 years jochen improved and documented test scripts renamed MAPFILES to MAP_CONFIGS
(edit) @21149   10 years jochen more checks in backend improved status display
(edit) @21141   10 years jochen only restart backends if they return with the right exit code
(edit) @21122   10 years jochen great cleanup and reorganisation of debian packages
(copy) @21119   10 years jochen add example data moved config files changes to debian packages
copied from applications/utils/tirex/tirex-renderd-mapnik:
(edit) @21109   10 years jochen only listen on instead of INADDR_ANY
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